Dr. Kwame Nantambu

Religious Supremacy in TnT Today
Posted: May 25, 2001
Dr Kwame Nantambu

In his book titled Yet With a Steady Beat : Biographies of Early Black Savannah(2001),Rev. Charles Lwanga Hoskins asserts that " religion by its very nature is a two edged- sword. While whites were able to use it to oppress blacks, conversely blacks used religion to survive and eventually to the extent possible, overcome the oppression"(p.29).

This article seeks to analyze the appointment of a white, Euro-American as the ninth Archbishop of TnT within the context of European supremacy and the "two edged-sword" modus operandi of religion. However, it is vital to posit on Afro-centric, historical, linkage background prior to the analysis in order to put this Euro religious supremist action in its proper perspective.

The history of the Roman Catholic Church in TnT indicates that there was a white, Euro-French Archbishop of TnT from 1850-1852; there was also a white, Euro-Italian Archbishop from 1855-1859; a white, Euro-British Archbishop was TnT's religious leader from 1861-1862; while the white, Euro-Irish Count Finbar Ryan was Archbishop from 1940-1968. Indeed, what this brief TnT religious history shows is that Rev. Edward I. Gilbert will be only a temporary Archbishop of TnT just as his predecessors were from 1850-1862.

This writer has decoded European supremacy over the past twenty years plus to see through this Euro-Roman ploy in this majority non-European populated county. This conclusion will be dealt with later on in the article.

The fact of the matter is that from 1871-1968, the Euro-Irish Dominican religious order had the monopoly over religious power in TnT.

When Fr. Anthony Pantin, who belonged to the Holy Ghost religious order, was appointed Archbishop in 1968 then a compromise had to be made, negotiated and accepted by the political powers that be under then Prime Minister Dr. ErieWilliams.

The fact of the matter is that there is NO WAY, the political power structure in TnT would have allowed, permitted or accepted a Non-Trini as Archbishop. The political power structure would have challenged such a Euro-centric Vatican decision, or more importantly, imposition.

This political challenge would have tarnished the visible image of the church.

Fr. Pantin was not a Dominican priest and at that time, there was, NO Trini-born Dominican priest to succeed Count Finbar Ryan.

Fr. Anthony Pantin was a good safe compromise who possessed the basic Euro-religious supremist requirements.

Fr. Pantin was a "Trini-white"; he belonged to the second largest religious franchise in TnT; he was much more acceptable than the dark-jet-black-skinned Fr. Basil Matthews; and he was "politically correct" to the ESTABLISHMENT.

Fr. Anthony Pantin became the obvious choice. He pleased all entities in this religious-political power control matrix.

In other words, the Holy Ghost fathers had the largest groups or numbers of priests who could man the different franchises (or churches) throughout the country.

They had the Parish priests to maintain and secure religious control in TnT.

Within the context of European supremacy, Archbishop Anthony Pantin played the key role of the benevolent European slave-master; by closely identifying himself with the "masses", he was skillfully able to maintain the Euro-religious control system without the "masses" realizing what was hitting them.

Trinis need to understand that the system of supremacy can be carried out by white European hands as well as black, Afrikan hands or in the specific case of TnT, it was carried out by "Trini White" hands.

This micro system is called neo-colonialism or Afrikan colonialism of the "Black skins, white masks" variety.

This micro system during the Pantin era was allowed to flourish because Dr. Eric Williams NEVER loved Black people anyway. He was arrogant, vindictive and very openly disrespectful of Afrikan-Trinis in life and in death.

Let us now deal with the appointment of the white Euro-American-Brooklyn-born Rev. Edward J. Gilbert as the ninth Archbishop of TnT.

In the first place, Rev. Gilbert is NOT a Holy Ghost priest; Rev. Gilbert is NOT a Dominican priest; Rev. Gilbert is NOT a Trini-White-born priest. Secondly, government statistics reveal that Afrikan-Trinis account for 39.6 percent of the national population; Indian-Trinis account for 40.3 percent; 18.4 percent is of mixed descent; 0.6 percent of European; 0.4 percent Chinese; 0.2 percent are Other; and 0.4 percent classified as Not Stated.

The stark reality is that this Euro-American priest is IDEAL for the current value system, way of life and mind-set in TnT today. This appointment fits perfectly with the supremist decision-making process of the Euro-Roman powers with Pope John Paul II as the CEO.

In other words, one Trinis NO LONGER eat local foods; they eat and demand Euro-American foods supplied by White Castle, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Subway MacDonald's and Pizza Hut.

Two, Trinis NO LONGER enjoy or want indigenous steelbands beating pan on carnival days; they demand that DJs play music on these days just as it is done in New York in Euro-America.

Three, some Trini calypsonians are DEMANDING that the indigenous musical art form should now be called "Rapso" and be patterned after the Euro-American music.

Four, music on local radio stations NO LONGER reflect the population's cultural make-up of TnT but the cultural population make-up of Euro-America. Five, local TV programs NO LONGER reflect the local TnT lifestyles but the lifestyles of Euro-America. Six, Trini men and women are now engaged in the Euro-American physical daily way of life in that the men are lifting weights and bulking-up, while the women go to the health spas to tuck and tone so as to look trim, fit and THIN according to the concept of BEAUTY as ordained by Euro-America.

Seven, TnT's daily education experience is directly related and patterned after the Euro-American daily experience in terms of the fact that prayers are no longer recited in TnT schools, teachers are totally forbidden from using the rod or whip to correct and/or discipline their students and the most detrimental copy-cat phenomenon is the recent issue of school violence committed by very young TnT students using knives and guns just as they see similar young Euro-American school children commit such violent crimes in schools in Lake Worth, Florida; San Diego, California; Springfield, Oregon; Littleton, Colorado; Fort Gibson, Oklahoma; West Paducah, Kentucky; and Stamps and Jonesboro, Arkansas; just to name a few.

Eight, daily family life in TnT is also directly related and patterned after the Euro-American family life structure to the extent that today TnT is replete with single unmarried mothers and ego-tripping, macho, manicou males whose MANHOOD is measured according to the number of female sexual conquests/notches and the number of abandoned children he fathers.

In addition, this Euro-American TnT family life is couched in homicide, incest, suicide, domestic violence, total disrespect for the female partner, whether she be legal wife, common-law wife or girlfriend, jealousy and hatred between husband and wife over money and fidelity, just to name a few. In other words, ALL aspects of TnT life have been EURO-AMERICANISED. So under the system of European supremacy, it is ONLY fitting that the LAST piece of the puzzle or cycle be fitted in; that is, the appointment of this Euro-American as TnT's Archbishop NOW completes this supremist cycle.

NOW, that TnT is TOTALLY Euro-Americanised from top to bottom, it should NOT be any great surprise that a White, Euro-American controls the religious life of majority non-European populated TnT.

This Euro-American religious supremist appointment signifies the sad omen that " in time to come", the everday Afrikan- Trini will now be not only living as a Euro-American but also speaking like an American with the same accent of their religious leader. This is total insanity at it Zenith.

This will be the ultimate in African-Trini copy-catting. In this scenario, Afrikan-Trinis will NOT have to spend money to travel to New York, New York to learn how to speak American. They can just follow their New York-born Euro-American Archbishop's speech patterns EVERY DAY up close and personal. And we know they will.

In this regard, it is ONLY fitting that a White Euro-American religious slave-master be TnT's religious leader. This is what Trinis want according to their life-styles.

As such, Trinis should NOT blame the Euro-Roman powers that be – Trinis just got what they deserve. Since Trinis have not learnt from history then, they are forced to repeat to now.

If Trinis voluntarily act like Eurocentric "certificated," edjumacated or mis-educated slaves then they MUST receive a comparable powerful, political Euro-centric slave-master masquerading under the religious sobriquet as Archbishop. So be it. This SYSTEM operates very simple. This is NOT advanced calculus or rocket science.

This is how European supremacy works. In the case of TnT, this is self- inflicted, and desired European- Roman religious supremacy.

This white, Euro- American MALE will keep the population under control and in check. And it is also "politically correct" for a White American to be appointed because as the sole, last, remaining European global superpower, America is the designated hitter to carry-out, promote, maintain and defend this global system.

The white, Euro-American Rev. Edward I. Gilbert was NOT appointed to function within the stupid , insipid micro and asinine " Trini-way"; he was appointed to function within the concerted, planned and macro system of European supremacy.

This was a religious and political appointment and it was very easy to carry out because the local political pressure is NOT as potent as it was in 1968.

Today, the Euro-Roman Catholic church can take this gamble.

Let us recall that Rev. Gilbert belongs to the Redemptorist religious order. TnT has never had an Archbishop belonging to this order.

Let us also recall that Rev. Gilbert is coming to TnT with the reputation of being a "trouble-shooter"; he knows how to mend fences so that the real Euro-religious-political power control can flourish. It is in this regard that I suggested earlier that he will only be a stop-gap, interim Archbishop; I invision him serving a minimum of two and a maximum of five years.

I herby postulate that the primary role of Rev. Edward I. Gilbert is not only to ease tension between the different ethnic racial entities but more importantly also,.to actively choose, select and groom a "politically correct" "Trini- White" or "Redman" to succeed him as TnT's religious leader. Such a person COULD NOT be found now but his keen, and knowledgable experience of how European supremacy works and functions will enable Rev. Gilbert to find and recommend such a person within a short space of time. His reputation proves that he will be successful in this endeavour.

Rev. Gilbert was NOT chosen by chance for this appointment; European supremacy DOES NOT operate by guess or chance or maybe. It is serious business. The name of the game is POWER and CONTROL. It is NOT about HORNING, DIMANCHE GRAS or WINING.

Now, this appointment has received much media currency. It has been called an "insult " by some, while the Catholic Priests have expressed "anguish and dismay."

However, the reason for these different reactions is that it was analyzed within the context of the micro "Trini Way" and NOT the macro, global context of European supremacy.

As such, under this global SYSTEM, there is NO room for democracy, equality or respect for human dignity. And that's why Trinis felt these three potent weapons that exist in the armory of European supremacy.

That's why Trinis are totally disappointed and stunned. Why should they be? That's how the SYSTEM works- nothing more, nothing less.

A white Euro-American-born Archbishop is TnT's new religious MASSA today. "Massa Day" is NOT "gone". It has only assumed a snake-in-the-grass religious and political supremist skin.

The more things change; the more they remain the SAME. Welcome to the reality of European supremacy, my fellow Trinis.

Trinis must understand the political dynamics of religion if they can ever hope to overcome its sharp, supremist two-edged sword make-up.

Under the global SYSTEM of European supremacy, religion and politics are two sides of this same sword or coin. Religion becomes the slave- master's whip. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with saving the soul of the colonized- INDIAN or AFRIKAN. Trinis need to realize that they are facing Euro-religious supremacy. This is vital. They also need to clearly understand that the decision by the Vatican is NOT FINAL.

Trinis MUST meet political power force with equal political power force- that's the only language that European supremacy understands. POWER begets POWER.

Trini religious leaders should NOT be out- polticised by Archbishop Edward J. Gilbert. They MUST select a Trini religious leader whom they WANT and NOT whom the Vatican's white, Euro- American political representative SELECTS and WANTS. This is a MUST if Euro-religious re-colonization of TnT is NOT to re-occur.

Trini religious leaders including Diocesan Administrators and priests MUST be FIRM in their decision to RESIGN if their choice for a future TNT Archbishop is rejected.

In addition, ALL Trinis who profess the Roman Catholic faith must resign from the church in protest if a Trini is NOT selected. The Pope should be informed through a mass e-mail program that Trinis would NO LONGER attend Sunday Mass, etc, if their choice is rejected.

This Vatican appointment of a White, Euro-American as TnT's ninth Archbishop is NOTHING but the raw, visible political power control aspects of European supremacy mdoled in invisible, vicious religious clothing.

The bottm- line is that within the context of European supremacy, today TnT is suffering from AIDS, that is, American Induced Dysfunctional Satisfaction.

Trinis may live the Euro-America way in their daily lives when it comes to eating and cooking food; TV programmes; socializing; music such as "Rapso" and "Mr. Big Stuff" and Djs on carnival days; chewing gum; etc.

But Trinis need to understand that all this façade is just an illusion. Trinis will NEVER be seen, treated and/or be regarded as an equal Euro-American.

Afrikan and Indian Trinis and other world people of color would ONLY be considered as "infidel people", that is, inferior, worthless, expendable, backward, primitive, ahistorical people who contributed NOTHING to world civilization, under the system of European supremacy.

And this NOTHING global designation also directly applies to the "Trini White" or "Red man". My fellow Trinis: DO NOT be hoodwinked, bamboozled and took by this imposed White, Euro-American Archbisop. DO Not let HIS -Eurocentric-STORY control our destiny.

My fellow Trinis: You MUST de-Euro-Americanise, de-toxify, de-brainwash, de-mystify your daily lifestyles in order to empower yourselves to challenge European religious and political supremacy successfully.

Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

Dr. Nantambu is an Associate Professor in the Dept. of Pan-African Studies at Kent State University, U.S.A.

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