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Honduras Coup - Day 72 - September 07, 2009

  • Hondurans Denounce Attempts to Expel Father Andres Tamayo
    By : September 07, 2009
    Franciscan priest Andrés Tamayo has denounced the Honduran de facto regime's attempts of expelling him from that country, for his participation in the popular struggle for the reinstatement of democracy. Father Tamayo said that, on Wednesday, Honduran immigration officials told him that his naturalization papers, obtained after 22 years of living in the Central American nation, had been cancelled.

  • Padre Andres Tamayo under attack
    By : September 07, 2009
    Many correspondents are reporting, and the pro-coup El Heraldo confirms, that Padre Andres Tamayo has been notified that his naturalized Honduran citizenship has been revoked. Padre Tamayo has been an active leader of resistance to the de facto regime. He organized a bus caravan that tried to reach Tegucigalpa from Olancho on June 29 in order to protest the coup, and was fired on by soldiers in the town of Los Limones to prevent them continuing. He led a contingent in the march on Tegucigalpa in early August.

  • The Economist Decides to Teach Brazil and Lula a Few Lessons
    By Pedro de Oliveira - : September 07, 2009
    It would be the case now to ask the English editors if it is not exactly the United States - with the redeployment of the Fourth Fleet, with bases in Colombia, and the offing of the elected president of Honduras (where other bases could be installed) - the party most interested in destabilizing democratic and popular governments at quantity and quality levels never seen before in the history of Latin America.

  • The impact of sanctions on the poor
    By : September 07, 2009
    I think it's important to understand that the aid cuts announced by the State Department are probably going to have virtually no impact on the poor in Honduras. It is a relatively small amount of money, and all of it will likely be restored anyways within a few months. It's entirely possible that most, if not all, of that money was not even scheduled to be disbursed any time soon. And much of it was destined for highway construction and agricultural production programs (not humanitarian projects) that do not immediately benefit the poor in Honduras.

  • Pre and Post-Coup Honduras
    By Arnold August - : September 07, 2009
    This country is now more than ever part of this vast movement in South America for new economic, anti neo-liberal policies and political institutions, while being against US domination, pillage of its natural resources, and installation and extension of military bases.

  • Guns, Lies, and Social Decline
    By Edward Jayne - : September 07, 2009
    Moreover, was the present military insurrection of Honduras a thousand miles away intended (or permitted) as a "friendly" takeover in the spirit of President Aristide's forced exile from Haiti in 2004 orchestrated by the Bush administration? Is Obama actually dusting off Otto Reich's counter-productive South American strategy a couple decades ago in order to initiate full-fledged regional imperialism once again in South America?

  • Honduran Front Strengthens Structures
    By : September 07, 2009
    The National Front against the coup d' Etat in Honduras started Monday a reorganization process to strengthen people's struggle against the June 28 military action.

  • They fear us because we are not afraid:
    Honduran women resist the coup

    By Alissa Trotz - : September 07, 2009
    Two weeks ago, an international delegation of human rights and feminist organizations representing countries from Latin America, Canada, Spain and the United States, traveled to Honduras on a fact-finding mission during Women's Human Rights Week, to document the violation of women's rights in the context of the coup of June 28 that deposed democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya.

  • Changes in Latin Political Scenario Aftermath of Honduras Coup
    By Prensa Latina - : September 07, 2009
    The coup in Honduras is evidence that the Latin American rightist oligarchy are desperate and involved in changes in the sub-continent. This conclusion resulted from the debate of ideas expressed in the Borges hall of the National Library of Argentina here, under the title "Rethinking Latin America since Honduras", with the participation of diplomats, political analysts and ex military, as well as local intelligentsia.

  • Honduras — Resistance leader: US is behind the coup
    By : September 07, 2009
    The oligarchy does not have the capacity to orchestrate the media campaign that is happening now throughout the country. The media campaign, the government's policy, and the mobilisation of the police and army are a result of CIA planning. It is confirmed that there is a CIA group working in [the Honduran capital] Tegucigalpa directing the coup. It is really US support that has sustained the coup.

  • Secrets of the Honduran Armed Forces:
    And More Secrets About the US Soldiers Stationed There

    By Belén Fernández - : September 07, 2009
    In an August 5 article in La Prensa, García is reported as declaring that the most serious threat over the next 10 years is for Central America to become a breeding ground for anti-democratic military bases, by which he does not mean the current US military presence that is not talking to him but rather potential Venezuelan bases. García credits Honduras with having halted Hugo Chávez' expansionist designs on US territory and announces that "la historia nos va a juzgar"—"history will judge us," the optimism of which is nonetheless bested by Fidel Castro's 1953 conviction that "la historia me absolverá." reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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