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Honduras Coup - Day 74 - September 09, 2009

  • Honduras: Has Obama Sided with Chavez?
    By Calvin Tucker - 21st Century Socialism - : September 09, 2009
    Has Obama sided with Chávez? That's certainly the view of the leader of Honduran coup regime Roberto Micheletti, whose spokesman angrily denounced the 30 million dollar cut in US aid announced on Thursday. Micheletti's spokesman added that Obama's decision "condemned the people that struggle against Marxist expansion in Central America".

  • "I wish they would leave!"
    By : September 09, 2009
    "I wish they would leave," said ex-General Nelson Willys Mejia, the de facto government's head of Immigration. He's the same person who notified Father Tamayo last week that his naturalization papers had been revoked. He's now speaking out about the trade representatives left in the Venezuelan and Argentinian embassies in Tegucigalpa. Both countries pulled their amabassadors after the coup, but left trade representatives.

  • Honduras: "mixed signals" on US aid
    By : September 09, 2009
    The State Department's position has provoked criticism within the US. On Sept. 3 Rep. Howard Berman (D-CA), chair of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, wrote in the Los Angeles Times that the US should use the "military coup" designation. "This one looks, walks and quacks like a duck," he said. "It's time to stop hedging and call this bird what it is. And if, for whatever reason, the State Department lawyers do not conclude that this was a [military] coup, Congress should examine other ways by which it can directly affect the flow of aid."

  • Vote to Go Ahead Despite Int'l Refusal to Recognise
    By Juan Ramón Durán - : September 09, 2009
    Although the international community has warned that it will not recognise the results of the November elections in Honduras, the de facto government in power since the Jun. 28 coup d'etat says the vote is going ahead.

  • Honduras President Zelaya speaks with activists in U.S.
    By Berta Joubert-Ceci - : September 09, 2009
    It was an unprecedented event for a head of state. While he was in Washington, D.C., Honduran legitimate President Mel Zelaya spoke on the evening of Sept. 2 with 26 anti-coup activists based in the United States. Roberto Quesada, writer and counsellor to the Honduran Mission at the United Nations and Tito Mesa, coordinator of the Proyecto Hondureńo in Massachusetts, had organized the call to show support for the struggle in Honduras and have a direct exchange between the president and activists in the U.S.

  • From Tegucigalpa. Tense Stand-Off in the Run-up to Honduras's Elections
    By : September 09, 2009
    Three months before Honduras' scheduled elections, tensions remain high in Tegucigalpa. Walls and campaign propaganda are covered with pro-Zelaya graffiti; explosives have destroyed several fast food establishments and targeted certain media outlets; and a bomb scare took place near the airport this week. The military remains positioned at strategic locations in the city, closing streets without prior notice. While most people's lives have returned to relative normalcy, groups supporting President Manuel Zelaya and de facto President Roberto Micheletti take to the streets daily.

  • Honduras: students protest plans for draft
    By : September 09, 2009
    Thousands of students marched in the northwestern Honduran city of San Pedro Sula on Aug. 28 to protest plans to reinstitute compulsory military service. "The current government isn't legitimate, " student leaders said, referring to the de facto government put in place by a June 28 military coup, "and we don't want to waste time; we want to study." The draft was replaced by voluntary service under former president Roberto Reina (1994-1998), but de facto president Roberto Micheletti's administration is reportedly seeking to bring it back.

  • Zelaya's Administration Receives Torch
    By : September 09, 2009
    Manuel Zelaya's former administration today in Nicaragua will receive the Torch of Independence of Central America that normally runs through all the Central American states. This year, the torch will not touch Honduran soil because other Central American countries refuse to recognize the current government of Honduras.

  • Int'l Commission Supporting Honduras's Fight against Coup Emerges
    By : September 09, 2009
    An international commission in support of the Honduran people's resistance against the military coup was created in Tegucigalpa to coordinate solidarity actions in favor of the fight to restore constitutional order in this Central American nation.

  • Elections in Honduras
    By : September 09, 2009
    Simply accepting the elections would be the equivalent of accepting the coup. The essential questions surrounding Zelaya's ouster--illegal actions by the military in particular--would go unexamined. The signal would be that coups are fine as long as you eventually hold elections. In other words, the "poder moderador" model would hold.

  • Honduran de facto government failed on plan to exhaust popular movement
    By : September 09, 2009
    Though the de facto government in Honduras has tried to exhaust the popular movement in the course of time, after 73 days of resistance, the National Front against the Coup d'état continues having a great support and a continual activity.

  • Interview with Honduras resistance leader: 'The US is sustaining the coup'
    By : September 09, 2009
    In our opinion the oligarchy does not have the capacity to orchestrate a media campaign as well as is happening now throughout the country. Although only three families control 98% of the media, the harmony that exists between the media campaign, government policy, the mobilisation of the police, and the army's presence, and are more a result of CIA planning. It is confirmed that there is a CIA group working in Tegucigalpa directing all the actions of the coup.

  • Europe's Complicity in Evil
    By Paul Craig Roberts - : September 09, 2009
    Nothing is any different under Obama. Obama has escalated war in Afghanistan; started a new war in Pakistan; tolerated or supported a military coup that overthrew the elected president of Honduras; is constructing 7 new US military bases in Colombia, South America; is going forward with various military projects designed to secure US global military hegemony, such as the Prompt Global Strike initiative that intends to provide the US with the capability to strike anywhere on earth within 60 minutes; is working to destabilize the government in Iran, with military attack still on the table as an option; supports America's new military African Command; intends to encircle Russia with US bases in former constituent parts of the Soviet Union; has suborned NATO troops as mercenaries in US wars of aggression.

  • US Senator Lugar urges Zelaya to be 'constructive'
    By Reuters - : September 09, 2009
    A senior U.S. senator said on Wednesday that he urged ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to be "constructive" in finding a solution to the political crisis in the Central American country. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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