Cry for Bali-Cry for Palestine
Date: Monday, October 14 @ 11:07:09 UTC
Topic: Victim

By Davy de Verteuil

Media horrors from Palestine to Bali

While the death tolls were unmatched numerically the horrors are equally terrifying.

In fact both acts this weekend tantamount to actions of terrorist. Perhaps the aggrieved would NOW agree that terrorism is terrorism abhorrent miserable and unpardonable.

If Australians could only try to come to terms with the victims on the other side of the world then the hatred they are home-fed with by the mainstream media of the so-call fundamentalist instead will be targeted at their government racist alliance and foreign policy.

Not that anyone deserves to be bombed to smithereens because of his or her nationality views or government's position - no these acts of violence are too much and if not tackled with genuine and sincere appreciation for the cause and effects then we are likely to have more of these mischievous violent acts for as long as we replace reason with force and gun-talk till the next millennium.

It is high time the populace everywhere demand more openness as to what their governments are up too, in other words open-diplomacy as this will be a significant step in fighting terror and media houses including journalist and editors be held accountable.

I couldn't help but notice the all to familiar yet boring term "terrorist" as bodies fill the TV screen of the Bali massacre while across the globe the under-reporting except for emphasis of "one 4 year old crushed to death" as Israeli "forces" in the middle of the night dynamite a housing block while the occupants were asleep.

These are some of the acts that fumigate terrorism and the mainstream is up to its pocket -full of the causes and effects that provokes terror, they grieve for one and host the other.

The next devious and misleading act from the mainstream-media is that every single act of terror in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, they spare no chances, invoking Western terminology and arguments as to who most likely the terror suspects are even without a tint of evidence thus fermenting hatred that is always pointed with a racist finger except where the victims are clearly of lesser interest of a political nature.

The time is ripe where victims must grieve and at the same time ask questions without politicians and the mainstream-media taking the lead otherwise they shall never have the satisfaction of knowing WHY, and in some cases WHO?

This isn't about conspiracy theory but John Ashcroft's (defining moment) the so-called terrorist cells everywhere there's anti-US sentiment deserving as it may.

Indonesia being sensitive about the world largest Muslim population on it's soil than to Washington call for a General Suharto bloody crackdown, seems to be the ideal place to coerce adherence to Washington unfounded allegations.

Indonesian security and leading politicians in the midst of this horrifying and embarrassing tragedy acted/sounded professionally by urging caution whilst pinning blame on none other than the out-come of the investigations which was just beginning.

Why would Indonesians blow-up innocent people while during more repressive periods they have never commit such acts except in communal violence?

Throughout Indonesia history after seeing off the backside of both the Dutch and the Portuguese, violence against foreigners were never on such a scale and I feel confident that such has not began.

Whereas in Israel violence and genocidal war crimes are sanctioned by uniformed conscripts in the name of god, the bible, the mainstream-media, the Security Council and ancient lies.

May the relatives' of/and the surviving victims of Bali appreciate the tears, the sorrow and the pains of those in Palestine, Kashmir, Afghanistan and strongly urge their governments and their governments allies to stop playing politics with war and terror but to listen rather than use force as their national policy towards the developing world.

My heart goes out to those that have died both in Bali and in Palestine and I prayer that the governments of the world do hear our crying No-War-No-Terror!

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