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Honduras Coup - Day 216 - January 29, 2010

  • The US game in Latin America
    By Mark Weisbrot - : January 29, 2010
    US interference in the politics of Haiti and Honduras is only the latest example of its long-term manipulations in Latin America
    When I write about US foreign policy in places such as Haiti or Honduras, I often get responses from people who find it difficult to believe that the US government would care enough about these countries to try and control or topple their governments. These are small, poor countries with little in the way of resources or markets. Why should Washington policymakers care who runs them? Unfortunately they do care. A lot. They care enough about Haiti to have overthrown the elected president Jean-Bertrand Aristide not once, but twice. The first time, in 1991, it was done covertly. We only found out after the fact that the people who led the coup were paid by the US Central Intelligence Agency. And then Emmanuel Constant, the leader of the most notorious death squad there – which killed thousands of Aristide's supporters after the coup – told CBS News that he, too, was funded by the CIA.

  • Alvarez is back
    By : January 29, 2010
    The former minister of security Oscar Álvarez (2002-2006) appeared again on the scene, this time in the densely populated neighborhood El Pedregal, cradle of the Popular Resistance and the only place where military and the police were kicked out, last September 22nd after president Manuel Zelaya entered the country. The show could not start any other way; without showing us any arrestee, without saying where it was found, appearing as if by magic, the minister announced in front of dozens of cameras and reporters the capture of a powerful anti-tank missile, an RPG-7, of Russian manufacture.

  • Honduras: Lobo Sworn In; Zelaya Heads into Exile
    By Thelma Mejía - : January 29, 2010
    Porfirio Lobo, who was sworn in Wednesday as president of Honduras, urged the people of his country and the international community to "forget the past" and move ahead towards reconciliation. Shortly after Lobo's inauguration, Manuel Zelaya, who was ousted as president in a Jun. 28 coup, boarded a plane to the Dominican Republic, where he will stay briefly before settling in Mexico with his family.

  • U.S. to restart aid to Honduras as crisis ends
    By : January 29, 2010
    The United States said on Friday it will restart aid to impoverished Honduras after toppled President Manuel Zelaya flew into exile and the country swore in a new leader, ending a long political crisis.

  • Police Perform Halftime Show at Zelaya Airport Farewell
    By Belén Fernández - : January 29, 2010
    The most common calculation heard yesterday at Tegucigalpa's Toncontin Airport was that the crowd that had gathered to see off outgoing Honduran President Mel Zelaya was larger than the crowd that had gathered at the same airport on July 5, 2009, when the forcibly expatriated Zelaya had unsuccessfully attempted to repatriate himself by plane. The president had subsequently resorted to more modest means of transport such as the trunk of a car and had appeared on September 21 at the Brazilian embassy in the Honduran capital, where he had remained trapped until a guarantee of safe passage enabled him to travel yesterday to the Dominican Republic. That the airport turnout for Zelaya's Dominican departure was even larger than the turnout in July indicates that the coup regime strategy of legitimizing the coup via elections has not had the intended sedative effect on the Honduran populace.

  • Honduras, U.S. normalize diplomatic ties
    By : January 29, 2010
    Honduras and the United States normalized on Friday their diplomatic ties which were affected by the political crisis caused by the coup against then president Manuel Zelaya in June last year. Honduran President Porfirio Lobo said on Friday that "I am happy that with the visit of U.S. ambassador to Honduras Hugo Llorens, we are practically normalizing the ties with the United States of America."

  • Honduras: The People vs. Pepe Lobo
    By : January 29, 2010
    The inauguration of Pepe Lobo in Honduras Wednesday marked the consolidation of the June 28 coup d'état in the Central American country. Undeterred, thousands of Hondurans gathered for a parallel inauguration ceremony, the presidential sash handed off to members of the popular resistance movement.

  • Chavez denounces new Honduran leader
    By : January 29, 2010
    Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has called new Honduran President Porfirio Lobo illegitimate, criticizing countries that recognize the new government. "The United States, Colombia, Peru, Panama and Canada were applauding the inauguration of an illegitimate president," he said on Thursday.

  • New Honduras Government Says it's Bankrupt
    By : January 29, 2010
    Honduras' new administration began its term Thursday saying the nation is bankrupt and will likely need international financial assistance to recover from months of diplomatic isolation over its June coup. reserves the right to publish your email responses in whole or part. If you are responding to a particular article, include the title and link to the article. If you would like your name withheld from publication, state this in your submission and supply a nom de plume

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