In such a terrorist reality, what could Venezuela expect from the USA?
Date: Tuesday, November 01 @ 23:11:24 UTC
Topic: Troops and Tanks

By Franz J.T. Lee

A recent excellent VHeadline publication merits some urgent comments. The reporters write: "Venezuela is an oil-rich nation, so there are no prizes for guessing why the US might invade the country -- just make up whatever excuse you like this time. Of course, the US government has denied any such plans, and even loony television evangelist (pardon the tautology), Pat Robertson, was forced to apologize for suggesting the US should just assassinate Chavez, thereby saving the cost of an invasion."

Firstly, Venezuela is not facing a possible United States "Trojan" military invasion because of the courtship of her stunning beauties ... for example, of Irene Saez, Mari Pili Hernandez or another Latin American "Helen."

It is also not the case of President Chavez, while addressing the United Nations lately, of secretly abducting Miss USA to Caracas.

* Even less so is it the case of Prince Charming ... who by oath taken by his United Nations ... of returning Snow White by all Machiavellian-necessary means again to the White House.

Hence, this is not a matter of mythological, personal love-sickness, of whims, caprices or idiocy ... it is not a situation where the United States, the United Nations and NATO out of democratic christian love would send a genocidal fleet to Latin America and elsewhere to recover “A face that could launch a thousand ships.”

What faces us is merciless genocide, the extinction of billions of obsolete menial, already sub- or un-employed, starving laborers, like those already dying, defenseless, powerless Africans shot dead in Spanish Ceuta and Melilla lately.

Secondly, what is really at stake, President Chavez himself has described: "'Neoliberalism reduces public spending, especially in health and education under the excuse of achieving fiscal balance,' he commented, pointing out the US had the biggest fiscal deficit in the world."

In absolute economic terms, relatively speaking, leaving military and other hegemonic global and globalized factors aside, with regard to the ratio of real imbalance of its exports and imports, and its trillion dollar internal and external debt, the USA is de facto one of the "poorest" countries in the world, figuring behind Haiti and Mozambique.

Like the ex-Soviet Union any day it may crash, implode into itself, and drag the whole international market into the abyss of its own self-destruction. How is it possible that a US$, that by all standards of the International Monetary Fund should really be devalued by more than 40%, today still "trusts in God", and is dragging most global currencies into oblivion?

What a capitalist absurdity! What a loss for capitalist investors!

In fact, like all capitalist and imperialist societies, the USA has a parasitic economy, spending foreign oil reserves, kept in petro-dollars, to finance annually its genocidal wars, a sum of $500 billion that corresponds to its fiscal deficit. In fact, to survive at all, the USA permanently needs such parasitic funding of $4 billion daily.

The fact that Venezuela and other countries are now transferring their petro-dollars to Switzerland, converting them into petro-€uros, backed by a still productive European, imperialist economy, is simply an inexorable capitalist reality of driving mortal piercing nails into the Draculian coffin of an aged United States competitor for future global hegemony.

Thirdly, the unnecessary "energetic crisis," that we explained in previous commentaries, is driving the politicians, the pawns of the American corporate industrial complex, Bush & Co, towards total craziness and megalomania.

Thomas Bearden and Michael Ruppert have explained the immediate apocalyptic dimension of this world conflagration. In fact, desperate metropolitan countries, faced with coming total black-outs, will not stop short of global atomic wars within the following decades.

Hence, gone forever are the good old capitalist days of peaceful negotiations, peace treaties, world peace and peace protocols. Imperialism has set loose a wild bush fire, the North American homo homini lupus, who is directing the global bellum omnium contra omnes, Hitler's total war.

Except ourselves, that is, our revolutionary praxis and emancipatory theory, our inalienable human right to fight for survival, except our legitimate, combined, integrated, counter-violent Latin American resistance, nothing in heaven or on earth can stop the coming foreign Orwellian military invasion of Big Brother Bush in South America!

Venezuela, for the USA, is immediate world conquest or death agony!

The North American "plague" (Simon Bolivar) has no alternative. Peacefully, it will never step down from its corporate throne. We have to kick him, ruling class man, to blazes.

Finally, as is the current case of globalized fascism, the immediate guinea-pigs that are witnessing modern nazism are the millions of downtrodden of the USA themselves. What Hitler called "control of education," of information, of producing consumer zombies, by and large, this is becoming a reality in the USA. In fact, the whole society is already militarized, mind and thought controlled; the freedom of expression, of movement, of protest will soon go down the fascist drain. All over labor and concentration camps will appear, are probably already constructed, to eliminate the domestic "terrorists."

In such a world situation, where the ozone layer is destroyed, where weapons of mass destruction are stockpiled everywhere, where the global snow-caps are melting, where dangerous methane gases are being set free, where HAARP and similar war projects have and still are playing havoc with the climate, where tsunamis, droughts, floods and hurricanes multiply themselves in geometric progression, where man-made AIDS, ebola, Spanish flu, bird flu and other bacteriological and viral weapons of mass destruction are being disseminated across the globe, where the Life Sciences and the corporate families of Bin Laden, Donald Rumsfeld and George W. Bush make giga-profits, fooling around with the health of nations, of scaring them to hell, using psycho-terror as an incentive for consumerism ... in such a terrorist reality, what could Venezuela expect from the USA?

We said it over and over again ... only the real, true, scientific and philosophic Negation of Capitalism ... that is, Socialism, original and authentic Marxism ... and, only their creative, creating, logical Superation, that is, Human Emancipation ... can still save the human species on earth from total extinction.

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