Dr. Kwame Nantambu

Caesarean Section: Afri-centric Analysis

By Dr. Kwame Nantambu
January 03, 2013

As Trinbagonians and family and friends collectively mourn the recent untimely and unfortunate death of Sasha Lysa Ali-Bisnath, it is now apropos to conduct an Afri-centric analysis of the medical procedure known as the Caesarean section, commonly/popularly called the C section.

And the two principal players in this historical analysis are the Pharaoh of ancient Kemet/Egypt Cleopatra V11 (Winter 69 B.C. - 12 August 30 B.C.) and Julius Caesar then Emperor of Rome.

In her seminal magnum opus titled Cleopatra: From History to Legend (1997), Edith Flamarion states that when Egyptian Pharaoh Ptolemy X11 died in March 51 B.C., he decreed that his successors should be his two eldest children, namely, Cleopatra V11, who was then eighteen years old and Ptolemy X111, who was just ten years old.

"According to Ptolemaic dynastic law, Cleopatra had to marry Ptolemy X111" but this was not a sexually consummated marriage.

Ergo, Cleopatra V11 then became "mistress of the two lands", that is, Pharaoh of Upper and Lower Kemet (Egypt).

Circa 48 B.C., there was an "internal revolt against Cleopatra V11" and Julius Caesar entered the city of Alexandria "as a conqueror" and was able to pacify the Alexandrians that " as consul, he represented Roman law."

Julius Caesar then "summoned both Cleopatra and her brother in order to settle the conflict between them."

However, before meeting with Julius Caesar, Cleopatra sent several "emissaries" to him in order to ascertain "his good intentions."

When she finally agreed to go to Alexandria to meet with Caesar, Cleopatra travelled "in the dead of night" and hidden and wrapped "in a coverlet... rolled in a carpet" because she feared "her brother's spies and his attempts to impede her."

Legend has it that Cleopatra was "smuggled into (Caesar's) apartment." They had sexual intercourse that night, either "for reasons of political convenience " or mere human physical attraction.

However, in the Spring of 47 B.C., both Julius Caesar and Queen Cleopatra V11 went "on a long voyage up the Nile abroad a luxurious pleasure barge."

Depicted as "a lover's outing", it was a political tour intended to show the people of the country their true masters.

Nevertheless, when Julius Caesar left Kemet/Egypt in May 47 B.C., Cleopatra was pregnant. This "lighting -hike eastern campaign" has given rise to Caesar's famous/historical quote : "Veni, vidi, vinci"-- " I came, I saw, I conquered."

Indeed, the record shows that on 23 June 47 B.C., Cleopatra V11 gave birth to her first child, a boy named Caesarion , which means "Little Caesar."

This was not a normal delivery. Instead, the high priests of ancient Kemet/Egypt had to perform a special medical procedure to deliver Cleopatra's baby boy. This historical medical procedure that was performed by Africans in the B.C. era is now known all over the world in this modern A.D. era as the Caesarean section--- named after Caesar.

Thus, the sexual liaison between the African/Egyptian Pharaoh Cleopatra V11 and the Euro-Roman Emperor Julius Caesar is prima facie proof that Africans invented medicine in the B.C. era, period.

Furthermore, this historical medical evidence has been preserved/recorded on the walls of the Temple of Kom Ombo (world's first hospital) that was built by Africans/Kemites in 181 B.C.

Truth Be Told: In the B.C. era, Africans performed such medical/surgical operations at this hospital as dental/brain/eye surgery and hysterectomy. These Africans also left a record of the medical tools/instruments they used such as forceps, air cups, knives, sponge, scissors, triceps, a balance to weigh portions of medicine, a retractor to separate the skin, birthing or delivery chair and the African B. C. origin of the modern-day (A.D.) Rx prescription symbol.

From an Afri-centric perspective, at graduation, medical students all over the world should be taking the Afri-centric Imhotep Oath instead of the Euro-centric "Hippocratic Oath." This current medical practice only seeks to maintain and perpetuate the primary motif/objective of Euro-centric global mis-education, albeit European supremacy, which is to deny Africans any sense of originality.

In the final analysis, historiography proves that the African Imhotep (born circa 2800 B.C.) is the real Father of medicine. The fact of the matter is that Imhotep lived more than two thousand years before Hypocrates (born circa 333 B.C.)--- the Euro-centric "Father of medicine."

Indeed, the current Euro-centric "Hippocratic Oath" reads in part as follows: "I swear by Apollo physician and Asclepius"; however, as part of the manifestation of the evil genius of Euro-centric global mis-education, no mention is made of the stark historical reality/truism that the Greek/European deities, Apollo and Asclepius, are nothing more that duplicates/derivatives of original African/Kemetic deities, Heru and Imhotep, period. Again, this represents the European colossal modus operandi to deny Africans any sense of originality.

Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

Dr. Kwame Nantambu is a part-time lecturer at Cipriani College of Labour and Co-operative Studies.

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