Syria's Illusory Nukes: More Propaganda
Date: Friday, October 05 @ 13:07:02 UTC
Topic: Syria

By Kurt Nimmo
September 26, 2007

As suspected, Israel’s claim of a raid against a Syrian nuclear facility is a load of hooey. “Israel did not strike a nuclear weapons facility in Syria on Sept. 6, instead striking a cache of North Korean missiles, current and former intelligence officials say,” writes Larisa Alexandrovna for Raw Story. “American intelligence sources familiar with key events leading up to the Israeli air raid tell Raw Story that what the Syrians actually had were North Korean No-Dong missiles, possibly located at a site in either the city of Musalmiya in the northern part of Syria or further south around the city of Hama.” Of course, considering “American intelligence sources” are notorious liars, turning weather balloon trailers into chemical weapons labs, this admission is suspect as well. For all we know, Israel bombed a mule team, if that.

“By most accounts of intelligence officials, both former and current, Israel and the US both were well aware of the activities of North Korea and Syria and their attempts to chemically weaponize the No-Dong missile. It therefore remains unclear why an intricate story involving evidence of a Syrian nuclear weapons program and/or enriched uranium was put out to press organizations.”

I can venture a guess… because they want to bomb them into a Neolithic condition. Of course, doing so is all the more easy if the Syrians and Iranians can be effectively portrayed as vicious mad dogs, feverishly developing nuclear weapons. It will not be difficult to convince the witless American public, already steeped in racist anti-Arab and Muslim propaganda that these mad dogs will nuke Israel and would nuke the United States if they had the technology, never mind the United States is the only country to have nuked the helpless civilian population of a country ready to surrender.
Now that the Syrian nuclear program ruse has fallen by the wayside—not that it matters, as sensational headlines in the New York Times and over at Fox News are what people remember, not back page “corrections”—we are told the Syrians instead are packing chemical weapons in old No-dong 1 missiles, basically SCUD-Cs.
On the other hand, Vincent Cannistraro, former director of the NSC and a flunky over at the CIA under Bush Senior, is not sure. “Cannistraro believes that these missiles were No-Dong, but did not specify which class. Others, however, named the No-Dong 1 model or described the missile in such a way as to indicate what could only be the No-Dong 1 model,” Alexandrovna continues. As well, with such bedrock intelligence, the missiles may have been models, same as the Iraqi airplane model passed off as a cruise missile in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq. Point is, we have no way of knowing for sure and should not trust a gaggle of confirmed liars.

None of this matters and is basically little more than a circus sideshow, a historical footnote, although it does demonstrate how convoluted the lies and permutations of the Israelis and neocons are. Sooner or later, this hateful duo will attack Iran and Syria, as long promised, and we cannot say we were not warned, although in order to be warned we must be paying attention and most of us are not, as we seem to care more about Britney exiting a public restroom sans shoes.

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