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Honduras Coup - Day 38 - August 04, 2009

  • On TV, Honduran Generals Explain Their Role in Coup
    By Ginger Thompson - : August 04, 2009
    The generals said that in ousting Mr. Zelaya, they did not act in the interests of any "oligarchy." Mr. Zelaya, they said, had become a threat to Honduran democracy, not only because he had disobeyed court orders, but also because he had allied Honduras with President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela. / As if taking a page from a cold war playbook, Gen. Miguel Ángel Garcia Padget said the military had disrupted Mr. Chávez’s plans to spread socialism across the region. "Central America was not the objective of this communism disguised as democracy," he said. "This socialism, communism, Chávismo, we could call it, was headed to the heart of the United States."

  • Honduras' freedom of speech under attack: UN
    By Xinhua - : August 04, 2009
    Honduras' interim government was accused by the UN on Tuesday of limiting freedom of speech in order to silence opposition.

  • Brazil Opposes Holding Elections in Honduras under De Facto Government
    By Agencia Bolivariana de Noticias (ABN) - : August 04, 2009
    The government of Brazil rejected on Tuesday the idea of holding elections in Honduras under the de facto government headed by Roberto Micheletti, which was installed into power after the coup d'état on the 28th of June.

  • Radio Globo Defies New Military Tribunal Order to Close Its 15 Stations
    By Al Giordano - : August 04, 2009
    The order was printed on the hijacked stationary of the National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL, in its Spanish initials), executed by a military judge, and delivered to Radio Globo's flagship station on 88.7 FM in Tegucigalpa at noon today: charged with "sedition," the people's radio station will be closed by decree, it proclaimed. / But the station continues to broadcast here in San Pedro Sula at 104.5 FM and also from 14 other cities throughout the country, in defiance of the order, which had been solicited by the Armed Forces of Honduras clandestinely on July 31 and granted today by the illegitimate coup regime.

  • U.S. Accused of Double Standards over Military Coup in Honduras
    By PL - : August 04, 2009
    The National Front against the Coup in Honduras today accused the U.S. of practicing a double policy over the military coup, aimed at allowing this to gain time and consolidate itself.

  • Nicaragua rejects aid request by interim Honduran gov't
    By Xinhua - : August 04, 2009
    The Nicaraguan government rejected on Tuesday a request of the interim Honduran government on personnel aid to the country's special education.

  • Honduras: An imperial coup
    By Fiona McPhail - : August 04, 2009
    Imperialism is a term often associated with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is less frequently used in the context of Latin America, where the roles of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank are more often considered features of "globalisation" or "neo-colonialism".

  • President Chávez puts the blame on the US for Honduras coup
    By : August 04, 2009
    Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez accused on Tuesday the US government of being an accomplice with the coup staged in Honduras last June 28th, which toppled President Manuel Zelaya. / "The Yankee empire (the United States), there is not doubt, despite its apparent ambiguity and a presumably new wording, the empire is undoubtedly supporting the coup in Honduras," said the Head of State, DPA quoted.

  • Honduras Coup Resistance on Day 38
    By Prensa Latina - : August 04, 2009
    The peaceful resistance against the military coup in Honduras on Tuesday entered day 38, with intensive popular mobilizations, aimed at re-establishing the state of law in the country.

  • Another Zelaya Supporter Slain in Honduras
    By Latin American Herald Tribune - : August 04, 2009
    A supporter of deposed Honduran President Mel Zelaya was killed under unusual circumstances in a crime that opponents of the June 28 coup blamed on police...

  • Coup General: "We're Going After the Protest Leaders"
    By Al Giordano - : August 04, 2009
    In sum, the coup's maximum military leader is apoplectic that the Honduran population sees the coup as a coup, and the military that enforces it as part of that coup, and he wants to seek scapegoats for the fact that public opinion has turned against him, as if public opinion might change or at least shut up if only enough repression could be heaped upon it.

  • Honduras: Regime Says 'Yes' to Talks but Squelches Protests
    By Thelma Mejía, IPS - : August 04, 2009
    While it publicly declares its willingness to continue to engage in dialogue, the de facto regime led by Roberto Micheletti in Honduras is taking a hard-line approach to protests demanding the return of ousted President Manuel Zelaya. So far three people have been killed, around 100 have been injured, and 150 have been arrested and held for several hours or days.

  • Zelaya: reverting Honduran coup a challenge for int'l community
    By Xinhua - : August 04, 2009
    Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya said on Tuesday that reverting the coup in Honduras is a challenge for the international community. / Zelaya said the international community has many things to do for the democratic principles put forth by the Organization of American States and the United Nations.

  • Friends of the coup makers
    By Alan Maass - : August 04, 2009
    Alan Maass reports on the powerful U.S. political figures who are fronting for the coup that toppled Manuel Zelaya in Honduras.

  • Honduran De Facto Regime Resorting to Death Squads
    By Cuban News Agency - : August 04, 2009
    Leaders of the National Front against the Coup in Honduras denounced that the de facto regime led by Roberto Micheletti is resorting to death squads to wage a dirty war.

  • U.S.-Brokered Mediation in Honduras Has Failed
    It's Time for Latin America to Take Over

    By Mark Weisbrot - : August 04, 2009
    The mediation effort that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arranged to try to resolve the Honduran crisis, which began when a military coup removed Honduran President Mel Zelaya more than four weeks ago, has failed. It is now time – some would say overdue – for the Latin American governments to play their proper role. They should take the necessary steps to implement the unanimous mandate from the Organization of American States: "the immediate and unconditional return" of President Zelaya to his elected office.

  • Zelaya gets state welcome in Mexico
    By Al Jazeera - : August 04, 2009
    The deposed president of Honduras has been received by Felipe Calderon, the Mexican president, with full state honours as he continues his effort to win support for his return to power.

  • Honduras' Zelaya meets Mexican president
    By Xinhua - : August 04, 2009
    Honduras' deposed President Manuel Zelaya met with Mexico's President Felipe Calderon here on Tuesday, and praised Honduras' peaceful resistance to the post-coup government.

  • Ousted Honduran leader in Mexico for start of diplomatic offensive
    By : August 04, 2009
    Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya arrived Tuesday in Mexico City for a meeting with President Felipe Calderon, as part of his diplomatic offensive to regain office.

  • Bolivia Morales Criticizes Church
    By : August 04, 2009
    Bolivian President Evo Morales criticized on Monday some Catholic Church leaders who support military dictatorships.

  • Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) strategy council meets in Maracay
    By Patrick J. O'Donoghue - : August 04, 2009
    An important meeting related to the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas (ALBA) has opened in Maracay (Venezuela). The ALBA Council of Economic Compensation, which was agreed to during the VI ALBA Summit, has been set up to strengthen the group's economic base. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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