Dr. Kwame Nantambu

European Geo-Political Master Plans
Posted: November 07, 2001
An analysis by
Dr. Kwame Nantambu

Within recent times, people in both public and private sectors seem to be obsessed with the much bandied about European geo-political code-word that is known as globalisation.

At face value, this concept may fascinate the historian but to this writer this concept is par for the course when it comes to the vital issue of maintaining, perpetuating and strengthening European global supremacy and control.

Globalisation is just a 21st century millennium code word to camouflage the aforementioned. Europeans have been playing these global con-games for the past five hundred years. Indeed, this is their white powder to glorify and ossify the European global status quo. Nothing more; nothing less.

While some Trinis have publicly fallen pray to this European sour cheese rat trap, this article seeks to free them from this dilemma.

The fact of the matter is that this global code-word concept is nothing new.

History absolves this writer in this regard.

Let us recall that in June 1494, the European Christian Pope Alexander VI, in an attempt to prevent a European global war between Spain and Portugal, drew and imaginary line across the globe whereby he decreed that all lands discovered to the west of this line belonged to Spain and all lands to the east belonged to Portugal. This Treaty of Tordesillas therefore established this 15th century European new world order with the blessing and legitimisation of the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

Let us also recall that it was on 8 January 1455 that Pope Nicholas V authorised the Euro-Portuguese to subject to servitude all infidel peoples. This resulted in the Afrikan Holocaust or MAAFA during which over one hundred million human beings were annihilated in the greatest single crime in the world committed against a people on this planet earth.

These European powers conducted the enslavement of Afrikan people through their civilising mission or new world order through Christianity together with the genocidal decimation of Afrikan peoples.

The French also had their European colonial geo-political slogan or master-plan called la mission civilisatrice; the Euro-British labelled theirs the white man's burden and manifest destiny. In 1655, Britain had their new world order under the geopolitical code-word of Oliver Cromwell's Great Western Design. Under Euro-British colonialism, countries and peoples in Afrika and the Caribbean remained under British imperial yoke until the 1950's and 1960's.

In the 1850's, the Euro-French championed liberty, justice and fraternity as their new world order.

However, between November 1884 and February 1885, there was a collusive European new world order called the Berlin Conference or the scramble or partitioning of Afrika. The European powers that participated in this new world order conference were Britain, France, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium and the United States as a most interested observer.

Today, when these same European powers meet, their new world order conferences are called Summit Meetings with Canada, Japan and Russia as the new kids on the Eurocentric global block. In the 19th century, these powers met to divide up and control peoples, countries and resources, in the 20th century, they met as a group of industrial democracies to coordinate economic policies in order to control the functioning of the European dominated capitalist system and the perpetuation and maintenance of western democratic principles and Euro-American socio-cultural values.

In the 1920's, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson's new world order sought to make the world safe for democracy a la Pax Americana. This global policy sowed the seeds for America's post WWII global, imperial dominance.

On 14 August 1940, there was a second collusive European new world order under the geopolitical sobriquet of the Atlantic Charter signed by President Franklin Roosevelt of the United States and Prime Minister Winston Churchill of England. The Charter states that these two European powers not only respect the right of all peoples to choose the form of government under which they will live but also wish to see sovereign rights and self-government restored to those who had been forcibly deprived of them. Now, people of Afrikan descent in the Caribbean and Afrika mistakenly or naively assumed consistent with their xenophilia mind-set that these European powers had promised them freedom and the right to self-government. But, Sir. Winston Churchill clarified any Afrikan mis-conception in a speech in the House of Commons as follows:

... At the Atlantic meeting, we had in mind, primarily, the restoration of the sovereignty (and) self-government. . .of the States and nations (and peoples) of Europe now under Nazi yoke. . .so that this is quite a separate problem from the progressive evolution of self-government institutions in the regions and nations and peoples (of Afrika and the Caribbean). . .

In the 1930's, Adolph Hitler also had his own geo-political code-word under the Third Reich whereby he sought to create an Aryan race. This resulted in the Jewish Holocaust during which six to eight million human beings were annihilated.

In need occasion no great surprise, therefore, that in August 1990 then U.S. President George Bush announced Euro-America's new world order fifty years after the infamous Atlantic Charter. Following in the geopolitical racist tradition of the 1940 Atlantic Charter, Afrikan people were summarily excluded by the principles/charter of President Bush's Euro-America's new world order.

They are expendable and invisible within the arena of European geopolitics and nationalist survival. In his enunciation of Euro-America's new world order, President Bush articulated that the time has come to forge a new, warm non-iron-curtain-clad relations between the United States and Russia so as to move beyond containment and thus seek the integration of the Soviet Union into the community of nations and to help them share the reward of international cooperation. In President Bush's own words:

Our doctrine need no longer be containing a military aggressive Soviet Union. It means a united Europe. It means a Europe (whole and free) without as many artificial boundaries. America is a European nation. President Bush was joined in this Eurocentric geopolitical collusive new world order by then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who called for a new Magna Charta that would establish basic rights for all Europeans, including the Soviets and reiterated that Europeans must take care of Europeans, while the current Prime Minister of Britain, John Major, has stated publicly that we are a European nation.

However, this European geopolitical new world order cycle was finally completed when in the third historical collusive tradition of the 15th century Popes of the Roman Catholic Church, the current Pope John Paul II called for the creation of a common united European Christian Home and urged his fellow Europeans to be of one heart and one mind a la Euro-American President Bush's geopolitical master-plan/strategy.

And in 1992, Europeans announced their geo-political master-plan of Europe 1992" or Fortress Europe 1992" in order to celebrate 500 years of European nationalism that started in 1492. This is global power at its zenith.

This litany therefore shows that this new millennium concept of globalisation is nothing new. The only thing that may be new is that the United States as the last, sole, surviving European global power is in the driver's seat to effectuate this current European geo-political master-plan for global control and dominance.

Another new element is that the United States has replaced all of the previous European powers who all had their own European geo-political code-word or master-plan. The United States was not at the beginning of European global supremacy in the 15th century; it is now the only European global power at the end in the 21st century.

Under globalisation, Euro-America is Numero Uno. European supremacy is not a study in advance Rocket Science or Calculus. It is a study of power versus powerlessness. Thus the vital necessity for Afrikan-Trinis to celebrate Afrika Liberation Year in order to mount a potent challenge to the Euro-American supremacist code-word or master-plan for global control called globalisation in this new millennium.

Shem Hotep

Dr. Nantambu is an Associate Professor, Dept. of Pan-African Studies, Kent State University, U.S.A. a Public Policy versus Human Needs

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