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Honduras Coup - Day 231 - February 13, 2010

  • Corrupting the Public Record: Gacetazo
    By : February 13, 2010
    It started simply enough; on January 22, 2010, edition 32,120 of the Honduran La Gaceta was published. La Gaceta is the official publication of the Honduran government. It is published daily by the Empresa Nacional de Artes Gráficas (ENAG), 16 pages long, and contains the laws, resolutions, and decrees of the Honduran government that have been approved for publication. For congressional laws and presidential decrees, this is the last step in making them legal and placing them in effect.

  • Colombia's Uribe Signs Security Pact with Honduras' Lobo
    By : February 13, 2010
    Colombian president Alvaro Uribe signed a security pact with his Honduran counterpart, Porfirio Lobo, and then flew back to his own country after a visit of three hours in the Central American nation. After a private meeting with Lobo and the ministers of the new Honduran government, both presidents signed a brief declaration in which they committed to launching an “action plan in security matters” beginning next Feb. 15.

  • More harassment of union & Resistance leaders
    By : February 13, 2010
    At 6pm yesterday, February 11, four men dressed in black forcefully entered the house of Porfirio Ponce, vice president of the Union of Beverage Industry and Related Workers (STIBYS), an organization affiliated with UITA [International Union of Food Workers], and active member of the Resistance. After having searched all the rooms they confiscated a computer containing valuable information about the activities of the union and of the Nationale People's Resistance Front (FNRP).

  • Honduras in state of emergency over El Nino
    By : February 13, 2010
    Honduras has put the impoverished Caribbean nation's agriculture sector on highest alert over the latest oceanic warming phenomenon, El Nino. The Honduran government declared a state of emergency amid fears of droughts and severe weather disturbances that might happen as a result of El Nino in the equatorial Pacific Ocean, which often stretches to some areas in Latin America.

  • Unspeakable Truths
    By : February 13, 2010
    Ramon Custodio, the Human Rights Commissioner, sounded the alarm yesterday that the truth commission being formed by Eduardo Stein might be considering suggesting social and legal reforms as part of its mandate. Stein confirmed yesterday that it was possible the commission would look into suggesting reforms with the idea of preventing future crises. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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