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Honduras Coup - Day 82 - September 17, 2009

  • Honduras Update September 17, 2009
    By : September 17, 2009
    Four of the five candidates who met with Arias yesterday, namely Elvin Santos (Liberal Party), Pepe Lobo (National Party), Felicito Avila (Christian Democratic Party) and Bernard Martinez (Innovation and Unity Party) signed a document saying they support the Arias process, but do not support the return of Zelaya. Since the return of Zelaya is a sine-qua-non element of the proposals made by Arias, this is tantamount to saying that they support the Arias process, except that they don't.

  • Arias' Honduran Candidates Meeting? More Like Sizing Up the "Mafia" Dons
    By : September 17, 2009
    Once again the moonlighting mediator, Oscar Arias, held a meeting in San Jose with Honduran politicians who said pretty much what was expected. Their statements of support for a negotiated settlement, however vague, were for international consumption and withholding support for the return of President Zelaya was the only way not to piss off the boys back in Tegucigalpa. They rolled it straight down the alley.

  • Honduran Teachers Begin 48-Hour Strike
    By : September 17, 2009
    Teachers and professors in Honduras have begun a 48-hour strike to condemn the June 28 coup and to demand the reinstatement of constitutional order in their country.

  • UN Reiterates Support to Honduran President
    By : September 17, 2009
    UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon ratified on Thursday the UN support to President of Honduras Manuel Zelaya. The constitutional process in that Central American country must be respected and the authority of his elected president must be protected and guaranteed, Ban said in a press conference.

  • Honduras: IMF money flows
    By : September 17, 2009
    Mark Weisbrot poses some very interesting questions in this blog for the Huffington Post. By all accounts, the United States plays a decisive role in the IMF's deliberations. So while the Obama administration has cut off some $32 million in U.S. government aid for Honduras, the IMF is disbursing $150 million to the de facto government. Weisbrot points to what he believes is inconsistent behavior by Washington and by the IMF.

  • Cutting Off the Honduran Coup's Air Supply
    By Laura Carlsen - : September 17, 2009
    The political crawl space that Honduran coup leaders packed themselves into on June 28 would appear to be running out of air. A burgeoning grassroots movement from below and continued pressures from the international community above have reduced the space, although the coup-mongers continue to control access to the state apparatus and use the Armed Forces to support their stand-off with the world and the Honduran people.

  • Law professor Carozza travels to Honduras
    By Madeline Buckley - : September 17, 2009
    Paolo Carozza, an associate professor of Law and member of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), helped investigate how the human rights situation in the country has fared since coup d'etat during a trip from Aug. 17-21 with the Commission.

  • The Disheartening But Predictable Violation Of Women's Rights In The Context Of The Honduran Coup
    By : September 17, 2009
    Two weeks ago, an international delegation of human rights and feminist organizations representing countries from Latin America, Canada, Spain and the United States, traveled to Honduras on a fact-finding mission during Women's Human Rights Week, to document the violation of women's rights in the context of the coup of June 28 that deposed democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya.

  • Understanding US Assistance to Honduras, Post-Zelaya
    By : September 17, 2009
    The people of Honduras celebrated their Independence Day this week amidst the ongoing constitutional crises that lead to the removal of President Manuel Zelaya in June 2009. Since that time, Roberto Micheletti's interim government has failed to garner any significant international support as the Organization of American States (OAS), the UN General Assembly, and the US have called for Mr. Zelaya's immediate return.

  • While Nero Fiddles
    By : September 17, 2009
    It seems the Secretary of Agriculture and Cattle (SAG) may not have received the message about the overabundant harvests this year. Radio America reports that Arturo Galo, spokesperson for the Secretary of Agriculture and Cattle is forcasting significant losses in the basic grains sector because of El Niņo conditions. He reports that bean growers in the departments of Yoro and Olancho have lost the entire crop due to drought. Drought has lead to significant reductions in the overall bean and corn harvests throughout the country. He advises people to be prepared for a shortage of basic grains.

  • Honduran candidates support crisis settlement proposal
    By : September 17, 2009
    Four Honduran presidential candidates expressed their support on Wednesday for Costa Rican President Oscar Arias' proposal of solving the political crisis in their country, which would allow ousted President Manuel Zelaya to return to power. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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