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Honduras Coup - Day 43 - August 09, 2009

  • Honduras: generals plead case on TV; deadly repression grows
    By : August 09, 2009
    The five generals who lead the Honduran armed forces made a rare appearance on national television Aug. 4 to explain their role in the ouster of President Manuel Zelaya. They repeated that they did not act to take sides in the political fight that had polarized the country, but out of obedience to the law, and that history would judge them as patriots. They denied that they acted in the interests of an "oligarchy." They said that Zelaya was acting on behalf of Venezuela's Hugo Chávez, and had become a threat to democracy throughout the hemisphere. Said Gen. Miguel Ángel Garcia Padget: "Central America was not the objective of this communism disguised as democracy. This socialism, communism, chávismo, we could call it, was headed to the heart of the United States."

  • Honduras brought to standstill
    By Paul Haste - : August 09, 2009
    Mass strikes against the coup in Honduras have continued to sweep the Latin American nation. / A statement from the Frente Nacional de Resistencia - Resistance Front Against the Coup d'Etat - that was released to Caracas-based Telesur news revealed that all the country's airports were now closed after ground crews joined other airport workers in walking out.

  • Millennium Challenge Corp. poured millions into Honduras
    in months leading up to putsch

    By Bill Conroy - : August 09, 2009
    The coup d'état that rocked Honduras in late June and removed democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya from office, sending him into exile in Costa Rica, was preceded by a multi-million dollar build-up of foreign aid from a U.S. agency that includes on its board of directors the president of the International Republican Institute as well as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

  • The Wall Street Journal Walls Itself In and Ridiculously Defends the Dictatorship of Roberto Micheletti
    By Juan Carlos Rivera - : August 09, 2009
    Since June 30, the US newspaper The Wall Street Journal has published the weekly opinion columns of Mary Anastasia O'Grady, who in lieu of providing objective information offers the reader a strong dose of intrigue, fiction and ideological propaganda to defend the dictatorship of Roberto Micheletti in Honduras and ridiculously discredit the Constitutional President Manuel Zelaya Rosales.

  • Honduras Coup Dictator Micheletti Calls Out the Geezer Patrol
    By Al Giordano - : August 09, 2009
    The pro-coup dailies in Honduras are abuzz with excellent news for the coup regime! Faced with the reality that millions of Hondurans have done the math and figured out that 14,000 National Police plus 9,000 members of the Armed Forces do not equal enough force to squash their unarmed movement to topple the coup d'etat, coup "president" Roberto Micheletti has called in the reserves.

  • Micheletti tricks OAS again: no visit just propaganda
    By RAJ - : August 09, 2009
    Telesur, and now AP, are reporting that the OAS has been uninvited by the Micheletti regime due to Insulza's "intransigence". The choice of words cannot be an accident. Intransigence is the word used repeatedly to describe Micheletti's refusal to accept the non-negotiable return of President Zelaya. It always seemed mysterious that Micheletti agreed to a visit. Requesting one was one thing; it was part of a strategy to delay and delay.

  • Or maybe Micheletti will let Insulza watch...
    By RAJ - : August 09, 2009
    La Prensa of Honduras, one of the pro-coup papers, now reports that Insulza can tag along as an "observer" on a rescheduled OAS visit. / Not specified is if he has to provide his own gag or if one will be provided for him. / This would be funny if it were not so clownish. Micheletti and his gang, inspired by the dreadful Lugar letter, appear to think the OAS mission will clear up all the confusion-- and also that everyone else is not aware of their repeated stalling techniques.

  • Effort to end Honduras political crisis hits a new roadblock
    By Tyler Bridges - : August 09, 2009
    Honduras' interim [Coup] government said it couldn't accept a delegation led by Jose Miguel Insulza, the secretary general of the Organization of American States, because of what it called his "lack of objectivity, impartiality and professionalism."

  • Honduras prohibits visit of OAS crisis negotiators
    By Freddy Cuevas, AP - - : August 09, 2009
    Honduras' interim government announced Sunday that it was canceling a visit by foreign delegates aimed at resolving the country's political crisis because it could not accept the participation of a regional official who insists on reinstating the ousted president. / Interim President Roberto Micheletti is willing to reschedule the delegation's visit, previously planned for Tuesday — as long as Organization of American States chief Jose Miguel Insulza is excluded, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

  • With the generals or the democrats?
    By Jorge Heine - : August 09, 2009
    Canada should send a clear signal by pressing for the quick return of ousted Honduran leader / Moreover, this argument goes, the coup should be placed within the broader setting of the looming threat posed by chavismo, the movement headed by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. As Honduran Gen. Miguel Angel García put it in justifying the coup, this is a far more sinister menace than we had realized: "Central America was not the objective of this communism disguised as democracy ... This socialism, communism, chavismo, we would call it, was headed to the heart of the United States." / According to this curious logic, by standing against the Honduras coup the OAS and its head are failing to defend the cause of democracy in the Americas, whose real enemies are the Zelayas and not the Michelettis of this world.

  • Turbulence in Honduras must be allayed quickly
    By Maurice Lemoine - : August 09, 2009
    Powerful anti-Zelaya forces are at work in Washington. The Pentagon has a strategically important military base in Honduras, in Palmerola. It has already lost its base in Manta, Ecuador, which was closed at the request of the president, Rafael Correa. / Hugo Llorens, the U.S. ambassador to Honduras appointed by Bush in September 2008, was director of Andean affairs at the National Security Council in 2002 and 2003, covering Venezuela at the time of the coup. Just before June 28 in Honduras, Llorens attended meetings with "military officials and opposition leaders."

  • Obama attending first US-Canada-Mexico summit
    By Jennifer Loven, AP - : August 09, 2009
    The three leaders also are expected to take a joint stand on a recent problem in their hemisphere — the June coup in Honduras that saw President Manuel Zelaya ousted by the military.

  • Honduras Supreme Court to Decide If Zelaya's Ouster Illegal
    By Blake Schmidt - : August 09, 2009

  • Chávez' Lines – Ideas and militias: What a creation!
    By Hugo Chávez Frías - : August 09, 2009
    Too many crucial events have unfolded in the last months and the fate of the people in this continent has been put at risk. These events are not casual, they have been hatched for so long and far from here. / This is the same 200-year-old struggle: On this side, freedom, peace, sovereignty and dignity to forge our fate; on the other side, dependency, war, slavery, and the dark path of colonial period.

  • December 12th Movement Condemns Honduras and
    Demand Removal of US Ambassador

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