Is the North American Empire in Death Agony?
Date: Monday, July 23 @ 03:08:27 UTC
Topic: Stop Bush

By Franz J. T. Lee

Empires come and go, Hitler's Third Empire was toppled by the coming Fourth Empire.

Ex oriente lux. Against the Western Behemoth will the Eastern Dragon be victorious?

Let us put a current news item into global historic perspective. Why does Iran force Japan to purchase its oil not in US dollars?

In Antiquity long before the European barbarians were coming down from their leafless grey trees, all along the middle and far eastern horizon of planet earth majestic cultures and civilizations came into being. This was long before the "glory" of Ancient Greece, of the original accumulation of capital which eventually infected the whole globe with its economic exploitation, political domination, social discrimination and destructive universal militarism.

It is pertinent to note that in the Mideast, aided by the Vatican and other loyal sub-corporate Quislings, the bloody Euro-Yankee military boot is trampling on the sacred soil and testimony of past Eastern creativity and glory, especially on the contributions made to human knowledge, agriculture, astronomy, architecture, science, philosophy, mathematics, sociology, literature and poetry.

Presently, massively supported by its loyal henchman, its sub-imperialist bulwark, Israel, the USA is busy bombarding one country after the other into a low intensity radio-active inferno. Eventually, that what is left of Babylonia, Lydia, Phoenicia and Persia will be razed to the ground, will fade away into ideological, racist oblivion.

As we could witness, during the last military invasion of Iraq, in typical colonial style, the historical national treasures were ransacked and destroyed. In fact, fascist globalization and "Newspeak" (George Orwell) are doing everything possible to wipe out the memory of Arab contribution to knowledge, culture and civilization. Other cultures, like the ancient Japanese civilization, were eventually absorbed into the capitalist maelstrom, into the imperialist Moloch of self-destructive production, and became sub-imperialist centers. Japan even gained imperialist status, as true ally of Washington D.C. in the Far East. As we will see, economic necessity will betray old partnership and imperialist joint ventures; the watch-dogs of yesteryear are now biting their own masters, and are leaving the sinking North American Titanic.

We are still too close to the fleeting historic moment, we still cannot see the warning light of the emancipatory watch-tower. Here and now, we cannot comprehend the dramatic sign of the time, the writing on the wall of North American woe. Our international mass media, the Bilderberg clan will not inform us about the real state of North American affairs, about a possible economic collapse of the very world market itself.

Hence, learning from history, some ancient eastern cultures "have undergone a complete metamorphosis; for example, Japan -- now thoroughly westernized, in other words, materialized and militarized. Some, like China, are undergoing a similar change. In India, where a very ancient culture continues to vivify the life of the peoples, a somewhat different phenomenon is taking place: more directly old cultural ideas and ideals are shaping the structure which is rising."

Nonetheless, it seems that India is dangerously flirting with Thanatos, with Nuclear Death, with the hegemonic salto mortale of Israel and the USA.

Is the nuclear sun of India really rising?

Could it be that very soon New York itself, especially Long Island, will be easternized?

We surely do not adore empires, neither ancient nor modern ones, neither holy nor earthly ones, but even Iran has a long history of Persian empires. As part of the "axis of evil" its future is also dark, is paved with radio-active conflagration.

However, on the other hand, it seems that the sun is setting for Uncle Sam.

Every dog gets its day.

Gone are the good old days when at Christmas Americans spent more than $3 billion for their pets, even sending them on holidays by plane, to enjoy a dog's life in luxurious hotels.

Things are changing within the closed world order, however, soon an exodus out of corporate slavery logically has to dawn on the galactic horizon. If not, after a horrible agony that could last for decades, human life on planet earth will eventually vanish.

Finally, what is the latest news from the East?

Apart from a mighty earthquake in Japan that damaged an atomic plant, on July 17, 2007, we learned that "Japan Drops Dollar to Buy Iran’s Oil".

Now this is really a bomb-shell, is "shock and awe", is another nail in Uncle Sam's coffin, who is screaming out of hell: "Et tu Brute, then ..."

What is more dramatic are the shock waves that thunder through out the whole world market. Yes, Iran is launching its economic weapon of capitalist mass destruction: it asked "Japanese oil refiners to pay for all future deliveries in yen, as opposed to dollars."

Of course, Japan loves oil more than Bush, it has no choice, it needs oil from its third largest supplier, it has to accept this Iranian request. Here is a brief, precise explanation, what this move, followed by others, would mean to the American bankrupt economy:

"Since 1944, with the signing of the Bretton Woods agreement, the U.S. dollar has been the world’s reserve currency, meaning it is the currency used by governments and institutions to settle their debts and to transact trade in vital commodities such as gold and oil. To conduct international trade, countries were compelled to accumulate dollars and build reserves."

In the past, the permanent demand for US dollars has placed Washington D.C. in a very privileged position, and it could spend voraciously in producing arms of mass destruction, could make huge internal and external debts, cause a fiscal deficit of trillions of dollars and still live like a god in paradise.

As we know, its Achilles Heel is the urgent incoming flow of petro-dollars, at least, at the rate of $4 billion per day.

Radically all this is changing; many countries are now reducing their dependence on the American dollar.

This is driving the White House, the Republican-Democratic corporate octopus crazy.

"Earlier this year, officials from Chinese-owned Zhuhai Zhenrong Trading, Iran’s biggest crude oil customer, confirmed that they now pay for Iranian crude in euros."

Even capitalist Russia and social democratic Scandinavia are turning away from Bush and consorts. They are opening their own bourses:

"Russia is preparing to sell oil priced in rubles and plans to open the Energy Stock Exchange in St. Petersburg in the first half of 2008, according to a ubs AG report dated June 14. In 2005, Norway’s Bourse Director Sven Arild Andersen said that a Scandinavian oil bourse conducting transactions primarily in euros should be set up."

The whole world is noticing that the United States government is threatening to annihilate humanity itself. Not only democratic and socialist forces are negating globalization. From within the very global system begins to contradict, to negate itself.

The following illustrates the very capitalist negation of the global megalomania of the USA, it unveils the coming death-knell of corporate imperialism itself:

"Central banks in South Korea, China and Taiwan have all announced plans to diversify away from the dollar. Last year Russia, Syria and Italy also said they intended to reduce their dollar holdings. Last Wednesday, Japan’s adviser to the prime minister said Tokyo should diversify its reserves away from dollars, and spend its greenbacks on higher-yielding assets. Bloomberg notes that Japan is the largest overseas holder of U.S. treasuries; as such, it has historically been one of the strongest supporters of the dollar."

Currently the dollar is crashing like a huge rock, its demand is eroding, it is not worth the paper on which it is printed anymore. Capitalists are losing their interest in the dollar, in the USA.

Soon this reality will touch the North American working masses, will wake them up from their long slumber, and then we will see what patriotism and and patriot acts are all about. .

Meanwhile, the solidarity of the victims of corporate America is growing very fast. At the same time while still check-mating Japan, we hear that "Tehran will soon host a trilateral peace pipeline meeting".

And, who will be assisting this meeting?

It will be a "meeting between Iran, Pakistan, and India on the gas pipeline, which is to take Iran's gas to India via Pakistan, known as peace pipeline, will be held next month."

It is not a matter of shouting: Wolf, wolf, ....
Homo homini lupus is there, look at him in the Middle East, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Iran, in Venezuela, in the Twin Towers, in the patriot acts, ....

Really, the North American Empire is crumbling. Either it will cover all of us with its radio-active industrial-military debris, with its corporate flotsam and jetsam, or we will have to transcend this horrible chapter of planetary life, by emancipating ourselves from this mode of production, of auto-destruction.

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