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Honduras Coup - Day 262 - March 16, 2010

  • Youth kidnapped along with the son of Aguán union leader found murdered
    By : March 16, 2010
    Freddy Antunez, 27 years old, was kidnapped March 2nd along with the son of Mauro Gonzáles, union leader. Freddy was shot three times in the neck. His hands were tied behind his back and is face was covered, in a clear-cut execution.

  • Honduras: security forces evict thousands of squatters
    By : March 16, 2010
    On March 12 hundreds of Honduran soldiers, police and agents of the National Criminal Investigation Directorate (DNIC) removed thousands of families from some 200 manzanas (about 340 acres) of land they were living on in the Montes de León, La Mesa, Santa Rosa and Loarque Sur neighborhoods in Comayagüela, Tegucigalpa's twin city. Deputy Police Commissioner Leandro Osorio said the operation was in compliance with an eviction order issued by a Tegucigalpa court. According to authorities, the land belongs to the Social Fund for Housing (FOSOVI) and was occupied illegally. After the residents were removed, bulldozers destroyed their homes, built mostly from materials like sheet metal and pieces of wood.

  • Rove: Obama 'let a cowboy president violate the Constitution' in Honduras
    By Sahil Kapur - : March 16, 2010
    There are some analogies one might expect Karl Rove to stay away from. But the former Bush adviser on Monday described the Honduran president in terms that may sound eerily familiar to some descriptions of his former boss.

  • IACHR deplores murder of journalist in Honduras
    By : March 16, 2010
    The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) regrets and deplores the murder in Honduras of Nahún Palacios, a beneficiary of precautionary measures handed down by the Commission on July 24, 2009, and strongly condemns the lack of guarantees for freedom of expression in that country.

  • Honduran resistance groups call for referendum on nat. assembly
    By : March 16, 2010
    Honduran resistance organisations ratified their willingness to call for a referendum on the National Assembly on June 28 the 1st anniversary of the coup that ousted President Manuel Zelaya.

  • IADB agrees to resume lending to Honduras
    By : March 16, 2010
    Inter-American Development Bank member countries on Tuesday agreed to resume lending to Honduras, the latest development institution to recognize the new government of President Porfirio Lobo.

  • Third Journalist Killed in Honduras this Month
    By Louise Hallman - : March 16, 2010
    A TV news editor has been killed in Honduras, just days after a radio reporter was killed and only two weeks after the murder of a TV presenter.

  • Joint Platform for Human Rights in the Lower Aguan conflict
    By : March 16, 2010
    The violence generated in Aguán is the product of a structural problem that has not been solved in Honduras and an expression of the need for profound changes in the country so that most of the population can effectively and fully enjoy their human rights. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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