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Title: Caribbean Resistance to Terrorism
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For a fistful of aid – not us' - by Albert Brandford

Date: Monday, October 27th, 2003
Source: - Barbados Nation

IN A carefully aimed backhanded slap at the United States, Barbados
has said no, to "crude coercive unilateralism" and vowed never to
compromise fundamental values "for a fistful of aid".

Prime Minister Owen Arthur yesterday urged the faithful at the ruling
Barbados Labour Party's 65th annual conference to agree to so order
this country's economic affairs that it would not ever have to go cap
in hand to any institution or country for support.

"We now live in a world of strange new political dynamics and
relationships," he observed.

"Old values, good values such as constructive engagement, the forging
of alliances and consensus, the respect for diversity, the belief in
the virtue of the rule of law and multilateralism are giving away to
a crude coercive unilateralism."

According to him, the definition of "national interest" was being
made subordinate to how others saw the world and their place and
Barbados' place in it.

"There is the threat of the withdrawal of benefits and the abrupt
cessation of relationships which were carefully negotiated and
nurtured if one does not fall into line, no matter how severely one
may have to offend fundamentally important principles."

Arthur said Barbados had no interest in picking fights with its
traditional allies or being other than a stable, co-operative and
progressive society within the family of nations.

"But I say to the world, we shall never compromise fundamental values
for a fistful of aid."

The Prime Minister also appealed for tolerance among Barbadians amid
a growing disrespect for the rights of minorities.

"We have recently heard a cleric express an intention to lead
the `mother of all battles' should Government treat with a matter
which that cleric regards as taboo," he recalled.[-End]

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