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Honduras Coup - Day 75 - September 10, 2009

  • IMF Still Murky on Honduras and SDR Use
    By Matthew Russell Lee - : September 10, 2009
    The International Monetary Fund through spokesman David Hawley repeated on Thursday that despite its recent allocation to Honduras of $168 million in Special Drawing Rights, "the regime in de facto control is not able to use [the allocation] until a decision is made if the Fund will deal with" the regime as the government of Honduras.

  • Honduras's financial position in IMF unclear: official
    By : September 10, 2009
    The International Monetary Fund on Thursday said it had not decided whether Honduras, where the military seized power in June, is eligible to draw on recently allocated IMF funds.

  • Honduras's bosses offer to pay people to vote in election
    By : September 10, 2009
    Adolfo Facussť, the head of the Honduran big business federation and a key figure in the regime, said this week that anyone who could prove they had voted would be offered the inducement. "Those with a painted finger will have an automatic discount on any purchases made anywhere in the country," the wealthy businessman promised.

  • US Military cooperating with FFAA of Honduras
    By : September 10, 2009
    Despite what the State Department says about having "suspended" military cooperation with the Armed Forces of Honduras, the US Southern Command says that the FF.AA. of Honduras will participate in the Allied Forces Panamax 2009 maneuvers September 11-22. Honduras appears in the list of 21 countries that will participate in the naval exercises, TeleSUR, and many other sources are reporting.

  • Venezuela: Economic crisis and imperialist attacks
    pose new challenges for the revolution

    By Patrick Larsen - : September 10, 2009
    The coup in Honduras and the stepping up of a US military presence in Colombia are serious warnings to the masses of Latin America. On top of this the present world economic crisis is having an impact on the Venezuelan economy. All this is posing very sharply the need for a turn to a genuine revolutionary programme on the part of the Bolivarian movement.

  • EU to warn Honduras of further sanctions over coup
    By : September 10, 2009
    The European Union will warn the de facto government of Honduras next week that it could face further sanctions unless a peaceful solution is found to a crisis triggered by the coup against President Manuel Zelaya.

  • Honduras and a Naked Woman in Venezuela
    By Charilie Hardy - : September 10, 2009
    A few days ago I bought a copy of the Venezuelan daily, El Nacional, and asked God for forgiveness. Many years ago it was my favorite newspaper here. Now I feel I am sinning whenever I put two more bolivars into their coffers. I wanted to see their coverage of the situation in Honduras. But what I quickly discovered on page three was their un-coverage of a woman.

  • General Strike vs. Honduras Coup
    By : September 10, 2009
    The three Honduran trade unions started Thursday a 48-hour general strike in the state sector, demanding the restoration of constitutional order, broken after the June 28 military coup.

  • U.S. Development Agency Terminates Funds to Honduras Over Coup
    By Indira A.R. Lakshmanan - : September 10, 2009
    The U.S. agency that finances infrastructure development in poor countries terminated its funding to Honduras yesterday to protest the coup that ousted President Manuel Zelaya and the de facto government's refusal to let him return to power.

  • US pulls additional aid from post-coup Honduras
    By : September 10, 2009
    Since his expulsion from the country by the Honduran military, the regime that replaced Zelaya's government has refused to reinstate him or even to allow him back into Honduras, despite unanimous demands from governments across the Western hemisphere.

  • Brazil not to recognize Honduran presidential elections
    By : September 10, 2009
    President Lula reaffirmed his government's disapproval of the Honduran coup while hosting a luncheon for El Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes. He said he will not recognize any Honduran government except for that of elected President Manuel Zelaya.

  • US cuts more Honduran aid
    By AFP - : September 10, 2009
    The United States has cut $US11 million ($A12.75 million) in aid to Honduras as Washington ratcheted up the pressure on the government that came to power in a coup in June. The US government-run Millennium Challenge Corporation announced on Wednesday it would cut $US11 million ($A12.75 million) in aid and freeze a $US4 billion ($A4.64 billion) contribution to a road construction project.

  • Honduran candidates won't run without Zelaya
    By Associated Press - : September 10, 2009
    Two leftist presidential candidates in Honduras say they will not participate in November elections unless ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya is allowed back into power.

  • Pariah regimes form "Axis of Outcasts"
    By : September 10, 2009
    Private Israeli security contractors were also reportedly very active in Honduras in advance of the coup against Zelaya. Israeli mercenaries and torture advisers had been active in Honduras on behalf of "death squads" formed while John Negroponte was U.S. ambassador in Tegucigalpa. An Israeli unit that arrived in Honduras in 1988, headed by the notorious Yair Klain, also taught Honduran death squads how to carry out terrorist bombings and kidnappings.

  • Why has human rights watch fallen silent on Honduras?
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