Women in Argentina Demand Gender Equality
Date: Sunday, October 29 @ 19:11:59 UTC
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Women in Argentina Demand Gender Equality and Reproductive Rights

Women from across Argentina gathered in the northwestern province of Jujuy for the 21st National Women's Congress on the 14th and 15th of October. During the workshops and rallies at this year's congress, the central outcry was for women to claim self-determination over their bodies and sexuality in Argentina's highly sexist and religious society. In recent years there has been a surge in women's groups organized autonomously from the government, political parties and institutes.

Nearly 10,000 women from diverse backgrounds and organizations participated in this year's congress, which featured over 48 workshops on gender issues ranging from abortion, syndicalism and neighborhood organizing to women's health. The congress took place in the midst of protests from the Catholic Church and concluded with a massive march in the capital, in which thousands of women protested for the legalization of abortion and end to violence against women.

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