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Honduras Coup - Day 33 - July 30, 2009

  • Otto Reich and the Honduran Coup D'Etat: The Provocateur, his Protege, and the Toppling of a President – Part One
    By Machetera - : July 30, 2009
    The very same day that the coup d'etat in Honduras began, in an emergency session of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington D.C., Roy Chaderton, the Venezuelan ambassador to the OAS, spoke with a simmering fury as he looked directly at Hector Morales, the U.S. Ambassador to the OAS.

  • Restoring democracy in Honduras
    By Mark Weisbrot - : July 30, 2009
    Hillary Clinton's attempts to resolve the crisis in Honduras have failed. It's time for Latin America to take the lead
    They should take the necessary steps to implement the unanimous mandate from the Organisation of American States: "the immediate and unconditional return" of Zelaya to his elected office. / This can be done with or without the help of the Obama administration.

  • Thursday, Bloody Thursday in Honduras
    By Al Giordano - : July 30, 2009
    The first signs came in the form of tractor trailers, miles and miles of them, easily thousands, laden with melons and pineapples and bananas and sports apparel manufactured in the factories to the north, frozen in place, engines turned off, on the side of the road, about 80 kilometers out of the capital city of Tegucigalpa. / It was one p.m. today and there were no cars or trucks coming from the other direction. The oncoming lane was empty and that’s the one your correspondent took. / The blockade had been in place since early morning.

  • Honduran police, soldiers dislodge Zelaya's followers
    By Xinhua - : July 30, 2009
    The Honduran police and soldiers Thursday dislodged, with teargas, hundreds of followers of ousted President Manuel Zelaya when they were occupying a highway in Tegucigalpa.

  • Major Repression in Honduras; Curfew Still in Place After One Month
    By Eva Golinger - : July 30, 2009
    Protests in the capital of Honduras today, led by the Anti-Coup Resistance Front, were brutally repressed by the police and the army under control of the coup regime. Dozens of protesters were injured by the coup forces, several left unconscious by the repression and some remain hospitalized in critical condition.

  • Zelaya's followers clash with Honduran soldiers leaves several injured
    By Xinhua - : July 30, 2009
    A clash between soldiers and followers from ousted President Manuel Zelaya left several injured on Thursday here. / Xinhua's reporter witnessed how an adult person was shot in the head when the police and military forces tried to stop a demonstration to support Zelaya in Belen sector, north of Tegucigalpa.

  • Ousted Honduran president: Military could rebel
    By AP - : July 30, 2009
    Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya says disgruntled military officers could rebel "at any moment" against the government installed in a coup.

  • "No chance Zelaya will be allowed to return": Ortez Colindres
    By : July 30, 2009
    Micheletti's notorious former Foreign Minister, Enrique Ortez Colindres, told BBC Mundo today that Micheletti's request to Arias for someone such as Enrique Iglesias to come and talk to all social sectors in Honduras is not meant to lead to an acceptance of the San Jose Accord.

  • Ousted Honduran FM complains inadequate U.S. response
    By Xinhua - : July 30, 2009
    Ousted Honduran Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas Thursday urged Washington to do more to ensure the reinstatement of deposed president Manuel Zelaya.

  • Honduran Coup Leader Backs Proposal for Zelaya's Return
    By Robert Naiman - : July 30, 2009
    A month after the coup in Honduras, there's now a clear sign of progress in bringing it to an end. The head of the coup government has indicated that he personally supports a compromise proposal put forward by Costa Rican mediator President Arias that would allow for President Zelaya's restoration.

  • Zelaya Speaks from Nicaraguan Border
    By Democracy Now! - : July 30, 2009
    In a Democracy Now! national broadcast exclusive, ousted Honduran president Manuel Zelaya joins us from the Nicaragua-Honduras border for a wide-ranging interview on his attempts to return home, who's behind the coup, the role of the United States, and much more. "I think the United States is going to lose a great deal of influence in Latin America if it does not turn the coup d'état around," Zeleya says. "It will not be able to put forth its idea about democracy. It won't be credible before anyone." On his message to the Honduran people, Zelaya says they should "maintain their resistance against those who want to take their rights that no one will be able to disrespect them, which is what the coup regime is doing today."

  • Ousted president Zelaya meet U.S. envoy for solution to Honduras crisis
    By Xinhua - : July 30, 2009
    Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya met the U.S. mission led by ambassador Hugo Llorens on Thursday, trying to seek a solution to the political crisis produced by the coup of June 28 in Honduras.

  • Honduran Coup Over?
    Once Again South America Comes to Washington's Rescue

    By Greg Grandin - : July 30, 2009
    Bloomberg is reporting that Honduran coup leader, Roberto Micheletti has accepted the Arias plan, which means -- if true -- that Manuel Zelaya will be, with conditions, as president. Though Micheletti is still begging for time, saying he needs Arias's help in convincing his co-coup leaders to agree.

  • Honduras: coup regime says FARC funds Zelaya backers
    By WW4 Report - : July 30, 2009
    Honduran authorities claimed July 27 that Colombia's FARC guerilla organization has financed supporters of ousted President Manuel Zelaya. The National Police say they seized a book and receipts that show payments between $2,500 and $100,000 for officials of the Zelaya government to "spend in El Paraiso," the region on the Nicaraguan border where followers of Zelaya wait for the ousted president's return.

  • Canada upholds military aid program with Honduras despite coup
    By Ditchburn, Jennife - : July 30, 2009
    Canada is still providing training to members of the Honduran army, despite the military coup that sent the Central American country into turmoil late last month. / The Conservative government is already facing criticism for not following the lead of the United States and European Union in taking concrete action against the regime, although it has condemned the coup.

  • US Senator asks Clinton to explain Honduran policy
    By Susan Cornwell - : July 30, 2009
    A key U.S. senator asked the Obama administration on Thursday to explain in detail its policy on the Honduran political crisis, warning that otherwise Senate confirmation may be delayed for a U.S. diplomatic nominee for Latin America. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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