Entrapment in Miami, More Patsy Arrests in London
Date: Monday, September 04 @ 07:53:09 UTC
Topic: Bush and Blair

By Kurt Nimmo, kurtnimmo.com
September 02nd 2006

For AG Gonzales and the Federal Bureau of Precrime, Narseal Batiste was a threat because he was delusional and talked of waging jihad against the United States with a bow and arrows. "Our philosophy here is that we try to identify plots in the earliest stages possible, because we don't know what we don't know about a terrorist plot," said Gonzales. "It's dangerous to evaluate in advance whether 'this is a really dangerous group; this is not a dangerous group,'" in other words, all are suspect, especially when they have an FBI agent provocateur to nudge them along.

According to Walter Pincus of the Washington Post, "lawyers for the defendants have raised questions about where a government sting ends and entrapment begins. Not only did informers provide money and a meeting place for Batiste and his followers, they gave them video cameras for surveillance as well as cellphones, and suggested that their first target be a Miami FBI office, court records show." Batiste's attorney, John Wylie, was able to demonstrate "his client had [never] met with any real terrorist, received e-mails or wire transfers from the Middle East, possessed any al-Qaida literature or had even a picture of bin Laden." Instead, the FBI planted ideas in the head of a man who "needs psychiatric treatment," according to his father, set him up in classic fashion, arrested his young compatriots, and then allowed the corporate media to blow the story out of proportion.

Meanwhile, in London, another set of patsies have fallen victim to government efforts to convince us Muslims are out to get us, envious of our freedoms. "British police arrested 14 people in raids and said Saturday they suspected the men had been involved in training and recruiting for terror attacks. Two others were arrested in an unrelated terror investigation in Manchester," reports USA Today. In the latter case, the Brits arrested the relatives of a "terror suspect" arrested for the liquid bomb non-plot last month. "Peter Clarke, head of Metropolitan Police anti-terror efforts, said police and intelligence agents were trying to track thousands of people believed to be directly or indirectly involved in terrorism, according to comments made public Friday." For Clarke and the Brits, however, "indirectly involved in terrorism" apparently means Muslims with household chemicals under their sinks.

No doubt the Brits will put this latest crop of patsies to good use and once again attempt to convince us we face a sincere and ominous threat from determined jihadists in our midst. If it turns out, however, the alleged plotters are linked to Pakistan's ISI, as was the case with Rashid Rauf and the patently absurd liquid bombers, we can rest assured this is but another corporate media sideshow, custom-made for hysterical coverage on Fox News, a freak show tailored for propaganda effect, no matter how ludicrous, by US and British intelligence agencies.

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