Internet Access: Formidable tool to curb and control mass mobilizations!
Date: Sunday, January 30 @ 18:40:04 UTC
Topic: Africa Focus

By Franz J. T. Lee
January 30, 2011

As we warned in our last article, (1) recent events in Northern Africa and the Middle East and as reported by the World Socialist Website today, (2) have proven how the ruling elites don´t hesitate a second to cut off the access to Internet and also cellphone communications as a means to curb and control mass mobilizations that threaten their stability, while at the same time guaranteeing continuous flow of information with regard to "business as usual", that is, financial transactions at the stock exchanges.

The World Socialist Website writes:

"The Egyptian government shut down most internet traffic in the country thirty minutes past midnight Thursday morning, in an effort to block communication prior to mass demonstrations on Friday. ... The move constitutes an unprecedented restriction of internet communications. Other countries have blocked connections to specific websites, or attempted to slow down traffic, but have never succeeded in cutting off all internet access to the population."

As soon as the oppressed working people start making use of the Internet - as they should - for political or even emancipatory purposes, the ruling classes respond ever so "democratically" with the suspension of free access to free information and the corresponding possibility to freely organize, gather and take action against oppression.

It is crucial to understand, that international solidarity is the conditio sine qua non for the current popular mobilizations in North Africa and the Middle East to succeed in their endeavors, and it is also crucial to think of establishing alternative communication channels at all costs.

The global ruling classes' fear of popular organization against them is such, that we see giants like China panic and establish Internet censorship about the news coming from Egypt. Due to the nature of the capitalist system's collapse on a global scale, expect mass protests, mobilization and organization from Africa to Asia and back again to South America and the Caribbean. Expect a corresponding Internet censorship, too! And finally, perpetual social unrest will "hit home", that is, the corporate heart of North America and Europe. 

(1) Venezuela: In defense of the Internet while it still lasts.

(2) and also:

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