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Honduras Coup - Day 61 - August 27, 2009

  • Millions of dollars in USAID funding still flowing to Honduras
    By Bill Conroy - : August 27, 2009
    The taxpayer-funded Millennium Challenge Corporation has continued to move millions of dollars into Honduras since the June 28 coup d'état, but it is not alone, Narco News has now confirmed. / The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is slated to provide Honduras with nearly $47 million in funding in fiscal 2009, which ends Sept. 30, 2009. Nearly all of that money (some $43 million) is scheduled to be delivered as previously planned to Honduras — which is now under the leadership of a putsch regime that President Obama has already described as "not legal."

  • U.S. moves toward formal cut off of aid to Honduras
    By : August 27, 2009
    U.S. State Department staff have recommended that the ouster of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya be declared a "military coup," a U.S. official said on Thursday, a step that could cut off as much as $150 million in U.S. funding to the impoverished Central American nation.

  • Clinton ponders action against Honduras
    By AP - : August 27, 2009
    Her staff has recommended that she sign a determination that the ouster and forced exile of President Manuel Zelaya on June 28 meets the legal definition of a coup d'etat, the official said. That would trigger suspension of $215 million in U.S. aid under an anti-poverty program run by the Millennium Challenge Corp. The official briefed reporters on condition of anonymity because a decision on the recommended action is still pending.

  • Economic pressure (finally): lets follow the money a little, shall we?
    By : August 27, 2009
    The Associated Press is reporting that the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE) is "freezing credits to Honduras". They add that this is getting media attention in Honduras, as it could bring a halt to highway and other public works projects. The report says BCIE financing over the past five years amounts to $971 million.

  • US 'disappointed' by Honduras mission failure
    By AFP - : August 27, 2009
    The US voiced disappointment Thursday at the failure of a seven-nation mission to persuade coup leaders in Honduras to accept a settlement and renewed its support for ousted president Manuel Zelaya.

  • Let's Put OAS Secretary-General Insulza Under the Lens
    By : August 27, 2009
    Having worked on Haiti issues for a while, I continue to see great similarities between it and Honduras. Insulza's service as Secretary-General began after his election in the Spring of 2005 and, as such, spans both the US-sponsored coup in Haiti and the US-sponsored coup in Honduras. A look at how he handled things in Haiti should help us understand a bit more about how he might be handling things in Honduras.

  • Ottawa's Honduras Policy
    By Council on Hemispheric Affairs - : August 27, 2009
    Repeatedly, COHA specialists have called upon Canadian authorities to use their nation's positive image throughout this hemisphere to help build authentic democratic institutions and condemn human rights violations wherever they might occur in the region. Regrettably, innovation and a creative marque have rarely characterized Ottawa's regional policy, but Canada's role toward Latin America has seldom been as inert and shallow as it has been under its present minority government and Minister Kent.

  • Central American bank freezes Honduras loans
    By AP - : August 27, 2009
    Central America's development bank says it is freezing credits to Honduras following the June 28 coup that ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

  • Dominican president demands more pressure on Honduras
    By Xinhua - : August 27, 2009
    Dominican President Leonel Fernandez urged the international community on Wednesday to push harder on the de facto Honduran government, news reports from the Dominican capital Santo Domingo said.

  • Uribe in the Mirror
    By Atilio Borón - : August 27, 2009
    The UNASUR summit in Bariloche, Argentina will have to face two grave problems weighing heavily on Latin America: the military coup in Honduras and the militarization of the region as a result of the installation of not one but seven U.S. military bases in Colombia.

  • New Plan to End Honduran Standoff Resembles Failed Ones of Past
    By Marc Lacey - : August 27, 2009
    But Mr. Micheletti, in his latest plan, said he would resign only if Mr. Zelaya agreed to resign as well, leaving the presidency to the next in line. That would be Jorge Rivera, the president of the Supreme Court, which supported Mr. Zelaya’s ouster. Mr. Micheletti made an identical offer last month, and it went nowhere.

  • Suspend Honduras from CAFTA, Dominican Leader Says
    By : August 27, 2009
    Dominican President Leonel Fernandez said on Wednesday that Honduras should be suspended from the U.S.-Central America trade accord until the de facto regime in Tegucigalpa agrees to reinstate ousted President Mel Zelaya.

  • Repression and Resistance in Honduras
    By : August 27, 2009
    The Obama Administration's stand on the recent coup in Honduras has many scratching their heads. While the President has denounced the anti-democratic move by a conservative regime to snatch power, tens of millions of US dollars are still going to the post-coup government under the umbrella of the Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

  • State Department Recommends Aid Cutoff to Honduras
    By Robert Naiman - : August 27, 2009
    After two months, the State Department is poised to formally declare what was obvious to most of the world: on June 28, Honduras experienced a military coup.

  • Barack Obama's Disturbing Pattern of Condescension Towards the Left
    By John Knefel - : August 27, 2009
    The next incident of Obama throwing the left under the bus concerns a statement he made recently about the coup in Honduras. He had been coming under heavy criticism from the left for not doing more to exert pressure on the illegitimate coup government, but instead of addressing those criticisms head-on, he created a ridiculous straw-man argument and simply dismissed his critics as hypocrites.

  • Latin American Experiments in Democracy: Reclaiming a Continent
    By Benjamin Dangl - : August 27, 2009
    Reclaiming Latin America: Experiments in Radical Social Democracy (Zed Books, 2009) provides an in depth and accessible introduction to Latin American politics for people seeking to understand this past tumultuous and hopeful decade. While avoiding superficial analysis and simplistic leftist cheerleading, this book addresses the complexity and diversity of the new Latin American left. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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