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Honduras Coup - Day 364 - Jun 26, 2010

  • Letter to Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes: Rodolfo Pastor F.
    By : June 26, 2010
    In the face of the informality of my communication, you might ask-- before reading me-- Who is this? Giving me an excuse for vanity. I write as an historian and as a chronicler of what occurred in my small homeland, Honduras. I could presume on the basis of my curriculum vitae: honorary degrees that have been given me for my professorships or the seat of honor that has been conceded to me in some of the best universities in the world. Or I could boast to you of the high offices that have been entrusted to me, such as president of CERLALC, a decentralized organism of UNESCO, president of the Consejo de Integración Social de Centroamérica, which brings together the ministers charged with social policy. I could weigh my titles of Minister of Culture, Arts and Sports (two times) and coordinating minister of the Social Cabinet of my country in the recently passed administration. But I write as a historian.

  • Remembering the Honduran Coup
    By : June 26, 2010
    In honor of the impending one-year anniversary of the Jun. 28, 2009 coup d'état against Honduran President Mel Zelaya, who was deposited in his pajamas in Costa Rica courtesy of the armed forces, I am posting a series of photographs I took at Toncontin Airport in Tegucigalpa on Jan. 27 of this year. This was the date of Zelaya's second expatriation from Honduras, following his undercover return to the country in September and 4 months spent confined to the Brazilian embassy.

  • Protests Mark Honduras Coup Anniversary
    By : June 26, 2010
    The Honduran People's National Resistance Front (FNRP) will carry out demonstrations throughout the country this weekend to protest the first anniversary of the coup.

  • Honduran activist Maria Luisa Regalado tells group at El Barrio of President Lobo's brutality
    By Angela Wheeler - : June 26, 2010
    "At my place if I go out, I can be assaulted on the corner right next to my house," said Maria Luisa Regalado, a political activist with the National Popular Resistance Front, commonly called the Frente. A local non-profit that supports social justice in Latin America, CoDevelopment Canada, brought the Honduran activist to Vancouver. Regalado spoke at El Barrio restaurant last week to spread awareness about government repression and strengthen international solidarity for human rights.

  • Solidarity, stability key to Honduras reconciliation: minister
    By : June 26, 2010
    Solidarity and stability are keys to Honduras in its efforts to move out of the shadow of the still-disputed coup, a cabinet minister said on Friday. "National solidarity and social stability are the keys," said Minister of Communication and Strategy Miguel Angel Bonilla during an interview with Xinhua. "They are key to getting the country out of the coup shadow."

  • What's all this talk of "Injerencia"?
    By : June 26, 2010
    The Instituto de Defensa de Democracia (a small group of self-described intellectuals) is worried about the injerencia of the G-16 countries in Honduran internal affairs. The Unión Civica Democratica is concerned with the injerencia of the executive branch in the judicial branch. Roberto Micheletti is concerned about the injerencia of foreign ambassadors in Honduras. I could go on, but I think you get the idea. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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