Dr. Kwame Nantambu

Friday 13th was NEVER negative
Posted: July 15, 2001
Dr Kwame Nantambu

Whenever the 13th day of the month falls on Friday there are always local American news reports and nationally - syndicated magazine programs full of derogatory, negative, ahistorical and Eurocentric interpretation of the significance of number thirteen.

The fact of the matter is that there is absolutely nothing negative about Number thirteen. The negativeness is only an A.D. phenomenon. The notions that one should not walk under a ladder on this day or if a Black cat were to cross one's path represents bad luck, etc, are only Eurocentric garbage and ahistorical ignorance.

As such, Friday, 13 July 2001, in NOT unlucky, BLACK Friday. Under the philosophical and spiritual teachings of the ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) Mystery System, the number thirteen represented transformation, resurrection, rebirth and a new life. So in the B.C. era, originally, there was nothing negative, scary, shameful or unlucky about the number thirteen. Its use has only been bastardized in today's cynical, ignorant world, belief systems and modus vivendi.

Furthermore, under the ancient Egyptian secret Brotherhood, conunordy known today as Freemasonry, the number thirteen had special meaning and significance with regard to the establishment of complete freedom of worship, governance, social order and esoteric philosophy. Let me state that all the early U.S. Presidents were Masons steeped in the teachings and philosophy of the ancient Egyptian Mystery System.

These individuals then transferred all the positive aspects of the number thirteen to rule, govern and protect life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in the United States.

First, when the U.S. Constitution was signed on 17 September 1787, thirteen out of the forty signatures were Freemasons.

Second, the independence of the United States falls on 4 July 1776. This date was timed by the Masonic 'Founding Fathers' to coincide with the astrological sign of Cancer -which also ruled ancient Egypt. Now, the fourth of July follows exactly thirteen days after the Sun enters the sign of Cancer during the sununer solstice beginning 21 June; so therefore, there are exactly thirteen days between 21 June and 4 July.

Thus, the United States was founded on ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) spiritual principles and belief systems. In the year 1776, we have seven plus six which makes thirteen.

The 'Founding Fathers' did not arbitrarily select the Fourth of July 1776 as the independence day of this nation. In the tradition of Kemetic spirituality, philosophy and belief systems in the B.C. era, the 4 July 1776 then gave America a new life, a rebirth, transformation and resurrection from its status as a colony of Britain to that of a new sovereign,independent, nation-state.

The problem in the A.D. era is that the Euro-American 'Founding Fathers' have totally turned these ancient Kemetic spiritual principles and belief systems into a religious mode of political power control intent and by extension, European global supremacy in all its manifestations.

The greatest chronic, disastrous, supremist manifestations are political or governance, economic, socio-cultural and Euro-American-Roman religious Catholicism that control, determine, focus and fashion all aspects of daily life in TnT.

As a result of this Eurocentric 360 degree religious transformation, TnT can now be reached at http://www.EuroAmerica.gov//EuroRome.com, anytime day or night.

This religious service is available and functions twenty-four seven-365.

Just log on Trinis because you have NO choice. Euro-Rome has put Archbishop Edward Joseph Gilbert at the religious wheel. He represents the imprimatur of European religious supremacy in TnT.

Third, it is no accident that at independence, there were thirteen colonies in the United States.

Fourth, if anyone were to look at a U.S. one dollar bill, he/she will discover with amazement that there are thirteen layers of the Pyramid B which was built by Afrikans in the B.C. era and not my aliens from out of space or 'tanned Europeans'. On this same dollar bill, there are also thirteen layers on the Great Seal of the United States. See pictures.

Fifth, the thirteenth amendment of the U.S. Constitution freed the slaves; in other words, the thirteenth amendment gave the slaves a new life, a rebirth, transformation and resurrection from their status of slaves to that of 'free men'.

Sixth, in courtroom proceedings under the U.S. legal system and throughout the entire world, there are twelve members of the jury plus the one judge, which gives a total of thirteen participants.

Seventh, when Christians celebrate the Last Supper, they celebrate a feast between one individual, Jesus Christ, and twelve apostles B thus making a total of thirteen participants.

And eighth, when we speak about the 'Knights of the Round Table,' we refer to one individual King Arthur and twelve other Knights - thus making a total of thirteen participants.

And finally, the Euro-Christian Holy Bible says that there is no record of Jesus from age thirteen years until age thirty. Well, where was he? He was NOT in Port-of-Spain, TnT nor Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A. Jesus 'the Christ' never set foot in Europe.

Other significant questions are: Why did Jesus leave home at this age 'to be about his Father's business?' Why didn't he choose to leave home at sixteen or seventeen years of age? Did Jesus know about the spiritual teachings of the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) Mystery System and that's why he had to leave at that celestial age? Where did Jesus go at age thirteen to be educated so that he can be resurrected and transformed?

He went to ancient Kemet (Egypt) to be educated by Afrikan Highpriests in the Mystery System at the Temple of Waset.

What this analysis shows or proves is that Euro-centric world and belief systems of today (A.D. era) are nothing but a progressive replica,mutation and derivative of the Afrika of yesterday (B.C. era).

It also implies that Afrikans are the people of yesterday and tomorrow, while Europeans are only the people of today.

It also proves that Afrikans are the original peoples with original ideas, while Europeans are just an inherited transmitting people. So in this new millennium, let us stop assigning negative vibes to Friday 13th.

Instead, let us celebrate the positive gifts, fruits and blessings that we receive from our Creator, our spiritual God-force, Amun-Ra, 'the giver of life.'

Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

Dr. Nantambu is an Associate Professor in the Dept. of Pan-African Studies at Kent State University, U.S.A.

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