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Title: The obsession with Mugabe beyond comprehension
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By Mdelelwa Mdelelwa—Opinion
Thu, 26 Jun 2008 08:23:00 +0000

IT is enthralling to witness the current obsession with President Mugabe that the west and its stooges in Africa are afflicted with at the moment.

There is an orgy of initiatives on the part of the British government and its African 'allies' to 'oust' Mugabe and sometimes the noises being made by the likes of Gordon Brown are so childish and prudish that one is left wondering how such people can lay claim to global leadership. Even more astounding is how many people believe all this ‘nonsense’.

Just watching CNN this evening, an extra-ordinary line-up black Zimbabweans talking in treasonous language about the Motherland was paraded. Leading the pack was none other than our dear Morgan who briefly emerged from his latest retreat at the Dutch embassy to utter a few noises about the 'way forward' or something to that effect.

If he was to be arrested, they would have arrested him at his house.

Then a retired ZDF colonel called M. Rupiya tried to help the CNN establish a case for military intervention in Zimbabwe. How a man who rose through the ranks of the army to position of Colonel can utter such nonsense as he did about his own country is incomprehensible.

If this was not about the country of my birth I would simply laugh at the naivety of these people and their gullibility about the West’s’ concern for Zimbabwe’s poor people and its desire to oust our old 'Dictator'. Even Tony Hawkins, a professor at the University of Zimbabwe, was on song deliberating on the best form of sanctions to oust Mugabe.

Don’t these people realise they are a pawns in a deadly game — a game that even an amateur on the world stage like Raila Odinga is playing to perfection? Odinga is complicit in many crimes against the people of Kenya perpetrated by ODM after the last Kenyan vote. By volunteering to be imperialism’s shining black 'knight of the realm', he is taking the spotlight from his own crimes which resulted in thousands of deaths just recently.

Today on the CNN’s Your World Today programme (25/06/08) Raila kept urging military action on Zimbabwe. Twice he was asked if the Kenyan government had made any formal contact with Zimbabwe via normal diplomatic channels to voice its concerns. Twice he deliberately failed to answer that question. WHY? I suspect because he knows his megaphone diplomacy is founded on lies and hysteria.  

Looking at dear old Gordon Brown and his tantrums on Mugabe can be a spectacle. The man is facing humiliation at the next General Election. Unlike Mugabe who is legitimately Zimbabwe’s elected Head of State, he found his way to power from Number 11 Downing Street by ‘bullying’ his neighbor Tony Blair — whom we now know doubted his ability to win an election.

He has since been tested at the local government polls and found VERY wanting.

So how can one like him, so mistrusted, despised and belittled by his own domestic voters seek to make lofty pronouncements on Zimbabwe? Gordon, like Raila, is using Zimbabwe to divert the spotlight away from his own domestic failures. Hundreds of Zimbabweans can die via sanctions as long as he can gain some political mileage out of their misery. Where are his morals? He is sending 'asylum seekers' back to a place that he describes in such terms.

Looking at the range of African 'leaders' who have condemned Mugabe one sees only inexperienced opportunists in the form of Kikwete, Mwanawasa, Khama, and now some characters in Swaziland. These are more or less people who were still in their diapers when Mugabe was fighting for the very freedom now being abused by Tsvangirai and his band of MDC stooges.

Talking of opportunism and political immaturity brings David Milliband to mind. How old was this British foreign Secretary on 18 April 1980? He was just 15 yet he has the guts to say that Zimbabweans are living under the harshest political dispensation ever. Really?

Remember this is the guy who only discovered this year that President Mugabe was knight of the realm. No wonder the rush to revoke the knighthood as if Mugabe cares for such accolades. The revocation is part of the gesture politics so typical of the ruling 'criminal cabal' at Whitehall whose collective 'crimes are against humanity' in Iraq and Afghanistan are yet to be discussed.

So what point am I making?

Well the point is the Western governments and media trying to make about this saturation coverage and demonization of Mugabe? If they can willy-nilly try to character-assassinate a man, I feel entitled as well rumble on about their questionable practices.

Someone has to answer back to this madness.

Mdelelwa Mdelelwa—Opinion

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