Date: Wednesday, August 18 @ 00:18:55 UTC
Topic: Venezuela and Chavez

By Franz J. T. Lee

The Battle of Santa Inés was victorious, in fact, we really expected nothing else; only the "Opposition" tenaciously is still decrying "fraud". In reality, the referendum that ratified genuine democracy in Venezuela -- like Venezuela's National Constituent Assembly, her "Contrato Social", that brought about the Bolivarian Constitution, and that has launched the Bolivarian Revolution -- was the most authentic, popular event in contemporary world history. Really, with all its up's and down's, Venezuela is teaching the world one revolutionary lesson after the other, is educating humanity what is world revolution, what is global emancipation all about.

The "Opposition" that itself has verified that it is fraud per se, now lives and sees its own fraudulent grimace in everything, everywhere. It is already beyond any remedy, hope, redemption and salvation. Look, who is shouting "Wolf, wolf, ....!": the Venezuelan caricature of homo homini lupus, in "co-ordinated democratic" sheep clothing. It really believes that the referendun was fraudulent, and that it won. The "Democratic" and "Christian" pharisees really get a full dose of their own psychotic disassociation, of their own cognitive dissonance, as is being meted out by their mass media daily every second over the ether, in cyber-space.

In fact, as ironic as it may seem, they are enjoying the fruits of their own lies; at last, they themselves taste the bitter fruits of "fraud", drink the hemlock of "tyranny" and "dictatorship". We, as Chávez stated, can just wish them a happy demise, together with their "Fourth Republic".

However, the truth is not as simple as all that. They were fired by their Washington bosses, but global fascism in agony remains, will become more violent and vicious than ever. Now, the Bolivarian Revolution transcends towards its real dialectical dynamics, towards its true Negation, towards its real emancipatory process.

It has a "triple inter-related negation", from within, nationally, from without, internationally, and combined, trans-historically.

Internally, the chaff and straw have to be separated from the germinating grain and wheat. The Bolivarian Revolution, as a result of specific Venezuelan historic reasons, still contains much dirty sand and raw oil that has to be purified, be refined to really oil the wheels and pistons of energetic emancipation. After the storm, a lot of political flotsam and social jetsam of the "Fourth Republic" are still decelerating the Bolivarian projects. Its trans-historic "Condor" still does not soar freely above the infinite Andean skies. Hence, the "Mission Depuration" is now on the order of the day.

Externally, its "Negation", the Moloch of the ALCA, having an "energy crisis" in its fascist epicentre, that is roaring like a hungry wolf for "black gold", and that in megalomania is destroying everything human and sacred that comes under its bellicose Yankee boot, now, more than ever, is hating everything that has to do with Chávez or "Chavismo". The Battle of Santa Inés, Chávez' base-ball in the Garden of the White House, got matters straight, changed everything and everybody to full recognizability.

However, globally, the Bolivarian Revolution has become Trans-Historic World Revolution, Permanent Revolution. This is happening because corporate capitalism and imperialism themselves have become global, have become concentrated, monopolized, centralized brutal terror, heinous fascism, have become the "Negation" of six billions of human beings, of humanity, of "cattle" that are being driven to the slaughterhouse of the "Fourth Reich", with the Nazi whip of "arms of mass destruction".

Finally, now really we have "to pick up arms" against "a sea of troubles", that will come, not in single file, but in "battalions", not in the appearance forms of a decadent "Opposition" - of a few puntofijista corpses, of Zombies resurrected from Dante's Inferno or Behemoth's Hell --, but attacks that will come from the NASA, Pentagon, the fifteen CIA's, HAARP, ELF-Waves, from ABCDE ... Weapons of Mass Destruction of all brands and calibres -- some were tested in Iraq already. Thus, jacta alea est, Santa Inés has crossed the Rubicon, she is now facing the majestic Mount Exodus, the accessible emancipatory cliffs of snow-capped Pico Bolivar.

Hasta la Victoria Siempre!!

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