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Honduras Coup - Day 51 - August 17, 2009

  • Interview on Russia Today Regarding US Military Bases in Colombia

    A military agreement between the United States and Columbia has led to widespread concern in South America. Leaders want to know why the United States is trying to increase its military presence in the region. The Colombian government says that having more US troops in the country will help fight drug trafficking and combat terrorism. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, however, ardently opposes these plans. He says that the military bases in Columbia will provoke conflict in Latin America. Venezuelan-American Attorney and Author Eva Golinger joins RT's Dina Gusovsky from Caracas via skype to discuss this matter. For the record, she never said the US was going to "attack" Venezuela.

  • Union Among Peoples Will Make Latin America Stronger
    By Raysa Mestril Gutiérrez - : August 17, 2009
    In his reference article Nuestra América (Our America), José Martí states: "Let the world be grafted onto our republics, but the trunk must be our own. And let the vanquished pedant hold his tongue, for there are no lands in which a man may take greater pride than in our long-suffering American republics." With the rosary as our guide, our heads white and our bodies mottled, both Indians and Creoles, we fearlessly entered the world of nations". / And this is how the rest of the world should look at us, a people of respect and dignity with a strong identity; but unfortunately the arrogant U.S. Empire does not hold us in that esteem.

  • Peaceful Resistance Continues in Honduras
    Source: Prensa Latina - : August 17, 2009
    The Honduras National Front against the coup d'état on Monday ratified it will continue peaceful resistance actions aimed at reestablishing constitutional order in the Central American nation.

  • Hugo Chávez: Military Coup Launched from U.S. Base in Honduras
    Source: Radio Habana Cuba (RCH) - : August 17, 2009
    Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said that the military coup in Honduras was launched after receiving an order from the Palmerola U.S. military base. Speaking during his weekly program "Aló Presidente," the Venezuelan leader urged his U.S. counterpart, Barack Obama, to investigate the involvement of the base in the coup on June 28th and to pull U.S. forces from Palmerola, also known as Sato Cano.

  • Honduras – Seven weeks of unabated resistance
    despite brutal repression of the coup regime

    By Jorge Martín - : August 17, 2009
    Seven weeks after the coup against Honduran president Mel Zelaya, the national resistance continues to mobilise tens of thousands of workers, youth and peasants in a movement that repression has not been able to smash. Meanwhile diplomatic manoeuvres of all kinds are continuing in attempt to find a "negotiated solution" which saves the coup from being overthrown by a popular insurrection.

  • "Honduras is not Alone": The Resistance Strengthens
    By : August 17, 2009
    An editorial in Tiempo this week argues that, with the emergence of a solidified and well-organized resistance signified by the marches on San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, Honduras is at a historic moment, when it can transform the resistance into a continuing political force of global significance.

  • Confirmed: SouthCom organized the overthrow of Honduras President Zelaya
    By Voltaire - : August 17, 2009
    In his article of June, 29, 2009, Thierry Meyssan submitted that the overthrow of President Zelaya in Honduras had been orchestrated by SouthCom. Moreover, the French edition of his article underscored the fact that the commander of the US military base at Soto Cano is none other than Colonel Richard A. Juergens, who had already supervised the "kidnapping" of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide according to a similar scenario.

  • Washington on Honduras: The Tight Rope Walker
    By Arnold August - : August 17, 2009
    What is Washington's position on the events in Honduras? At first, in the name of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, the United States vigorously denounced the ousting of President Zelaya. But a closer look shows that they condemned the coup d'état while at the same time supporting their putschist friends. Arnold August analyses the pageant of awkward hypocrisy emanating from the Department of State and the White House.

  • Honduras at the Crossroads
    By Esteban Diaz - : August 17, 2009
    More than a month has now passed in which the Honduran ultra-right, with the complicit support of imperial forces, have tried to subjugate the people, who over the passing days have been strengthening and organizing renewed plans for struggle.

  • In new wave of violence against media,
    de facto regime "reaps what it sowed"

    By : August 17, 2009
    Reporters Without Borders condemns the new wave of violence against the media that took place last week, while Honduras appeared to be further than ever from resolving the crisis resulting from President Manuel Zelaya's removal in a coup on 28 June.

  • Honduras : back to 1963
    By Toni Solo - : August 17, 2009
    The democratization of Honduran society - any society - requires a significant redistribution of wealth. Recognizing that, Manuel Zelaya tried implementing a programme of government to deliver the benefits of the nation's resources to the impoverished majority. Over 50% of Hondurans live in poverty. Zelaya's attempt at some moderate level of social justice brought a vicious response from the country's entrenched plutocrat elite. In Latin America, this is an ancient political motif.

  • Canadian media silent on resistance to Honduras coup
    By Yves Engler - : August 17, 2009
    The dominant Canadian media's coverage of the coup in Honduras has been atrocious. Even a close observer of the Canadian press would know almost nothing about the ongoing demonstrations, blockades and work stoppages calling for the return of elected President Manuel Zelaya. / Since Zelaya was overthrown by the military on June 28 the majority of teachers in Honduras have been on strike. Recently, health workers, air traffic controllers and taxi drivers have also taken job action against the coup. In response the military sent troops to oversee airports and hospitals across the country.

  • Prepare for war: Chavez
    By Agence France-Presse - : August 17, 2009
    PRESIDENT Hugo Chavez on Sunday bridled at US plans to use military bases in Colombia, asserting that Venezuela was the top US target in the region and that Venezuelans should prepare for war. / Speaking in his weekly live radio and television broadcast, Chavez also chided US President Barack Obama for accusing leftist Latin leaders of 'hypocrisy' for demanding that Washington intervene more forcefully to reinstate Honduras' ousted President Manuel Zelaya. / 'Obama, we are not asking you to intervene in Honduras. To the contrary, we are asking that the empire remove its hand from Honduras and that the empire remove its claws from Latin America,' he said.

  • Human rights observers arrive in Honduras
    By Xinhua - : August 17, 2009
    A delegation of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights will arrive here on Monday to learn about the human rights situation in Honduras after the June 28 coup.

  • Human rights delegation heading to Honduras
    By Agence France-Presse - : August 17, 2009
    The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is heading to Honduras Monday to investigate alleged rights violations by the de facto government that has been in power since a June 28 coup. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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