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Honduras Coup - Day 77 - September 12, 2009

  • Honduran Resistance Leader Chavez Seized
    By : September 12, 2009
    René Chavez, a leader of the resistance movement against the coup d'etat in Honduras, was captured and jailed on Friday, September 11. Chavez is the former president of the Primer Colegio Magisterial de Honduras (PRICMA), a leading Honduran teachers' union. He also is currently a candidate for deputy to the National Assembly from the Atlantic Coast region of Honduras. He has been a coordinator in the Atlantic Coast region of the Frente Nacional, the national front against the coup.

  • Honduras Update September 12, 2009
    By Emile Schepers - : September 12, 2009
    Just as there is no letup in the resistance in Honduras, the repression continues also. Today we got the news that the coup authorities have caught and arrested an important resistance leader, Rene Chavez, former head of the main teachers' union in Honduras. Chavez is also a candidate for Congress for the Atlantic Coast region, the main settlement area of the Garifuna people. The charge is "organizing illegal demonstrations".

  • National opposition to coup becomes a social force
    By Jennifer Moore - : September 12, 2009
    Director of Scientific Research for the National Autonomous University of Honduras Leticia Salomón says no one ever anticipated such widespread opposition to the ouster of President Manuel Zelaya on June 28th 2009. Now, more than two months later, the country is largely isolated from the international community and diverse sectors of Honduran society continue protesting daily in the streets. As a result, Salomón suggests, the costs for coup conspirators have become too burdensome.

  • "The best Zelaya is a dead Zelaya"
    By : September 12, 2009
    Those of you who know something of the history of Honduras during the 1980s will remember Batallion 3-16, the death squad founded by General Gustavo Alvarez Martinez. It was responsible for more than 384 "disappearances"; and forensic anthropologists have excavated some of its clandestine cemetaries in abandoned military bases built by the US as part of the Contra war during the Reagan administration. / If you need a refresher, follow the link above. Among other things, it lists former members, several of whom form an official part of the Micheletti administration.

  • Grain, Gold, and Greed: It's Still about Money
    By : September 12, 2009
    It is easy to lose sight of what is behind the Honduran coup, lured by the surface craziness and sometimes cartoon-like behavior of officials of the de facto government. Clearly, there are cultural issues here, class issues here, and the Armed Forces, at least, is really truly concerned to protect the US from communist invasion, it would seem. / But we need to remember that fundamentally, the sparks of polarization between the Zelaya government and the business network behind the coup are economic.

  • Heading for Ruin
    By : September 12, 2009
    Tiempo is reporting today that the Economic Commission for Latin American and the Caribbean (ECLAC in English and CEPAL in Spanish) is reporting that Honduras has spent approximately $680 million of its hard currency reserves over the last two months, a far greater sum than the Banco Central de Honduras has admitted.

  • Honduras: US revokes visas of 16 interim officials
    By AP - : September 12, 2009
    Presidential spokeswoman Marcia de Villeda says Washington revoked the visas of 14 Supreme Court judges, the foreign relations secretary and the country's attorney general.

  • UN to Cut Off Aid to Honduran Elections
    By : September 12, 2009
    The United Nations decided to cut off a previously scheduled aid to the electoral process in Honduras, as a new action against the putschists who took over the country in June, Prensa Latina was told Saturday.

  • Honduras and U.S. Double Standards in Latin American Drug War
    By : September 12, 2009
    In its never ending effort to justify its military presence in Latin America the U.S. has employed any number of rationales, the most recent being the need to combat drug trafficking. Those countries on the right which assist in the U.S.-funded war on drugs are rewarded handsomely with military and political assistance while countries on the left who criticize U.S. foreign policy are demonized and risk Washington's wrath.

  • Honduras' interim president: US revoked my visas
    By Freddy Cuevas, AP - : September 12, 2009
    Honduras' de facto president said Saturday that the United States has revoked his visas to pressure the Central American country to reinstate ousted leader Manuel Zelaya, exiled in a June 28 coup.

  • Honduran Leader Says US Voids Visa Because Of Coup
    By Reuters - : September 12, 2009
    Honduran de facto ruler Roberto Micheletti said on Saturday the United States has revoked his visa to pressure him to step down and reinstate exiled President Manuel Zelaya, who was ousted in a June military coup. Micheletti, however, was defiant of the latest move by Washington, which said earlier this month it was cutting more than $30 million in aid to the poor Central American country. "We will not back down. Dignity does not have a price in our country," Micheletti told Honduran radio.

  • Honduras Coup and the Resistance Front - Ricardo Salgado from Honduras
    By : September 12, 2009
    Ricardo Salgado Honduran researcher talks about the 77th day of popular resistance to the coup regime in Honduras, and the impossibility of a fair election there on October 29. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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