Venezuela: DIANA versus HAARP
Date: Saturday, October 09 @ 10:48:01 UTC
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By Franz J. T. Lee

Over the last years, we have continually informed our readers about the USA's gigantic war projects and other metropolitan powers against humanity, about their bellicose production of arms of mass destruction (WMD'S), of their ABCDE ... weapons.

For example, we explained the arrogant attitude of the USA, which itself amasses a galaxy of WMD'S ... piling them up in Israel, and elsewhere.

Then the UN sends inspectors to Arab countries; find nothing substantial, and shortly thereafter, the USA bombs countries like Iraq to pieces with the very same WMD's that they're looking for ... using low intensity atomic warfare, all over the show, dropping depleted uranium and the mother of all bombs, destroying nature and society for generations to come in these regions at the whim and caprice of their leaders.

We also informed the public about the Philadelphia Experiments, Mkultra, Operation Paper-Clip, the Manchurian Candidate, HAARP, Pentagon Aliens, Tesla's free energy technology, Wilhelm Reich's orgone, US scramjets, scalar waves, ELF waves and about the current, invisible, stealth war submarines of Germany and France, etc.

Obviously, in spite of our extreme radicality ... our grasping of the global problems at their very root ... it seems that even we have not touched the tip of the iceberg; current global reality is worse.

We also underestimated the brutality of homo homini lupus, of ruling class man. He does not amass these WMD'S for video-games, War of the Galaxies, but eventually to eliminate six billion obsolete physical labor forces. As we all know, long ago, as a result of the introduction of intellectual labor that now accounts for the lion's share of world production, the USA (via the UN) planned programs for the reduction of the world population, of world poverty by progressively simply eliminating the poor themselves.

Concerning the coming world wars, and the corresponding deadly weapons, two years ago, Michel Chossudovsky, Professor of Economics, University of Ottawa, warned that "in addition to the devastating impacts of greenhouse gas emissions on the ozone layer, the World's climate can now be modified as part of a new generation of sophisticated 'non-lethal weapons.'"

In fact, long ago already, the Pentagon and the Kremlin had developed weapons to manipulate the world's climate. For example, already in the Vietnam War, the USA had used them against the Vietcong. In the USA, this kind of war technology is being used in the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) as part of the (Star Wars) Strategic Defence Initiative (SDI), which till this day is being propagated as part of the Project for a New American Century.

The world renowned scientist Dr. Rosalie Bertell confirmed that "US military scientists ... are working on weather systems as a potential weapon. The methods include the enhancing of storms and the diverting of vapor rivers in the Earth's atmosphere to produce targeted droughts or floods." (The Times, London, 23 November 2000)

HAARP, situated in Gokoma (Alaska) is a jointly managed project of the US Air Force and the US Navy ... other similar projects exist in Europe and Russia ... as a global war instrument is currently fully operational. It is experimenting on triggering earthquakes, droughts, floods and hurricanes; in fact, according to Thomas Bearden, ever since 1970, in the very USA no normal, natural, weather conditions exist anymore ... soon the weather of the whole planet will be in chaos.

In the past, it was very difficult to detect where and when these weapons of mass destruction have been tested or used; furthermore, many extreme weather phenomena, like the well known climate disaster over Vargas (Venezuela) ... appearing miraculously on days of decisive political events in December 1999 ... could easily have been the indirect results, ... perhaps caused unintentionally ... the "collateral damage" of dangerous global experiments in the region, within the context of full spectrum dominance.

In the article mentioned above, the scientist Dr. Nicholas Begich described HAARP as follows: "A super-powerful radiowave-beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere [upper layer of the atmosphere] by focusing a beam and heating those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate everything -- living and dead."

Dr. Rosalie Bertell depicted HAARP as: "a gigantic heater that can cause major disruption in the ionosphere, creating not just holes, but long incisions in the protective layer that keeps deadly radiation from bombarding the planet."

HAARP can easily be used as a bellicose instrument of imperialist conquest within the "axis of evil", and it is capable of selectively destabilizing agricultural and ecological systems of entire regions anywhere on earth. In a previous commentary we have already elaborated the other evil functions of this weapon of "environmental warfare." We also spotlighted the US "Spanish Flu" arm of biological warfare, as revealed by the "Sunshine Project."

However, the global situation is worse, we should not forget that a while ago, according to the international press, President Bush of the USA had ordered the Pentagon to target seven nations for attack -- of course, Venezuela was not included in this list of the "axis of evil," yet, as oil-producing country, she is permanently under attack.

Also, the USA made it very clear that they planned widespread use of nuclear weapons in war, including "low intensity nuclear warfare," that includes the use of lethal weapons of depleted uranium, as were and are being used in Iraq.

In reality, the Bush administrationís policies, the new Pentagon doctrine, the ferocious Economic World War between the Great Powers, all bring the world far closer to the actual use of nuclear weapons of war, with incalculable consequences for humanity. Indeed, as things develop currently, such a war is all but inevitable...

Really, the global situation is critical, not even the weather is fine anymore. However, the truth is the only thing that can free, can emancipate us. Hence, to be fully conscious about our precarious existence, is the revolutionary conditio sine qua non to inspire us daily, every hour, to be on the alert, to dedicate our whole life in the service of revolutionary emancipation, of human survival.

In spite of the global, fascist Sword of Damocles over our heads, as comradely inspiration for all our young Latin American Bolivarians, in conclusion, I will cite the first paragraph of one of the very first articles that I ever wrote, published more than forty years ago. Already then I spoke about "securing universal peace and equal relations for Latin America," and elsewhere.

* Then already you could hear my "Diana," see my "Battle of Santa Ines" against all possible HAARPs of global fascism ... this is a trans-historic example of tenacious, adamant, permanent, revolutionary practice and theory on a global scale.

"In the twenty years after World War II there emerged what French geographers and social scientists call the Third World -- Tiers Monde. It stretches from Latin America, across Africa and the Middle East, to Indonesia and the tropical Pacific Islands. It is populated by almost two thousand million people -- two-thirds of the world population. These 'native' peoples share a common past: a past of humiliation, exploitation and poverty. This legacy binds them together in a vast 'Commonwealth of Poverty.' Angola -- Portuguese West Africa -- is one of these emergent states, trying to shake off the shackles of colonialism, and aiming at securing universal peace and equal relations throughout the world."

( Franz J. T. Lee, "The Roots of the Ultra-Colonial War in Angola"; Article in "Review of International Affairs", Vol. XIV, No. 329, Belgrade, December 20, 1963
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