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Honduras Coup - Day 289 - April 12, 2010

  • "We'll respect human rights" (for now)
    By : April 12, 2010
    After creating total alarm in the Bajo Aguan over the weekend, we learned late this morning that contrary to the official statements made yesterday, the government of Honduras does not intend, at least today, to evict the campesinos who reclaimed african oil palm plantations in the region around Tocoa, Colon.

  • Violent eviction being prepared for peasants in Aguán
    By : April 12, 2010
    A violent eviction against the 28 peasant settlements in Aguán is being prepared for this Monday [today] by thousands of military, police and security guards of the land-owners, who have built-up around the recuperated places according to the latest information from this weekend.

  • The military operation against the Guadalupe Carney community has started
    By : April 12, 2010
    The member of the Unified Movement of Peasants Aguán (MUCA), Johnny Rivas, said the recent military deployment in the Aguán sector is a government strategy to put pressure on farmers to accept the formal proposal at the meeting that both sides will hold tomorrow in Tegucigalpa. "They are pressuring us to accept what they have proposed, It is like they have a gun against our temple," said Rivas, who added that the (military) mobilization not only endangers the 3500 families who are in land recovery process, but everyone in the department of Colón.

  • WOLA vs. Honduran Democracy
    By : April 12, 2010
    America, the past year has seen increasing U.S.-Latin American hostilities, largely centered around the June 28th, 2009 violent military coup d'etat that ousted democratically-elected Honduran president Manuel Zelaya. And while the U.S. role in Honduras appears to many Latin Americans to be a continuation of its imperialist policies in the region over the past century, there is one new twist in the case of Honduras: much of the State Department's behind-the-scenes work is being carried out by one of the most respected human rights NGOs in Washington: the Washington Office on Latin America.

  • Killing of radio host is sixth in Honduras this year
    By : April 12, 2010
    Luis Antonio Chévez, host of programming for young people on the W105 radio station, and his cousin were shot at dawn by unknown attackers in front of his house in San Pedro Sula, La Prensa reports. The motive for the killing is unknown, but police have ruled out a robbery, given that a silver bracelet and a "considerable amount of cash" were found among the victims' belongings, La Tribuna says.

  • Justifying militarization in Honduras
    By : April 12, 2010
    All of Central America is affected by drug-related violence. Nine people just died in Honduras in a Mara shootout. I can't help but connect this to the efforts on the part of those who opposed the coup to continue protesting against the government. As RAJ notes, the Lobo Sosa government has already begun militarizing the confrontation with unarmed peasants. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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