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Honduras Coup - Day 5 - July 02, 2009

  • While the U.S. Dilly Dallies on Honduras,
    We Continue to Support a Right-Wing Thug in Colombia

    By Liliana Segura, AlterNet : July 02, 2009
    Alvaro Uribe could be re-elected through just the type of referendum the ousted Manuel Zelaya has been accused of trying to carry out.

  • International Isolation of Honduran Military Regime Grows
    By : July 02, 2009
    As the Organization of American States' deadline of Saturday approaches, the Honduran military finds themselves increasingly isolated in the region. Nicaragua, El Salvador and Guatemala have stopped trading with and fully closed their borders to Honduras. Venezuela has stopped all trade with Honduras. And the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank have also cut aid to Honduras.

  • Hondurans Call Out for Help from the International Community
    By Medea Benjamin - : July 02, 2009
    Like many Hondurans, Network Director Candalario Reyes Garcia is deeply worried about the future. "In the 80s we were terrorized by the death squads called Batallion 316. These same death squad leaders are still in the military today and if they take control of this country, we're in for some truly dark days ahead."

  • Mass Protests in Honduras Against Coup; Tens Of Thousands Marching on The Capital to Await President Zelaya's Return
    By Eva Golinger - : July 02, 2009
    There should be no doubts about the Despite the suspension of constitutional rights in place as of yesterday, per a decree by the Honduran congress in support of the coup government, tens of thousands of Hondurans are mobilizing throughout the country and participating in nationwide marches in route to the capital, Tegucigalpa. Demonstrators are protesting the illegal coup d'etat that ousted the democratically elected president, Manuel Zelaya, on Sunday, after kidnapping him from his bedroom and forcing him into exile. Hondurans in support of President Zelaya are marching on the capital to await President Zelaya's return, scheduled as of now for Saturday, July 4th, after the Organization of American States (OAS) 72-hour ultimatum, that was issued to the coup government on Wednesday, calling on them to step down or face severe sanctions, has expired.

  • Coup "President" Installs Nephew as "Mayor" of Honduras' Second City
    By Al Giordano - : July 02, 2009
    The Oligarch Diaspora shouts, again and again, in its flailing attempt to convince the Honduran people and the world that its coup d'etat was somehow legitimate, "we want democracy!" Well, here's a powerful example of the kind of "democracy" they apparently want.

  • Totalitarian Rightists Put Orwellian Spin on Honduras Coup
    By John Nichols - : July 02, 2009
    But, says Limbaugh, "It really wasn't a coup. It was the constitution being upheld. It was not a government being overthrown. It was a government being upheld, a government being sustained and getting rid of somebody who wanted to turn into an Ortega, who wanted to turn into a Chavez, who wanted to become a Castro, and these are the people our president of the United States is siding with."

  • Spinning the Honduran Coup: Latin America Media Battle Continues
    By Nicolas Kozloff - : July 02, 2009
    Read or listen to the mainstream media these days and you get the impression that Sunday's coup in Honduras was all about a simple disagreement over the constitutionality of presidential term limits. But as the coup unfolds it's becoming clear that the authorities want something more: the restoration of Honduras's conservative political order and an end to President Manuel Zelaya's independent foreign policy which had reached out to leftist countries like Cuba and Venezuela.

  • EU member states recall ambassadors to Honduras: Swedish FM
    By Xinhua : July 02, 2009
    All European Union member states have recalled their ambassadors to Honduras, in protest against a coup in the country that ousted President Manuel Zelaya, Sweden's Foreign Minister Carl Bildt revealed on his blog on Thursday.

  • Zelaya Vows to Return to Honduras Despite Threats of Arrest...
    By : July 02, 2009
    The ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya has vowed to return to Honduras within the next few days in an attempt to reclaim power. Zelaya was forced out of office in a military coup d'etat on Sunday. He will reportedly return to Honduras accompanied by the OAS Secretary General, the presidents of Argentina and Ecuador, and the head of the UN General Assembly.

  • US says Zelaya wise not to return yet to Honduras
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