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Honduras Coup - Day 4 - July 01, 2009

  • Pressure on Honduras to reinstate Zelay

  • Undo the Coup
    By Amy Goodman - : July 01, 2009
    The "SOA, renamed in 2000 the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC), is the U.S. military facility that trains Latin American soldiers. The SOA has trained more than 60,000 soldiers, many of whom have returned home and committed human rights abuses, torture, extrajudicial execution and massacres."

  • Honduras: The People in Their Labyrinth
    By Charles Hardy - : July 01, 2009
    The June 29 coup in Honduras did not surprise me.

  • The Significance Of Washington's Coup Attempt In Honduras
    By Shamus Cooke - : July 01, 2009
    There should be no doubts about the U.S.' decisive role behind the now-crumbling military coup in Honduras. As commander and chief of the U.S. armed forces, the blame for this intervention lies solely on President Obama. The White House, however, would like you to believe that they "attempted to convince the Honduran military not to intervene." Rubbish.

  • U.S. Intervention in Honduras: From John Negroponte to Luis Posada Carriles
    By Nikolas Kozloff - : July 01, 2009
    Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, who was overthrown in a military coup on Sunday, is irate about U.S. interventionism in his country. That's not too surprising in light of the history. For years, successive U.S. diplomats in Tegucigalpa have cultivated close ties with right wing elements in Honduras while seeking to head off progressive change. If Zelaya is ever reinstated as President, the U.S. will have to work hard to erase Hondurans' bitter memory of belligerent American ambassadors.

  • Venezuela Proposes United Nations Military Action
    if Diplomacy Fails in Honduras Coup

    By James Suggett - : July 01, 2009
    On Tuesday Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez proposed multi-national military, economic, and legal measures to restore Honduran President Manuel Zelaya to the presidency and bring an end to the military coup d'etat that began last Sunday, if planned diplomatic measures fail.

  • Repression Continues in Honduras
    By : July 01, 2009
    The military troops currently in power in Honduras are trying to create the conditions to justify increasing their repression against the people, although the resistance movement is keeping their protests peaceful. Reports from Tegucigalpa, the Honduran capital, and other cities throughout the Central American country reveal that police and army troops continue to repress demonstrations against the coup.

  • Venezuelan Opposition Deny Honduran Coup
    By Tamara Pearson – : July 01, 2009
    Opposition written press, radio and television have adopted a mixed approach towards the coup in Honduras, criticising Chavez's involvement in trying to rectify it, defending the currently sworn in president, and justifying the reasons for the coup, whilst portraying the situation in Honduras as peaceful and ignoring the military repression. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accused the opposition of wanting a similar coup in Venezuela, and also of attempting to divide the armed forces.

  • CNN Backs Coup; Suspension of Civil Rights in Honduras;
    European Union Recalls all Ambassadors from Honduras

    By Eva Golinger - : July 01, 2009
    On Tuesday Venezuelan President Hugo CNN en Español, viewed throughout Latin America, has been backing the coup against Honduran President Manuel Zelaya since day 1, Sunday, June 28th. They initially referred to the events as a military coup during the early hours, then slowly transformed their headlines to call the coup a "forced succession". By the end of the day, dictator Roberto Micheletti was considered, by CNN, the "constitutional president" of Honduras and Zelaya was the "deposed" president.

  • Anti-Coup Protests Reported Across Honduras
    By Kristin Bricker, : July 01, 2009

  • Honduras rulers defy world pressure to restore Zelaya
    Reuters : July 01, 2009

  • Honduran Rural Leader Rafael Alegria:
    "Some Battalions Are Refusing to Repress the Population"

    By Laura Carlsen : July 01, 2009

  • Zelaya Postpones Return, Mass Mobilization in the Country
    Americas Mexico Blog : July 01, 2009
    Honduran President Manuel Zelaya suspended his return to his country scheduled for tomorrow, July 2, awaiting the termination of a 72-hour ultimatum issued by the Organization of America States yesterday.

  • OAS gives Honduras 72 hours to reinstate president
    AFP : July 01, 2009
    The Organization of American States Wednesday gave Honduras 72 hours to reinstate deposed President Manuel Zelaya or face suspension from the group, ahead of the ousted leader's planned talks here with US officials.

  • Zelaya met US officials at OAS : US government
    AFP : July 01, 2009

  • Why President Zelaya's Actions in Honduras Were Legal and Constitutional
    By Alberto Valiente Thoresen : July 01, 2009
    Zelaya attempted to give Hondurans the gift of participatory democracy. It was the coup leaders who violated the constitution. Those who say otherwise are wrong.

  • Honduras: a Coup With No Future
    By Victor Figueroa-Clark and Pablo Navarrete : July 01, 2009
    Regardless of the extent of US involvement in, or support for the coup, the US' position in the next couple of days will go a long way to determining whether its already precarious relationship with much of Latin America will deteriorate. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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