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Honduras Coup - Day 52 - August 18, 2009

  • Coup Regime Tries and Fails to Kick Out Argentine Diplomats
    By Emile Schepers - : August 18, 2009
    Like the Venezuelans before them, the Argentines refuse to comply as they categorize the order as coming from an illegal regime. Argentine foreign minister Jorge Taiana said that no such order has been received from the Honduran government that Argentina recognizes, that of Manuel Zelaya, and that there is no more to be said on the subject.

    The Cuban daily GRANMA is reporting that Cuban exile celebrity Armando Valladares is now in Honduras, after being accused of large scale fraud in Spain. According to the Cuban government, Valladares had been a policeman in Cuba under the Batista regime, was jailed by the revolution, then became an instant poet in jail, and was appointed by Ronald Reagan as US representative to the UN commission on Human rights. It is not clear why he is in Honduras. Vacation? Beach? No, wrong time of the year.

  • CUIDADO! Cuban-American Terrorist, Armando Valladares, Heading to Honduras
    By : August 18, 2009
    Valladares, a Cuban-American, is a terrorist, a poet, a paralytic, and a CIA agent and he's valladaresheading for Honduras. The last time he was in Latin America he was as a representative of the Human Rights Foundation and collaborated with a virtual United Nations' of terrorists to overthrow President Evo Morales of Bolivia.

  • Cracks in the Honduran Coup Regime Grow Wider
    By Al Giordano - : August 18, 2009
    We've previously noted that some key members of the coup regime power structure – notably business magnate Adolfo Facusse and Liberal Party presidential nominee Elvin Santos – had begun waxing aloud to find a scapegoat for the illegality of the June 28 coup d'etat. They had both settled on the Armed Forces, and the "original sin" of all that has gone awry since, according to them, was that the military shipped elected President Manuel Zelaya out of the country instead of arraigning him to face prosecution.

  • Coup Regime Claims Colombian FARC Goes without Food
    to Fuel Unrest in Honduras

    By Belén Fernández - : August 18, 2009
    El Heraldo's front page headline of August 14 announcing that the FARC financed a Honduran political party in addition to Honduran workers. The subheadline specifies that this particular allegation is courtesy of coup President Micheletti, although the fact that it is merely an allegation does not appear to cast any doubt on the factuality of the headline.

  • Resistance against Coup Continues in Tegucigalpa and Honduran Communities
    By Cuban News Agency - : August 18, 2009
    Popular resistance against the coup d'état in Honduras continues on its 52nd consecutive day with marches in Tegucigalpa and actions to raise awareness in communities, announced the leaders of the movement.

  • Honduras [coup] regime breaks ties with Argentina
    By AFP - : August 18, 2009
    Interim [coup] leaders in Honduras who backed the June 28 ouster of President Manuel Zelaya on Tuesday broke off diplomatic ties with Argentina, which has made a strong push to return the deposed leader.

  • Micheletti: Zelaya faces "18 charges of violating the constitution"
    By : August 18, 2009
    As reported yesterday by McClatchy, Micheletti is quoted as saying, 'Zelaya would be jailed and tried on 18 charges of violating the constitution if he returned.' / Not a direct quote, and could easily be bad reporting, but if accurate, Micheletti appears not to understand that under current Honduran legal procedure, those charged with crimes are not automatically thrown in jail; there is the whole business of hearings and trials.

  • US officials to meet with Honduran delegation
    By AP - : August 18, 2009
    U.S. State Department officials are planning to meet with a delegation representing the de facto government in Honduras.

  • Latin American leaders demand restoration of Zelaya
    By Prensa Latina - : August 18, 2009
    Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and his Mexican counterpart Felipe Calderon Monday demanded Zelaya's immediate return to power for restoration of democracy in Honduras.

  • Brazil, Mexico want Honduran president restored to power
    By Xinhua - : August 18, 2009
    The presidents of Brazil and Mexico renewed calls that ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya be returned to power "immediately and without conditions" after they met on Monday.

  • Military Bases in 'Our America'
    By Dimitri Prieto - : August 18, 2009
    Despite its history, Latin America is no longer an occupied territory (though Colombia is a case apart). The extraterritorial military forces of one country posted in another gives them a special status. To make matters worse, the US does not accept the jurisdiction of the international criminal court in those cases. If that's not imperialism, what is?

  • Honduras: coup regime admits deporting Zelaya was "error"
    —but repression goes on

    By : August 18, 2009
    Coup-installed Honduran President Roberto Micheletti fir the first time admitted Aug. 17 that forcing the deposed President Manuel Zelaya to leave the country, instead of arresting him, was a mistake. "There was an error by a certain sector," Micheletti said in an interview in Tegucigalpa. "It wasn't correct. We have to punish whoever allowed that to happen. The rest was framed within what the constitution requires."

  • Mercosur parliament condemns coup in Honduras
    By Xinhua - : August 18, 2009
    The parliament of the Common Market of the South (Mercosur) approved a declaration on Monday to condemn the coup in Honduras and support ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

  • Interim Honduran officials return to Washington for talks with OAS
    By Xinhua - : August 18, 2009
    A delegation team of the de facto Honduran government officials went back to Washington on Monday to continue dialogue with the Organization of American States (OAS), which aimed at finding a solution to the Honduran political crisis. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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