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Honduras Coup - Day 302 - April 25, 2010

  • Probe on Journalists Killings Urged in Honduras
    By : April 25, 2010
    Hondura's society and the international community are demanding an urgent probe and due punishment for those responsible in the murder of seven journalists, Tiempo daily highlights Sunday.

  • U.S. Advises Security Apprenticeships in Colombia
    By Belen Fernandez - : April 25, 2010
    During his visit to Bogotá last week, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced: "Colombia's success against terrorists and narco-traffickers does offer a lot of opportunities for them to share their expertise. We certainly would like to see ... other countries take advantage of Colombia's strengths."

  • In Honduras: Sadly, the Coup d'Etat Continues
    By Mario Ardón Mejía - : April 25, 2010
    I have drawn out the writing of this article on purpose, waiting for months for the new government, illegally and illegitimately installed under the coup regime, to give signals of real and innovative changes by repositioning itself as a new government that plans to differentiate itself from the original architects of the Honduran military coup d'etat, but this has not happened and this government stubbornly perpetrates the continuity of the coup d'etat for numerous reasons:

  • Honduran president makes US visit
    By : April 25, 2010
    Honduran President Porfirio Lobo departed Saturday on a tour of the United States as his government lobbies for international recognition and Honduras' readmission to the Organization of American States.

  • "It Should Be Automatic"
    By : April 25, 2010
    Mario Canahuati, Honduras's Foreign Minister, says Honduras's readmission to the OAS should be automatic when the OAS next convenes in Peru on June. He currently is in the US to meet with Miguel Insulza to lobby for Honduras's reinsertion in the OAS. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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