Barack Obama: The Coming 'Anti-Chavez' of the Americas?
Date: Thursday, November 06 @ 10:33:01 UTC
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By Franz J. T. Lee 
November 06, 2008

In the land of a billion of golden opportunities, after all, it seems that marvels and miracles are still on the world order. Across the globe, in globalization in recession, in capitalism that is experiencing its worst economic crisis, its worst recession ever since its accumulative inception in Ancient Greece, the poorest of the poor, the toiling wage slaves, the "scum of the earth", the "wretched of the earth" and the "white man's burden", all are celebrating the political victory of one of theirs, of a "black man", trained at Harvard, right within the den of the ferocious, wounded imperialist lion. 

Obama will soon reveal his full class recognizability, as representative of the Democratic Party of the USA, of the other side of the corporate coin of the industrial military complex, of global fascism which has already slaughtered a million Arab "terrorists" in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Mideast over the last two decades. In the heat of the political carnival, blessed by the Christian God, in his first speech to the nation, to the globe, in the Bush tradition, Obama already threatened those who are against Uncle Sam, against American Yankee democracy, with the royal fascist treatment. 

All this reminds us of other "great men" making history, of the heroic Nelson Mandela, Thabo Mbeki and the other glorious ANC freedom fighters in South Africa, of the "race war" against Apartheid, of the mass support and solidarity across the globe, ... and what was and is it all about? 

The current ten millions of exploited "black" wage slaves of Southern Africa tell us the truth: that their living conditions are currently worse than under the fascist apartheid regime. A new black ANC ruling class is living from the fat of the land. Now class war threatens South Africa against Mbeki, against the ANC Youth League, in fact, we are on the verge of social upheaval  in the land of the "rainbow nation" (Mandela).  

Within the next months the global capitalist crisis will deepen, Obama will be forced to act as the head of a capitalist, imperialist State, he has to build a "New American Century" against any intention of constructing "Socialism of the 21st Century", especially in the Americas, in Venezuela and Bolivia. Bush, the Lilliputian "Mr. Danger", had no chance against President Hugo Chavez Frias, in fact, the latter won a bet against him: that is, who will stay longer in power? Bush owes Chavez a moribund US dollar.

 After annihilating Sacco and Vanzetti,  Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Walter Rodney, after the state experiments with Colin Powell and "Condy", now the Orwellian system is pulling its trump card, the ace of minority hearts, the eloquent, cultured Afro-American "Goliath", scientifically selected, well-trained, in a nut shell, the popular darling of the poor. 

Well, Bolivarians, hic Rhodus, hic salta! Here is the rose, dance! Prepare yourselves to face the democratic salvos from the north!

And, within this apocalyptic economic and political crisis, should everything go wrong, who will be blamed? 

Bush, the neo-cons, Cheney, Haliburton, ....? Who knows? Perhaps, again Chavez! Or even Obama? We gave them a chance, you see, these Third World "blacks" cannot rule!

A qualitative change in the Americas was the birth of the Bolivarian Revolution, its popular defense between April 11-13, 2002, and the victory against the oil sabotage. What happened on November 4, 2008 in North America is a sad tragedy: never ever before, under such bellicose, aggressive, dangerous conditions, in the epicenter of a fierce, merciless economic world war, in the prelude of its coming political counter part, that is, of a fascist World State, an American president was elected to "adapt" and lead capitalism towards a new lease of life. 

Previously a female politician like Margaret Thatcher was converted into an "iron lady", into a sadistic male creature. 

Let us hope that the Michael Jackson syndrome, the "white" Thriller does not enter the White House. However, if Obama does not play the patriotic, nationalist tune of the current world order, like Abraham Lincoln or John F. Kennedy, he better has to watch his daily steps. 

If Chavez or Obama should "fail", then which one of the billions of toiling "under-dogs" would still hopefully support any politician in Venezuela, the USA and elsewhere? 

Workers of the world, beware that Uncle Sam does not kill two "black" birds with the same terrorist white stone! Only global class struggle can stop such a megalomaniac treachery. . 

John F. Kennedy touched the FED, the private bank owner of the US currency, that was his death sentence. Obama, inter alia, has the historic task to stop Chavez and Marx, hence, Venezuela beware! Wall Street is not impressed by the US election results, it is falling into the bottomless abyss of global recession.

We are celebrating the US Democratic victory on a fast sinking Titanic.

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