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Honduras Coup - Day 54 - August 20, 2009

  • President Zelaya Intends to Return to Honduras by September 1
    By : August 20, 2009
    Late yesterday, Cholusat Sur TV featured an interview with Beatriz Valle, President Zelaya's deputy foreign minister in which she announced that the president will be returning to Honduras before September 1.

  • Now they want a truth commission
    By : August 20, 2009
    Several sources are reporting on an interview with the head of the Honduran Congress under the de facto government, Josť Alfredo Saavedra. In it, he issues a public call for the international community to convene a truth commission as quickly as possible. Why does he want a truth commission? He says it will counteract the lies and positioning of those who want to return Manuel Zelaya to power.

  • Honduras Extends Anti-Coup Resistance
    By : August 20, 2009
    Honduras people's forces have extended Thursday their peaceful resistance to the military coup with new actions in the streets, after 54 consecutive days defending democracy. "Our struggle is 24 hours a day," said Juan Barahona, general coordinator of the National Front against the coup d'Etat. He said the opposition to the de facto government will continue growing until victory.

  • Would-be Zelaya successor is Honduras coup's other victim
    By Tyler Bridges - : August 20, 2009
    Elvin Santos, a 46-year-old construction company executive with a political pedigree and a beauty pageant wife, seemed a sure bet to win November's election and succeed Manuel Zelaya as Honduras' president. All bets are off, however, following the June 28 coup that deposed Zelaya. Santos is now trailing in the race and has been pelted with insults, eggs and bags of water by Zelaya supporters who think that Santos helped plot Zelaya's forced exile nearly two months ago.

  • Coup Catalyzes Honduran Women's Movement
    By Laura Carlsen - : August 20, 2009
    In this poor Central American nation, feminists have been organizing for years in defense of women's rights, equality, and against violence. When the democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya was forcibly exiled by the armed forces, women from all over the country spontaneously organized to protect themselves and their families and demand a return to democracy. They called the new umbrella organization "Feminists in Resistance."

  • Honduras: Military Coup Engineered By Two US Companies?
    By Philip Dru - : August 20, 2009
    I recently visited Central America. Everyone I talked with there was convinced that the military coup that had overthrown the democratically-elected president of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, had been engineered by two US companies, with CIA support. And that the US and its new president were not standing up for democracy.

  • First Hand Account of Week of National and Int'l. Resistance by Alexy Lanza (La Voz de los de Abajo)
    By : August 20, 2009
    Report on a Week of National and International Resistance Beginning August 11, the National Front Against the Coup in Honduras called for a week of resistance. Thousands of people mobilized from all over Honduras to participate in protests in Tegucigalpa and elsewhere. Below is a report and photos from Alexy Lanza member of La Voz who is in Honduras.

  • Honduras interim gov't demands Argentine diplomats leave by Friday
    By : August 20, 2009
    Honduras' post-coup government again demanded Argentine diplomats leave the country by Friday, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Wednesday.

  • President: Peru supports OAS' efforts to stabilize Honduran situation
    By : August 20, 2009
    Peru supports the Organization of American States (OAS)'s efforts toward stabilizing the situation in Honduras and backs the "San Jose Agreement" aimed at seeking a peaceful settlement of the political crisis in Honduras, President Alan Garcia said on Wednesday.

  • Honduran Forces Using Arrests, Beatings to Punish Zelaya Supporters
    By : August 20, 2009
    Amnesty International is accusing Honduran forces of beating and arresting supporters of the ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

  • Amnesty: Honduras Photos and Protestor
    Testimonies Show Extent of Police Violence

    By Robert Naiman - : August 20, 2009
    There has been very little attention in the U.S. press to repression in Honduras under the coup regime. Hopefully, that will now change: Amnesty International issued a report yesterday documenting "serious ill-treatment by police and military of peaceful protesters" in Honduras, warning that "beatings and mass arrests are being used as a way of punishing people for voicing their opposition" to the coup.

  • Hugo Chavez and the private media
    By Salim Lamrani - : August 20, 2009
    The Venezuelan National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) has set out to retrieve the transmission frequencies illegally held by certain media belonging to a group of powerful families in order to redistribute them. The oligarchs promptly denounced a "freedom of expression violation", receiving the active support of their western counterparts through their own media. Unsurprisingly, Reporters Without Borders joined the chorus in its consistent role as faithful information watchdog on behalf of Washington's interests.

  • 'Chavez to visit Iran in September'
    By : August 20, 2009
    The Venezuelan Ambassador to Iran David Velasquez says his country's president will visit Iran in the "first week of September". Velasquez said that President Hugo Chavez's two-day visit to Iran will be part of a regional tour, which will also take him to Russia, Syria and Libya, ISNA reported. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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