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Honduras Coup - Day 65 - August 31, 2009

  • Canadian Delegation in Support of the Resistance Travels to Honduras
    By : August 31, 2009
    In response to this intensified repression by the de facto military regime of Roberto Micheletti against the peaceful resistance movement in Honduras, the Latin American Solidarity Network (LASN) is sending a delegation to Honduras from Aug 27- Sept 7th.

  • Honduras: Out of the Vortex, Into the Vacuum
    By Tom Loudon - : August 31, 2009
    After returning from an intense two weeks of accompanying international delegations in Honduras, I am just beginning to realize what a vortex we were in. Back in the United States, with a few days of hindsight, I realize that the sustained repression we witnessed, culminating with an unprovoked attack on Wednesday, August 12, with hundreds of people beaten up, wounded, hospitalized, jailed and missing - had socked a powerful punch.

  • Exiled Honduran president to speak at Elliott School Wednesday
    By Amanda Dick - : August 31, 2009
    The coup-removed President of Honduras, Jose Manuel Zelaya Rosales, will speak about his efforts to restore peace and order in Honduras in the Elliott School on Wednesday morning.

  • Advice for Hillary Clinton
    By : August 31, 2009
    My advice to Hillary Clinton is to go ahead and sign the determination that this has been a military coup. Micheletti made it clear in countless interviews earlier this month that he believes that because you have not yet imposed sanctions, he has your tacit approval to continue.

  • Elections, Constitutions, and Laws: how "obligatory" is voting?
    By : August 31, 2009
    As the resistance calls for non-participation in the November elections, signs accumulate that this tactic is of concern to the regime, no matter how much they say otherwise. There are intimations that of intentions to prosecute people for not participating in the election or for encouraging others not to do so.

  • Honduran Military Coup Reverses Women's Gains in Human Rights
    By Margaret Thompson - : August 31, 2009
    The military coup d'état in Honduras on June 28 has seriously eroded democratic institutions and hard-fought gains in women's human rights and human rights in general.

  • Scenes of Resistance in Honduras
    By Joseph Shansky - : August 31, 2009
    The following is a reflection on time spent in and around Tegucigalpa during two critical weeks in August.

  • A School of Leaders in Honduras
    By Al Giordano - : August 31, 2009
    Scratch the surface of the de facto Honduran coup regime and its architects can't help but demonstrate, again and again, that one of its unspoken reasons to exist is their unbridled racism toward considerable sectors of the national and international community. The July comment by its make-believe "foreign minister" that referred to US President Barack Obama as "that little nigger" was not an isolated gaffe: Coup "president" Roberto Micheletti has additionally installed the country's most infamously bigoted politician, Rafael Pineda Ponce, as his very own chief of staff.

  • Honduras, Military Escalation Test, Chavez
    By : August 31, 2009
    The coup in Honduras was a test for a military escalation, which is continuously increased and boosted, with the new US military bases in Colombia, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez warned on Sunday.

  • Hondurans to Extend Their Struggle
    By : August 31, 2009
    The National Front against the Coup d' Etat in Honduras announced it would strengthen the resistance structures, even in the farthest corners of the country, to restore democracy.

  • Honduran Constitutional Assembly Would Be a Step
    Toward the Emancipation of Women

    By Laura Carlsen - : August 31, 2009
    How are women included in the process? If I were a Honduran woman, why would I fight for the new constitutional assembly? / First, it means confronting a dictatorship, a dictatorship based on different forms of domination. We have been saying all along that it is not just predatory capitalism, not just racism that has increased under this dictatorship, but also patriarchy. So, we feel that fighting against this dictatorship is to go beyond that toward a more strategic vision. In the long term, it is the fight for our country.

  • The Resurgence of US Interventionism in Latin America
    By Amy Oyler - : August 31, 2009
    The US involvement in the coup in Honduras speaks to the larger picture of our placement in all of Latin America. The policy that the US has had with Latin America has been pushed aside in recent years (with the exception of Venezuela, and increased NED funding to "alternative political parties" in Bolivia), but now it is apparent that while we are distracted with wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, that the Obama administration seeks to continue our long standing policy of directing politics on another continent, at the expense of human rights, justice, and sovereignty.

  • United States Involvement in the Coup in Honduras
    By Karine Walsh - : August 31, 2009
    The coup in Honduras was not only directed against President Manuel Zelaya and the Honduran people, but it especially targeted the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean which had chosen to join ALBA, an economic, social and political alliance as an alternative to U.S. dominated alliances.

  • Human rights and amnesty in Honduras
    By : August 31, 2009
    Roberto Micheletti now has reversed him (yet again) and now says Mel Zelaya cannot have an amnesty. He also seems to forget that at other times he has said Congress must make that decision, rather than him, or that other times he has been open to the idea (though, in all fairness, at other times he has also been closed to the idea).

  • The Differences Between a Leader and a Boss
    By Pedro Brizuela - : August 31, 2009
    It has long been said that a leader isn't born, but made. The emergence of leadership is a social phenomenon since it surges from the heart of the people in the heat of popular struggles for the most heartfelt needs of the population. Leaderships comes from study and from the spirit that comes from addressing the public's needs.

  • "We Call for a November 2010 Plebiscite so the Honduran People
    Can Vote on a New Constitution"

    By the Youth of ODECO - : August 31, 2009
    Declaration of the XVIII National Gathering of Afro-Honduran Youth
    We express our concern about the constant violations of human rights, a situation aggravated by the political crisis that Honduras has lived since June 28, 2009...

  • Honduras' coup must not stand
    By Robert White and Glenn Hurowitz - : August 31, 2009
    When Honduran soldiers entered democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya's bedroom and packed him off in his pajamas at gunpoint to exile this summer, the politicians and industrialists who backed the ouster had confidence that President Obama wouldn't touch them. Even though the United States maintains 600 troops in Honduras, they thought they could pull off the first successful military coup in Latin America since the end of the Cold War. So far, they're right: The Honduran junta's intransigence in negotiations to restore democracy has been rewarded with U.S. complacency, setting an extremely dangerous precedent for other areas of the world. Unexpectedly, in the age of Obama, democracy is in retreat.

  • The Parable of the Honduran Congresswoman and the Gringa Blogger
    By Belén Fernández - : August 31, 2009
    A lawyer herself, Ayala announced that about 200 Honduran attorneys had actively joined the coup resistance despite the general alliance between Honduran law school faculties and the political right.

  • Honduras begins election campaigning amid political crisis
    By : August 31, 2009
    Coup-hit Honduras formally began its campaigning on Sunday for November election, some two months after a military coup set the country into a political crisis. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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