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What is the origin of the coup d´état in Honduras? From our point of view is the US military intervention by way of its military base (Soto Cano) in that Central American country
Evo Morales

Honduras Coup - Day 28 - July 25, 2009

  • Armed Police Infiltrate Funeral of Murdered Zelaya Supporter, Human Rights Abuses Mount in Desperate Attempt to Repress Popular Uprising
    By Laura Carlsen - : July 25, 2009
    Honduras' military coup has murdered two demonstrators in the border area of Honduras, federal congressman Cesar Ham reports today. The human rights organization, Committee of Families of the Disappeared in Honduras(COFADEH)and other sources report that the body of Pedro Mandiel Muñoz was found with signs of torture following his arrest by coup security forces in Alauca, near the Nicaraguan border. Supporters of President Zelaya´s return are gathering there despite a military state of siege in the region. The organization notes that this brings the tally to six confirmed assassinations of Zelaya supporters.

  • Honduras: The hour of the grass roots
    By Felipe Stuart Cournoyer - : July 25, 2009
    The coup was planned in the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, with the participation of the US embassy and US military officials at Honduras's Palmerola air force base. / The US then voted in favour of the unanimous OAS resolution in support of Zelaya. But the sincerity of this vote was undermined by statements by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Barack Obama.

  • Update, Saturday 3PM: Zelaya at Honduran Border Again;
    Clinton Says He's "Reckless"

    By Eva Golinger - : July 25, 2009
    President Zelaya is at the Honduran border again, reinitiating his attempt to enter the country, which although he passed through briefly yesterday afternoon, his reentry was prevented by military forces under orders from the coup regime. He is hoping to reunite today with his wife and children, who have been detained since yesterday several miles from the border in El Paraíso, Honduras, by police and army forces. There are approximately 3000 police and army forces at the border preventing Zelaya's reentry and interaction with supporters on the Honduran side.

  • Exiled Honduran President Sets Up Camp "With Water And Food" On Border
    By Morgan Lee - : July 25, 2009
    Deposed President Manuel Zelaya returned to the Honduran border on Saturday and announced he would set up camp there, despite foreign leaders urging him not to force a confrontation with the government that ousted him in last month's coup.

  • Venezuela's Chavez blasts U.S., allies on Honduras
    By Reuters - : July 25, 2009
    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Saturday the United States wanted Honduras' de facto government to consolidate power and win upcoming elections but that he would recognize only the government deposed in a coup last month. / Chavez, a socialist anti-U.S. firebrand, said the United States and its regional allies were stalling the return of deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, his ally.

  • "An Authentic Cultural Inquisition": A statement by Helen Umaña
    By RAJ - : July 25, 2009
    Helen Umaña wrote and circulated the Spanish original of the following translated statement decrying ideological attacks on the employees of the constituent parts of the Secretariat of Culture in Honduras, on July 23. An internationally prominent author, she calls public attention to the notorious failure to understand the Secretariat of Culture by the de facto regime's appointed placeholder there, Mirna Castro. / Castro is equally indicted by her own words in a YouTube video-- denouncing the distribution of books throughout the country to populations she describes as "vulnerable", a disturbingly patronizing word to use to describe the afro-caribbean Garifuna and indigenous peoples.

  • Ousted Zelaya on Honduras border, criticizes U.S.
    By Sean Mattson and Esteban Israel, Reuters - : July 25, 2009
    Defying U.S. criticism, ousted President Manuel Zelaya returned for a second day to Honduras' land border to try to put pressure on the coup leaders who threw him out of the country last month.

  • Zelaya Arrives at Nicaragua Border to Gather Support
    By Eric Sabo, Andres R. Martinez and Blake Schmidt - : July 25, 2009
    Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, having set foot in his Central American nation for the first time in almost a month yesterday, vowed to camp out on the Nicaraguan side of the border to build support for his return to power.

  • Deposed leader takes tentative steps into Honduras
    By : July 25, 2009
    The interim government of Honduras has dismissed as a 'publicity stunt' the return of deposed President Manuel Zeyela.

  • MERCOSUR Summit Concludes with Condemnation to Honduras Coup
    By Cuban News Agency - : July 25, 2009
    For his part, Bolivian President Evo Morales insisted that countries in the region should bear in mind the origin of the military coup. / "What is the origin of the coup d´état in Honduras? From our point of view is the US military intervention by way of its military base (Soto Cano) in that Central American country" pointed out Morales.

  • Zelaya's Return Fuels Popular Resistance
    By Prensa Latina - : July 25, 2009
    President Manuel Zelaya's return to Honduras has added fuel to popular resistance and has revealed the contradictions in the foundations supporting the coup d''etat, the newspaper Tiempo said in an editorial.

  • Ousted Honduran leader faces charges if he returns
    By John Rice, Associated Press - : July 25, 2009
    If ousted President Manuel Zelaya succeeds in returning to Honduras, the government that deposed him vows it will be as a prisoner. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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