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Honduras Coup - Day 30 - July 27, 2009

  • First Lady Xiomara Castro de Zelaya, Wife of Ousted
    Honduran President, Speaks Out About Coup

    By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! - : July 27, 2009
    PRESIDENT MANUEL ZELAYA: Secretary Clinton needs to confront the dictatorship with force, so we will be able to speak well about President Obama, confront it with strength. She should stop evading the topic of the dictatorship and confront it, so that we know exactly what the United States' position is in relation to this coup.

  • Hillary and Obama Nix Change in Honduras
    By Roger Burbach - : July 27, 2009
    US policy towards Honduras since the coup indicates that the Obama administration does not represent "change you can believe in." Rather it is bent on imposing its will and propping up the status quo in Latin America, just as previous US administrations did. ...what it has done in the aftermath of the coup is to search for a way to undermine the reformist agenda advocated by Zelaya and to prop up the traditional interests aligned with the United States both within Honduras and in Latin America at large.

  • Military in Honduras Backs Plan on Zelaya
    By Ginger Thompson and Blake Schmidt - : July 27, 2009
    The Honduran armed forces issued a communiqué on Saturday indicating that they would not stand in the way of an agreement to return Manuel Zelaya, the country's ousted president, to power.

  • The Honduran Coup and the Clinton Connection
    By Justin Raimond - : July 27, 2009
    So while the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has officially taken the position that the coup is illegitimate and President Manuel "Mel" Zelaya must be restored to office, there are hints that the U.S. is playing both sides of the fence – and even tilting toward the coup leaders. When Zelaya announced that he would cross the border between Honduras and Nicaragua on foot and called on his supporters to gather, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton denounced him as "reckless." Which led Zelaya to ask, in effect, which side is she on?

  • Honduras: Zelaya and the popular movement
    By Toni Solo - : July 27, 2009
    President Zelaya's presence at Las Manos represents the latest stage in what has turned into a war of attrition. On one side are deployed President Zelaya himself, his team of ministers, the governments of the ALBA countries - Bolivia, Cuba, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Venezuela and three Caribbean island nations - and the growing movement of popular resistance inside Honduras. On the other side are the business elite leaders of the coup regime, totally dependent on the repressive power of the army, the administration of Barack Obama that has refused to accept that the current regime is the result of a coup d'etat, right-wing US Senators like Connie Mack, and Latin America's network of oligarchies represented by leaders like narco-terror Presidentt Alvaro Uribe of Colombia or Nicaraguan opposition politicians like Eduardo Montealegre.

  • Coup Fears In Latin America Run Strong
    By Maegan la Mamita Mala - : July 27, 2009
    My daughters grow up with the word "coup" as part of their vocabulary because it is part of their history. It's not just something witnessed online the way many, including myself, have witnessed the ongoing struggle in Honduras. Coups are a familial story, something one of their parents survived, like genocide. It is not an abstract concept. So it is for most of Latin America.

  • The Bloodbath Belongs to the Thugs of Tegucigalpa
    By Julie Webb-Pullman - : July 27, 2009
    Any bloodshed in Honduras has been, and continues to be, shed by the illegal Micheletti (Pinochetti) government, aided and abetted by the Obama administration. Any further bloodshed will also be at the hands rocking the Latin American cradle, not the poor bugger trying to climb back into it.

  • A response to Micheletti's Op-ed in Sunday's Wall Street Journal
    By RAJ - : July 27, 2009
    It comes as no surprise that the Wall Street Journal is publishing misleading op-eds in support of the authoritarian regime in Honduras. It contributes centrally to the impression internationally of the US being behind, or at the very least, in support, of the coup d'etat in Honduras, and thus is prejudicial to US interests abroad; but that is what we have with our treasured free press, the right to receive unadulterated right-wing propaganda. And I would rather that than the situation of the Press in Honduras, which is entirely owned and controlled by the few wealthy families behind the coup, with the sole exception of El Tiempo, constantly under attack since the coup.

  • Coup Dictator Publishes in WSJ; US Delegation Visits Coup Regime; State Dept Supports Zelaya's Return Only If "Mutual" (If Coup Regime Agrees)
    By Eva Golinger - : July 27, 2009
    Honduran dictator Roberto Micheletti published an OpED in the Wall Street Journal today, titled "The Path Forward for Honduras: Zelaya's removal from office was a triumph for the rule of law" justifying the coup and calling on the US public to support his illegal regime. The WSJ presents the dictator Micheletti as "Mr. Micheletti, previously the president of the Honduran Congress, became president of Honduras upon the departure of Manuel Zelaya." - How interesting, so it wasn't vía a coup d'etat that involved the violent kidnapping of democratically elected President Zelaya that Micheletti illegally took over the presidency, but because of Zelaya's "departure". Hmm, sure makes it easier to justify that way!

  • Ousted Honduran Leader at Border as Congress Mulls Plan
    By Agence France Presse - : July 27, 2009
    Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya vowed to stay all week in Nicaragua just steps away from Honduras, as Congress was set Monday to debate a mediator's proposal to break a monthlong political deadlock.

  • De facto leader says there was no coup in Honduras
    By Claudia Parsons - : July 27, 2009
    Honduras' de facto leader tried to persuade world leaders on Monday that he was not brought to power by a coup amid signs that U.S. backing for ousted President Manuel Zelaya may be waning.

  • US Escalates War Build-up Against Latin American Revolution
    By Federico Fuentes - Green Left Weekly - : July 27, 2009
    The US State Department and the coup regime in Honduras have publicly stated what many of us already knew: the June 28 military coup was not just directed against Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, but also Venezuela and the unfolding Latin American revolution. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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