Venezuela: The Next Phase of the Armed Bolivarian Revolution
Date: Monday, May 10 @ 21:45:14 UTC
Topic: Venezuela

By Franz J. T. Lee

As known already, on Sunday, May 9, 2004, on Mother's Day, some 60 members of a Colombian Paramilitary Group, in reality paid mercenaries, who sought to overthrow the Democratic Government of President Hugo Chávez, were captured in the centre of the country. These mercenaries were receiving training at a farm nearby Caracas, in the municipality of Baruta, governed by the infamous "putschist mayor" Radonsky; and some of the mercenaries explained, that they were being trained with the objective to attack Venezuelan military bases and to realize a coup d'etat against the government of Hugo Chavez. At the same time, a few days before, Giandomenico Pulitti, the government party's candidate for Mayor of Tovar, one of the municipalities of Mérida State, with excellent chances to win the coming elections, was brutally assassinated by another mercenary. And a few days before this tragedy, when asked by reporter Jorge Ramos whether Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez was a dictator or not, the US presidential candidate John Kerry responded:

"Chavez is fast on the road of becoming exactly that. He is breaking the rules of democracy. I think it is very important for him to allow that referendum to take place and for this administration and others to put more visibility on what is happening so we can hold him accountable to international standards of behavior. Democracy is at risk."

Yes, indeed. Democracy in Venezuela is at a severe risk. Over the last half-a-decade, the Venezuelan "opposition", the CIA, Gaviria, Jimmy Carter, the "Friends of Venezuela", Bush, Kerry, Aznar, etc. have tried every possible "democratic" option to save Venezuela from the tyrannical and dictatorial claws of Chávez, but of no avail. The Venezuelan army and the millions of impoverished citizens stopped a military coup d' etat and a devastating oil sabotage. The Chávez government is driving the high priests of globalization and their local and overseas lackeys towards total despair and megalomania. Money, millions and millions of $US could not buy or corrupt the Bolivarian Revolution, could not control its intelligence.

However, now the national and international reaction is playing its final card: assassinations of public figures, civil war, foreign intervention. This simply means, seen from the strategy of Washington, that the current Venezuelan situation is being "Vietnamized", Colombianized, "Afghanistanized" and "Iraqicized". One period of the Bolivarian Revolution, its pacific resistance, is terminating, and another one is setting in: violent self-defence, that is being ushered in by its manifold fascist and racist opponents. Like in Cuba, Vietnam, and now in Iraq, the sovereign, the oppressed people in its totality, has to be armed, or, which is the same, the army has to be popularized, for protracted long term resistance against all-powerful enemies, heavily armed with the most sophisticated technological arms that the world ever has seen.

The capture of the Colombian mercenaries, part and parcel of the US "Colombia Plan", and of other plans to subjugate Latin America, brought this reality right to the door-step of the Government Palace, of Miraflores. President Chávez had declared the year 2004 as the year of the offensive, against all the golpista manoeuvres, well, that time has arrived, is ripe.

Like never before, now, more than ever, international solidarity in deed, in práxis, has become a top priority, not only for Venezuela, but for all countries trampled down by the Washington globalized army boot. Without a drop of OPEC oil, there is nothing in the world that Bush could touch in Venezuela -- currently, Iraq is teaching Washington this bitter lesson. Against Revolutionary Cuba in arms, till today Castro remains as the greatest headache of the White House.

However, this planet has become a dangerous place to live on: a severe artificially created energy crisis is sending global production to the Moon and Mars; a practically destroyed Nature is driving billions of manual labourers into oblivion; America's trillion budget deficit and foreign debts drive its domestic population towards Patriot Acts and Homelands; the US$ does not trust in God anymore, but God also does not bless the $ either anymore, the Euro is stealing the international show, is even flirting as a future Petro-Euro; American Pentagon Aliens, US "UFOs", are flying over Iran, but humans never landed on the Moon; Production is ending, and on the Galactic Horizon shines Creativity and Creation.

Long Live the Armed Bolivarian Revolution!!

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