July 07, 1999 By A. H. Hotep

Do not leave your education in the hands of fools

Sound-Off Program

HOTEP: I have been explaining to people who call from time to time commenting on how much they appreciate my views on the radio that they must not leave their education or medium for enlightenment in the hands of fools.

Most people are unaware that owners of media houses and the government are about manipulating people in their ignorance. They are not interested in people becoming socially aware. They are fearfull that their own shortcomings will be exposed. Business owners feel they would lose money if people became aware of how much their businesses depend on the people and not the other way around. They are not too keen to sponsor the right kind of educational programs because they believe that they would lose money when people are less wasteful.

If people value these historical contributions they should not remain as passive observers, but should contribute to the process, which is to help expand the work.

They should get the books recommended and search for other books so they can help themselves.

They should share what they find valuable with other interested persons.

Most of all, people should seek a direct relationship with the source of their enlightenment.

This way no one can block them from developing.

This is taking responsibility for your own education, and not leaving it in the hands of fools.


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