Europe is well on its way to Walk the Plank of Recession
Date: Sunday, May 24 @ 18:37:52 UTC
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By Franz J. T. Lee
May 24, 2009

Even the euro economies are now groaning under the permanent global blows and merciless onslaught of the roaring, violent waves of destruction, while world capitalism inexorably is marching towards global recession and depression, towards the annihilation of capital and labor. Its bulldozers have already smashed over 40% of accumulated wealth and fiat money, its Moloch devours everything that it finds in its way to conquer the few natural resources that are still left on earth. The economies of Europe are being atomized, brought to standstill, because of global over-production, especially of arms of mass destruction. To realize their capital investments, the military-industrial complexes, the NASA, Pentagon, NATO, defense ministries of nearly 200 States, corporations; also, paramilitary organizations, death squads, gangsters and crooks, have to buy these arsenals of expensive, modern mortal weapons, to convert these products of death into billions worth of exchange values, to be able to sell them, to produce surplus values, profits. Global and space militarization are among the top corporate priorities; inter alia, they also have generated this disastrous depression.

Arms of all calibers, arms of mass destruction must have a use-value, otherwise the above would be possible. Nobody, except criminal bankers and their innocent victims, would buy something which has no use-value at all. Also only mentally deranged sub-humans, totally alienated capitalist war mongers, would produce tons and tons of mortal. lethal and fatal weapons just to kill and maim thousands and thousands of innocent, indefenseless hospital patients, women and children. All this just to conquer and exploit their natural and human resources, to convert themselves into capital owners, privileged class sectors and reckless power hungry elites, who with an iron fist rule over the unidimensional lonely crowds. .

If this global bellicose status quo would continue, the last hopeful daydreams and rays of culture and civilization, which we have known until now, will be darkened by "the day after", which would usher in the age of "after people".

And what is the use-value of modern arms, of military merchandise? Who, as a result of sudden bankruptcy would still sell the very noose with which he would be hanging himself?

The only way to get a new short lease of life for corporate imperialism, for Europe, North America, Japan and even China, India and Pakistan is to destroy everything that ever had to do with the accumulation of capital and profits, to destroy all exploitative products, production, productive class relations, means of production and modes of production, and replace them with human, natural, social and transcendental creativity, creation and emancipation.

This capitalists, capitalism, cannot do, it is not its social order, not its historic duty.

Of course, in difficult times, in labor pain, the workers, the proletariat, have helped the weak bourgeoisie to gain political power. This was the case in the 1848 Revolution in France, and in the three Russian revolutions of 1905, February and October 1917. Out of gratitude, perhaps President Obama could support President Chavez now to help in the launching of an international class struggle, to direct this global fiasco towards "green pastures and flowing waters", towards scientific, philosophic, sapient socialism..

The birthplaces of capitalism, Greece, Turkey and Italy already indicate that this is not just another economic crisis; even the International Monetary Fund warned in April that the recession could spread across Europe and that it would cause financial chaos and deceleration of economic growth. In the first quarter of 2009, the leading economic member of the European Union, Germany was suffering from a 3.8% decrease of its Gross Domestic Product. However, hand in hand, even France and Spain are already on their way to "walk the plank" of capitalist recession. Britain finds itself "between the devil and the deep blue sea", it goes in the same direction. Iceland is bankrupt already.

Anyhow, as Wall Street witnesses: In spite of depression, Business is Business, and as the United States guarantee: Big Business is Good War, and Big War is Good Business.

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