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Honduras Coup - Day 58 - August 24, 2009

  • Honduras Update August 24 2009
    By Emile Schepers - : August 24, 2009
    The long-delayed visit of foreign ministers of the Organization of American States arrived in Honduras today. Along with OAS Secretary-General Jose Miguel Insulza, who is billed as an "observer" because the coup leaders don't like him, the delegation will include the foreign ministers of Mexico, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Canada, Jamaica and now also Panama. The U.S. government issued a statement in support of the OAS foreign ministers' meeting, whose stated purpose is to get acceptance by the coup authorities for the proposal made by mediator President Oscar Arias of Costa Rica to settle the controversy.

  • America Prepares for Its Next War
    By Dick Overfield - : August 24, 2009
    Ever wonder why we Americans keep fighting all these wars & losing them, Reagan's triumph over Granada notwithstanding? Why does it seem irrelevant whether we win or lose? Might the answer be that war profiteers haul away train loads of cash correlated to body count regardless of the outcome of the war? Might it be that a sizeable sector of our economy is completely dependent on waging off shore wars?

  • Honduran radio station broadcasts again: director
    By Xinhua - : August 24, 2009
    Honduran radio station Radio Globois broadcasting again after attackers pulled the plug on it Sunday, its director announced Monday.

  • FARC is the best instrument of US empire: Morales
    By Katharina Wecker - : August 24, 2009
    "The U.S. is using the fight against the FARC to justify their military presence in Colombia. I regret to say: they are the best instrument of the empire at the moment," Morales said at a press conference.

  • Brazil, Ecuador Discuss UNASUR, Honduras
    By : August 24, 2009
    Brazil's Foreign Minister Celso Amorim and Ecuador's Fander Falconi are scheduled to meet on Monday to discuss bilateral and regional issues, including the UNASUR Special Summit and the situation in Honduras.

  • Major Escalation of Military Presence in Tegucigalpa
    By : August 24, 2009
    And it appears that the heightened military presence is due to the arrival of representatives from the OAS and the need of the golpista regime to hide what would be a very embarrassing spectacle of a huge national resistance march. In fact, the website of Honduras en Lucha says that a few hours ago, a large march was arriving at Hotel Clarion where the OAS is staying/working.

  • Anti-Coup Demonstrators Sing to Resistance in Honduras
    By : August 24, 2009
    Thousands of demonstrators sang along with artists from Argentina, Guatemala, Honduras and Venezuela in solidarity with popular resistance against the military coup and in the hope of achieving victory.

  • Honduras Coup Protests to Increase
    By : August 24, 2009
    The Honduras National Front against the coup d'Etat will increase street protests Monday and Tuesday, to demand the reestablishment of ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

  • Inter-American Comm. on Human Rights – Preliminary Observations
    By : August 24, 2009
    Considering the interrelationship between democracy, the rule of law, and the observance of human rights, the IACHR considers that the coup d'état carried out through the removal of the constitutional President has an immediate impact on the observance of the rule of law and of human rights in Honduras.

  • Delegation seeks Zelaya's return in Honduras visit
    By Juan Carlos Llorca, AP - : August 24, 2009
    Foreign ministers from seven nations launched a direct, high-profile attempt Monday to persuade Honduras' interim government to restore ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

  • US Escalates War Build-Up Against Latin American Revolution
    By Green Left Weekly - : August 24, 2009
    The US State Department and the coup regime in Honduras have publicly stated what many of us already knew: the June 28 military coup was not just directed against Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, but also Venezuela and the unfolding Latin American revolution.

  • NYC 8/28- National Solidarity March Against the Coup in Honduras
    By : August 24, 2009
    FRI., AUG. 28 4-7pm
    Rally assembles at: Times Square
    (42nd St. & 7th Avenue) – New York, NY
    March to & ending rally at: 48th St & 1st Avenue (Honduran Embassy)

  • Cuba Urges to Counter US Maneuvers
    By : August 24, 2009
    A Cuban Communist Party (PCC) delegation attending the 15th Sao Paulo Forum being held in Mexico urged participants to counter US maneuvers against achievement made by the Latin American left wing movement.

  • Amnesty International, Others Denounce Repression in Honduras
    By Emile Schepers - : August 24, 2009
    Human rights are taking a beating in Honduras in the aftermath of the June 28 coup d'etat which sent left-wing President Manuel "Mel" Zelaya into exile. Although the corporate controlled media are not reporting it, the de-facto government headed by Roberto Micheletti is employing heavy handed tactics to silence opposition activists and media.

  • Investigators condemn deaths & disappearances in Honduras
    By AFP - : August 24, 2009
    The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights has condemned the death of four people killed in demonstrations following the June 28 coup that ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya. IACHR representatives visited Honduras this week to investigate allegations that the de facto government that seized power after the bloodless, military-backed coup had committed assorted human rights violations.

  • "U.S. Sends Wrong Messages to Latin America"
    By Reuters: The Great Debate - : August 24, 2009
    One cannot help being taken aback by the series of wrong messages the U.S. government has been sending to Latin America this summer. Starting with Honduras and followed by Bolivia, and now Colombia, everything seems to indicate that after a promising start President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton are having difficulties defining an effective Latin America policy that does not repeat the mistakes of the previous administration.

  • What's at stake in the fight against the coup?
    By : August 24, 2009
    Antiwar activist Shaun Joseph is recently returned from Honduras as part of a weeklong International Mission for Solidarity, Accompaniment and Observation. Along with Providence, R.I., City Council member Miguel Luna, he wrote a journal for, describing the conditions they saw in the wake of a coup against the democratically elected president Manuel Zelaya--and the broad resistance against the coup makers. Here, Shaun draws on his experiences in Honduras to analyze what led to the coup against Manuel Zelaya, the factors shaping the opposition, and what the future holds for the struggle.

  • Open Letter to Kenneth Roth
    Why has Human Rights Watch Fallen Silent on Honduras?

    By : August 24, 2009
    We are deeply concerned by the absence of statements and reports from your organization over the serious and systematic human rights abuses that have been committed under the Honduran coup regime over the past six weeks. It is disappointing to see that in the weeks since July 8, when Human Rights Watch issued its most recent press release on Honduras, that it has not raised the alarm over the extra-judicial killings, arbitrary detentions, physical assaults, and attacks on the press – many of which have been thoroughly documented - that have occurred in Honduras, in most cases by the coup regime against the supporters of the democratic and constitutional government of Manuel Zelaya.

  • Coup Protestor Gang-Raped by Honduran Police
    By Robert Naiman - : August 24, 2009
    One of the things Human Rights Watch should be investigating is allegations by Honduran feminists and human rights groups that Honduran police are using rape and other sexual violence as weapons of intimidation against Hondurans nonviolently protesting the coup regime.

  • Honduras confines Venezuelan, Argentine diplomats to embasssies
    By Xinhua - : August 24, 2009
    The interim [coup] Honduras government has confined Venezuelan and Argentine diplomats to their embassies in the country and threatened to expel them once they stepped out the gate, the Foreign Ministry said on Saturday. The restriction is a result of the diplomats' refusal to leave Honduras before the Friday deadline set by the interim government.

  • Honduras: Pre-revolutionary Situation?
    By Ricardo Arturo Salgado - : August 24, 2009
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