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Honduras Coup - Day 25 - July 22, 2009

  • School of Coups
    By Roy Bourgeois and Margaret Knapke - : July 22, 2009
    The day after Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was deposed, President Barack Obama cautioned against repeating Latin America's "dark past," decades when military coups regularly overrode the results of democratic elections. Obama went on to acknowledge, in his understated way, "The United States has not always stood as it should with some of these fledgling democracies." / In fact, the U.S. government has often stood with – or at least behind – the coup-makers.

  • Venezuelan Diplomats Defy Expulsion by Honduran Coup Regime
    By James Suggett - - : July 22, 2009
    On Tuesday, the Venezuelan Foreign Relations Ministry refused to obey an order by the coup government of Honduras to withdraw all Venezuelan diplomatic, administrative, technical, and service personnel from the Central American country, on the grounds that the de facto regime, which was installed following a military coup on June 28th, is illegitimate.

  • Honduran human rights, press freedoms eroded since June 28
    By May I Speak Freely? - : July 22, 2009
    While the debate over whether to call the military-backed ouster of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya a "coup d'etat" remains at the forefront of media attention, a pattern of official violence and media repression points to a greater concern: the significant deterioration of human rights in the country since the events of June 28. Although Honduras has historically lagged in indicators of violence, democracy, human rights treatment and transparency, the rate of rights abuses in recent weeks is unprecedented.

  • Honduran Women at Forefront of Resistance to Coup
    By New America Media - : July 22, 2009
    For more than a week, Honduran women’s groups backed by more than 5,000 other activists led a takeover of the National Institute of Women (INMU) to protest the appointment of a coup supporter as director of the organization. NAM contributing editor Roberto Lovato spoke by phone to Gilda Rivera, one of the leaders of the uprising, about the role of women and women’s organizations in the Honduran crisis.

  • U.S. officials meet with key anti-Chavez leaders
    By Bridget Johnson - : July 22, 2009
    The State Department confirmed Wednesday that U.S. officials met with key Venezuelan opposition leaders this week in Washington. Deputy Spokesman Robert Wood said that representatives from the Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor and the U.S. Mission to the Organization of American States, led by Deputy Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs Christopher McMullen, met with Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma and Govs. Pablo Pérez of Zulia and Cesar Pérez Vivas of Táchira on Tuesday.

  • Peaceful Demonstrations against Military Coup Continue in Honduras
    By Cuban News Agency - : July 22, 2009
    Members of the National Front against Honduras’ Coup returned to the streets of Tegucigalpa, for a peaceful march on the 24th consecutive day of resistance to the de facto government.

  • Ecuador's Correa sees US hand in Honduras coup
    By Associated Press - : July 22, 2009
    Ecuador's President Rafael Correa says the Honduras coup probably occurred with the U.S. military's knowledge and he questioned President Obama's control of the U.S. government.

  • Honduran talks restart, Zelaya vows return
    By Simon Gardner and Marco Aquino - : July 22, 2009
    Honduras' rival governments opened new talks on Wednesday to solve a crisis set off by a coup last month, but its de facto rulers sent mixed signals over allowing toppled President Manuel Zelaya's return to power.

  • Zelaya supporters rethink Honduras sanctions
    By Mark Stevenson, AP - : July 22, 2009
    Supporters of ousted President Manuel Zelaya are advocating targeted economic sanctions to pressure the interim government to allow his return rather than broader measures that might harm the Central American country's poorest citizens.

  • The Honduran Coup, the Media and Obama
    By Bill Fletcher, Jr. - Black Commentator - : July 22, 2009
    While the response to the coup by the Obama administration was at first glance admirable, i.e., a condemnation of the coup and a failure to recognize the usurpers, there remain some very strange aspects to the events.

  • Honduras Talks Postponed; Zelaya Says "On His Way" to Honduras;
    Coup Regime Expels Venezuelans

    By Eva Golinger - : July 22, 2009
    Meanwhile, the Honduran people are still out in the streets protesting the coup, on this 25th day since the de facto regime was first installed. The economy remains shut down by striking workers, schools remain closed because of teacher's strikes and there are disturbances throughout the nation. A national curfew is still in effect, imposed by the dictatorial regime.

  • The Coup and the U.S. Airbase in Honduras
    By Nikolas Kozloff - - : July 22, 2009
    The mainstream media has once again dropped the ball on a key aspect of the ongoing story in Honduras: the U.S. airbase at Soto Cano, also known as Palmerola. Prior to the recent military coup d'etat President Manuel Zelaya declared that he would turn the base into a civilian airport, a move opposed by the former U.S. ambassador. What's more Zelaya intended to carry out his project with Venezuelan financing.

  • The mediator Oscar Arias is a faithful ally of the United States
    By Fidel Castro Ruz - : July 22, 2009
    The mediation of the Nobel Peace Prize, Oscar Arias, between the Honduran constitutional president Manuel Zelaya and the putschists who expelled him, turns out to be only a delaying operation. Washington tries to spare time for bring in irreversible coup d'Etat.

  • Venezuela Reviews Relations with Colombia as More US Bases Established
    By Kiraz Janicke - - : July 22, 2009
    During a ceremony to celebrate Bolivian Independence Day in La Paz on July 16th, Bolivian President Evo Morales said that the US aims to install military bases in the region under the guise of the 'war on drugs', but in reality trains military personnel to carry out coups, such as the coup in Honduras, that overthrew the democratically elected president Manuel Zelaya on June 28. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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