Dr. Kwame Nantambu

Decoding kidnappings for ransom in TnT

Posted: February 07, 2004
Dr. Kwame Nantambu

Within recent times, TnT has been engulfed in a wanton spate of kidnappings-for-ransom. Official statistics reveal that there were 49 kidnappings-for-ransom in 2003 against a backdrop of 223 murders.

While these figures maybe startling vis-a vis TnT's small population, it is vital at this crucial, scary juncture to decode the real, endemic root-cause of this violent phenomenon.

Truth be told: The origin of the avalanche of kidnappings-for-ransom in TnT is directly related to and correlated with, the death of (hit on) multi-millionaire , druglord Dole Chadee in 1999 and the mammoth outstanding IOUs that are now being called-in.

The fact that only wealthy business Indians are the targets/victims is no accident. On the contrary, it only confirms the true identity of the players involved in this violent IOU drama.

This debt/drug-consumed IOU drama has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with race. That's a smoke hearing, a detour sign.

The players in this drama are cashing in their chips; they just happen to be of Indian descent. The tentacles of Dole Chadee's drug octopus empire are now striking out at their known targets/debtors who owe them millions of dollars.

It is just that plain and simple.

The creditors and debtors in this IOU drama all know each other and kidnappings-for-ransom will end when and only when IOU payments are collected in full.

And the solution/conclusion of this drama has absolutely nothing to do with public policy nor governance in TnT.

This solution/conclusion is strictly a wealthy business Indian affair.

Only these players can solve this problem. Kidnappings-for-ransom is not a national nor racial problem; it is an inter Indian familial problem/affair.

And this parochial Indian kidnappings-for-ransom problem is totally different from the genre of violence, murders elsewhere in TnT as in Laventille, etc. They are not the same and their raison d'etre is also not the same.

The two are not related and they should not be pelaued together as some public officials have attempted to do.

This is just a slick attempt to conceal and/or camoflague the real issue, that is, internecine Indian debt-related-outstanding violence in TnT and there is nothing "bogus" about this stark reality.

The smell/scent of the coffee in this specific case is not Black; it is Indian.

And the sporadic abduction of young, innocent members of wealthy business Indian families will continue to be high on this violent Richter scale until the adults collect their outstanding financial debts and monies.

Truth be told: At the end of the day, kidnappings-for-ransom in TnT is Indian-oriented-centered-orchestrated. Case closed; end of discussion.

Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

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