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Honduras Coup - Day 64 - August 30, 2009

  • Honduras Update August 30 2009
    By Emile Schepers - : August 30, 2009
    Prensa Latina says that the National Front Against the Coup met in a general assembly today and agreed that street demonstrations will continue until democratic normalcy is restored and President Zelaya returns. Resistance leader Juan Barahona says that their will be a meeting of the three labor union federations this coming Wednesday evening to decide on work stoppages for the rest of the week.

  • U.S. must get tough to help restore democratic order in Honduras
    By Elvia Valle - : August 30, 2009
    Our Constitution does not allow Congress to remove a president from office, as it did under Micheletti's direction on June 28. The judicial actions invoked to justify the detention of the president also go against our Constitution. Micheletti's regime deported President Zelaya from the country without even trying him for an alleged crime, something to which even the worst criminal has a right. / Moreover, on top of being unconstitutional, the vote to approve the destitution of Zelaya was not transparent. I am a member of our Congress' Executive Committee, yet I was not summoned to participate in the vote to approve the president's removal, nor were another 20 fellow Liberal Party members of Congress. The regime then tried to fool the world by claiming there was a unanimous congressional decision supporting the coup, even though some 27 congress members publicly voiced their opposition.

  • Lanny Davis: Empire's Consigliere?
    By Ernest A. Canning - : August 30, 2009
    The 'liberal' former Clinton advisor defends the military-backed ouster of the Honduran president. For a price. But who ends up paying it? Ernest Canning investigates...

  • Venezuela The Ultimate Economic Role Model For Democracy
    By Billy - : August 30, 2009
    The past decade has determined the future for democracy with a market based economy. The elite Bush and Clinton mafias have ruled the United States of America for the last 20 years with terrible consequences. The great promise that was America has crumbled with the excesses of the Bush and Clinton mafias. First the CBBs (Crooked Banker Buddies) of FTAA tyrants Bush and Clinton created a $63 TRILLION debt with the derivatives scam. Second they created a $13 TRILLION loss since 1991 with the FREE TRADE ponzi scheme that forced American taxpayers to subsidize $BILLION annual trade deficits while plunderers like Philip H Knight founder of NIKE SHOES exported 120,000 American jobs to Honduras and skimmed a $6 BILLION tax free profit from the Honduran labor sweatshops.

  • US role in Colombia and Honduras sparks Latin American criticism
    By Emile Schepers and W.T. Whitney Jr. - : August 30, 2009
    Storm signs are up over Latin America as new tensions play out against historical memories. The great liberator, Simon Bolivar, said in 1929 that the United States is "destined by Providence to plague America with misery in the name of liberty". Over nearly 200 years of U.S. military and economic intervention in Latin American affairs have taught the leaders, governments and peoples of the hemisphere to be on their guard.

  • Honduras: Lessons From the Coup: Or, Why Are We in Honduras Anyhow?
    By John Lamperti - : August 30, 2009
    First, at least six of the military officers who implemented the coup and the subsequent Iran-like repression of pro-democracy protests are graduates of the (in)famous "School of the Americas." The SOA, providing US training to Latin American military personnel, has long been known throughout Latin America as the "School of Coups," or sometimes the "School of Assassins," because so many coup plotters and abusers of human rights have trained there.

  • A German "Endowment for Democracy" Coaching Honduran Politicians?
    By : August 30, 2009
    This article is from the website of "German Foreign Policy." It tells of a NED-like organization, the Naumann Foundation, which is associated with the German Free Democratic Party (FDP), which has been providing political advice to Honduran politicians for several years. Among them are Roberto Micheletti, Elvin Santos, and President Zelaya. In Zelaya's case, when he made initial plans to have Honduras join ALBA, the Naumann Foundation withdrew support. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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