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Honduras Coup - Day 29 - July 26, 2009

  • Zelaya supporters claim second protester killed
    By AlJazeeraEnglish - : July 26, 2009

  • The Armed Forces statement: a translation and commentary
    By : July 26, 2009
    Events, of course, overtook me, and the NY Times reported on Armed Forces Communique No. 7, a curious document posted on the website of the Honduran armed forces command. The NY Times article reported that unnamed "aides" to equally unnamed US Congress members assisted officers of the Honduran army in formulating the statement. The specific mention of coronels-- the younger generation, waiting to become the next set of high command-- suggests that Romeo Vasquez Velasquez' little adventure, and its negative effects on the reputation the army had previously earned for its abstention from political interference, was troubling to elements within the command structure.

  • Ousted Zelaya calls for US to 'clarify their stance'
    By : July 26, 2009
    "Some presidents do not speak about the repression in Honduras, they cover other topics, but they do not confront the dictatorship, and I am asking Latin America's leaders and Hillary Clinto to forcefully confront the situation," said Zelaya.

  • Honduras: military control of Caribbean zone behind conflict?
    By WW4 Report - : July 26, 2009
    A prominent presence at the protests demanding the return of ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya are Garifuna drummers, singing and chanting in their traditional language. "We have been in a continuous struggle for decades to have a voice, to be visible, to have representation," said Celeo Alvarez Casildo, president of the Organization for the Development of Ethnic Communities (ODECO), told the Miami Herald. "It's not that we supported Zelaya–and much less the events that led to his ouster–but we have our own very good reasons for wanting a constitutional assembly."

  • Honduras Imposes State of Siege in South
    By Clifton Ross - : July 26, 2009
    Honduran national police have clamped a state of siege on the southern department of El Paraiso and blocked roads from Tegucigalpa to the Nicaraguan border. Thousands of Hondurans who caravanned from the capital to the border yesterday to support the return of President Manuel Zelaya are stranded in trucks, cars and buses along the road. / Police shot three Zelaya supporters, ran over three more and tear-gassed the crowd several times yesterday, Ross said. They captured, torutured and murdered a 24-year-old from Tegucigalpa.

  • Honduran Military Backs Arias Talks to End Crisis
    By Andres R. Martinez and Eric Sabo - : July 26, 2009
    Honduras's military said it backed "negotiations within the framework" of the so-called San Jose accords, which includes restoring Manuel Zelaya to the presidency.

  • Honduran army repositions as Zelaya seeks sanctions
    By AFP - : July 26, 2009
    The New York Times reported Sunday that the Honduran military communique, dated Friday, was drafted in Washington after days of talks between mid-level Honduran officers and US congressional aides, and was "significant" because it was the first sign of support for the San Jose Accord by a powerful sector of the interim government.

  • Zelaya Makes Second Trip to Honduran Border
    By Associated Press - : July 26, 2009
    Deposed President Manuel Zelaya returned to the Honduran border on Saturday and announced he would set up camp there, despite foreign leaders urging him not to force a confrontation with the government that ousted him in last month's coup.

  • Ousted Zelaya on Honduras border, criticizes U.S.
    By Sean Mattson and Esteban Israel, Reuters - : July 26, 2009
    In a move that risked alienating his most powerful ally in his bid to return to power, Zelaya also said U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is not adequately informed about Honduras' "repressive regime".

  • What next for Honduras 4 weeks after coup?
    By Claudia Parsons - : July 26, 2009
    Governments around the world have called for Zelaya's return to power but Washington, which holds most sway, has not imposed trade sanctions and appears to be showing some frustration with Zelaya, calling his attempt to return home this week without an agreement "reckless." / Micheletti's government, backed by Congress, the Supreme Court, the military, the Catholic Church and many in business, seems to be gambling that after an election monitored by outside observers, the world will end its isolation of Honduras and accept the new order.

  • Honduran Peasant Leader Says Police Held Him for 6 Hours
    By Latin American Herald Tribune - : July 26, 2009
    The peasant leader, who is also the leader of the international Via Campesina movement, said that at the police post where he was detained there were about 45 men and 18 women also being held. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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