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Honduras Coup - Day 249 - March 03, 2010

  • Honduras: Investigate Attacks on Coup Opponents
    By : March 03, 2010
    Human Rights Watch has received credible reports of multiple acts of violence over the past month targeting members of the National Popular Resistance Front (Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular), including killings, rape, torture, kidnapping, and assault. Threats reportedly received by victims and comments allegedly made by the assailants suggest that these abuses may have been politically motivated.

  • 43 Confirmed Political Murders in Honduras (More Unconfirmed)
    By : March 03, 2010
    This is a list of confirmed political murders since the coup d’état was carried out in Honduras in June 2009. It has been carefully prepared by COFADEH, as a part of their Third Report of human rights violations since the coup. They have included in their report only killings and deaths that COFADEH staff have directly investigated and confirmed as related to the resistance movement and the coup. It is widely understood in Honduras that the number of politically motivated killings is much higher than those listed here, but there are many factors which contribute to a reporting of fewer deaths.

  • Hooded men beat, try to kidnap university student
    By : March 03, 2010
    Five hooded men tried to kidnap Tomás Enrique García Castillo, a university student and National Front of Popular Resistance member, whom they beat brutally because he resisted their attempts to take him in a vehicle by force. This occurred when he was coming back at night from class, between the Kennedy and Víctor F. Ardón neighborhoods, on Friday, February 26.

  • Dictatorship and Historical Consciousness
    By : March 03, 2010
    As reported on, on Saturday February 27, marchers in San Pedro Sula protested the regime of the coup d'etat of 2008 with a public ceremony replacing a plaque installed by the municipal government attempting to "honor" Roberto Micheletti by putting his name in place of that of the person originally honored, Rodolfo Aguiluz Berlioz.

  • Honduras After the Coup: Fear and Defiance
    By Peter Lackowski - : March 03, 2010
    "Nos tienen miedo porque no tenemos miedo." ("They are afraid of us because we are not afraid of them.") This slogan was chanted by the thousands of demonstrators who defied the illegitimate de facto government imposed by the Honduran military in the protests that erupted throughout the country immediately after the after the coup of June 28, 2009. I recently visited Honduras along with a delegation led by Rights Action, a human rights group based in Toronto and Washington, D. C. I was introduced to the role that fear plays in the political life of the country, and to the importance of the fact that so many people are ready to defy that fear.

  • Argentina does not recognize Honduras Government and that worries U.S.
    By : March 03, 2010
    After the meeting between President Cristina Fernandez and the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, merged the opposite sides that both countries have taken in the recognition of Porfirio Lobo as President of Honduras.

  • List of political killings since coup
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