Response to The British Bombers
Date: Thursday, September 22 @ 12:40:09 UTC
Topic: Britain

By Davy de Verteuil

WE do not negotiate for TERRORIST! We just bulldozed our way at the barrel of our turrets and set them free.

If they are from Latin America we allow them to roam freely in Florida; when they are from Israel they become members of government even diplomats and Prime ministers, and from the US they have the 5th amendment + a presidential pardon and an advisory role on terrorism. As though that isn't enough they get appointed to the UN to terrorize debates, spy and coerce the un-equal nations.

The utter racism, the disdain, the malicious contempt is so obvious not just from the lawless act on the day in question- the actual surrounding of the police quarter and the prison. Clear evidence of the sheer disrespect, the racism, heading all the way back to Europe, the Vermont, BBC, MOD, DOD and then across the Atlantic CNN, FOX and the Great White (Father) House, then Down Under to the killers of the Aborigines; How dear you arrest one of ours, after all WE decide who is to be murdered, tortured and imprisoned -- WE possess inalienable, irrevocable immunity regardless of whom WE rape, murder, sodomize, stole from, tortured and or which property WE destroy. After all WE are democratic; WE are Free-free to do what we darn well pleased. WE are your masters WE are white.

Look at the rationale, the Iraqi police have been infiltrated ... and or after long hours of negotiations, WE blow the police station and release the British SOLDIERS-not prisoners- not terrorists. One has a white bandage on his head and the media must not show their faces-but an Iraqi, a man most likely a father, a husband, was murdered by these two overly armed suspects. Afterwards they bulldozed the prison compound and free the (our informants and bomb laying locals) prisoners.

WE trained you to police your KIND (Brownie) Iraqis not WE.


We in the Basra have a special relationship with our occupier isn't it?

When will we ever learn?

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