Current United States bellicose 'Cognitive Infiltration' of the Enemy
Date: Friday, March 04 @ 14:50:45 UTC
Topic: World News

By Franz J. T. Lee
March 04, 2011

The Third World War has begun long ago already, it is claiming millions of African, Palestinian and Arab lives. Important for Venezuela to note is that currently there is waging an inexorable global 'war of ideas', the counter-attack of the United States of America against emancipatory theoretical praxis and praxical theory. This 'full spectrum dominance' is now called: "cognitive infiltration of the enemy', of the extremist and terrorist groups.

Nothing in capitalism is new, it has no relation to the New, to the homo novum. Hence, this latest 'psychological operation' is not new, it is a war strategy as old as Metusalem. It was used by all ruling classes, especially those of the fascist caliber or the Nazi pedigree.

Let us see what the ancient philosopher Heraclitus of Ephesus explained to us 2500 years ago.

Before Humania South was flooded by the Christian religious deluge, also called 'Christian Civilization', by its patriarchal progenitors, in Ionia, in Ancient Greece, where capitalism was born with its respective ideological superstructure, already the materialist hylozoist thinker Heraclitus explained that 'war is the father of all things'. This statement he made within the general context of his philosophic gnome:  panta rhei, everything flows, change alone is unchanging. Hence, ages ago, at the eve of the coming epochs of slavery, feudalism and capitalism, Heracleitus already postulated what is universal, systemic contradiction, motion and revolution. In fact, philosophically he showed why 'change', the 'process', the revolution only could come from within, from within the One, within the status quo,  namely, of capital and power accumulation. In well-known fragments of his philosophy which have survived, he identified the universal process as follows: 'From all things one and from one all things.' Here already surreptitiously began intellectual mechanisms of permanent social control of the thoughts of the workers, the manipulation and unilateral deviation of the laborer's mind. The above we can easily trace in Platonic idealist philosophy, but it appears also in ancient dialectical materialism, in hylozoism.

Heracleitus explains how ideology is being reproduced as 'culture' in the very 'souls' of the toiling workers. It is controlling their very sleep, their dreams. He wrote: 'Even sleepers are workers and collaborators in what goes on in the Universe. ... Eyes and ears are poor witnesses to people if they have uncultured souls.'

Here we see that 'culture' is the social substratum for ruling class psychological operations and 'infiltration of the enemy', of 'extremist groups' or of 'terrorist' study circles. However, he was insisting that we cannot hide our ignorance forever , our ideology, for very long: 'Hide our ignorance as we will, an evening of wine soon reveals it.' Yes, in vino veritas! But, very often, it is true what he said: when the wine is in, the wit is out.

In the end, historically directed across the millennia towards the Murdoch empire and the 'think tanks' of corporate imperialism, with reference to contemporary hoaxes, double standards, lies and 'class justice', Heraclitus made a remarkable transhistoric comment:

'Justice will overtake fabricators of lies and false witnesses.'

This could only be the emancipatory justice of the New, of the homo novum, of Mother Nature.   '

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